Baby In Vain, Kills: The Lolla After show

August 2, 2015

Metro Chicago

Lollapalooza After Show

Feature with Baby In Vain by Mark Umstattd

To may times do we hear an artist on the radio and are left wondering “what is that sound?” or even watching a video saying “what the hell is going on?” that we are left a little bit confused. The celebrity and the artist become blurred lines that almost prevent us from being able to access the truth of who these people truly are underneath the public presentation. Was she really born that way? Is he bad to the bone? Did she in fact build that ship to wreck?

Now, there are moments of great revelation and moments of great disappointment when it comes to exploring new sound that sometimes even go hand in hand when beginning a new relationship with an artist that our ears just haven’t been prepared for…yet. We hem, we haw, we listen and twist in our chairs searching for that hook or riff which will lead us down the sonic rabbit hole to the heart of the music and, ultimately, the artist themselves.


Baby In Vain is an ambitious project, 5 years in the making, created by one of the Hottest trios to come out of Copenhagen. (That’s Denmark for the geographically disinclined.) Now music is taking a largely digital turn these days, which I don’t think anyone but the purists are really complaining about. But Baby In Vain is bringing something out of the cold northern lands that almost takes up where Joan Jett would have continued her sound were she born the  industrial Nancy boy beating younger sisters of Jack White. THESE CHICKS ARE HARD. Not to say that they have fully come into their evolution as musicians as they are still in the studio for their debut album, but they are currently on their second US tour with the Kills, so they are obviously doing something right.


I really didn’t know what to expect from these youngins’ (all under the age of 21) after watching their music video “Muscles”  as the images were so wild and disjointed that it left me slightly uncomfortable,  not knowing how to absorb the music and its visual presentation in combined force. But, the ambition and the confusion worked well enough to peak my interest  into holding an interview.

Hours before the official after show, Lolla hadn’t let out yet, I walked into the green room where the girls were getting ready for that nights performance. Lola (vox and lead guitar), the younger of the tribe at 19yrs. having just graduated high school, was restringing her guitar, while Andrea (rhythm guitar), BIV’s big sister, and Benedicte, drumming jokester, were chillin collecting themselves. The Kills were on the stage at the time for sound check. We talked about their album (release undetermined at this point) of which is being done completely independent. “We are not with a label,” Andrea stated. Meaning their efforts and schedules are done by their booking agent. So, how did they get linked up with the Kills? “Our agent called theirs and they chose us to for support, we knew we were coming threw again, so, supposed it just made sense.”

Heck yeah it made sense! The sound was a perfect appetizer for the main course. When these girls took the stage it was obvious that they were so comfortable and adept at being present and playing. So much so that when they started to make noise the unhinging squeal of the amplifiers primed you up for the explosion. “We like to be loud. Its easier for us in venues this size,” I remember them saying. Repeating bass chords and hook drawn guitar riffs mixed with a grungier blues/punk sound all walked up and down like an angry pirate strolling the ships deck. Their power and electricity was pretty undeniable as they everything but through themselves into their instruments. They were good. Real good. Better than I had hoped for, pumping out power and youthful feminine energy like it was hard candy. When I congratulated them they had just finished breaking down. “It was a good crowd. The Chicago crowd really responded,”said BIV’s drummer.
“Yes they did Benedicte, yes they did”

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Interactive Area News: Lightning in a Bottle 2015

With Lightning in a Bottle Right around the corner, they have searched high and low to offer interactive experiences that will open your eyes to the entire universe of play, laughter, performance and moments of connection. From immersive environments to roving interactive stations and pop-up environments, be sure to take some time to stop in and drop into an entirely different world that will make your LIB experience unforgettable. This year, we are offering two incredible options for sit-down dinners.


Dinner at Amori’s

Friday thru Sunday Amori’s is proud to present “Dinner at Amori’s” an intimate sit down Family-Style Italian Dinner with a delectable menu created by Chef Brian Vaccarella of the Gypsy Kitchen and Anything for Food. Join us for a delicious meal with live music, dancing and of course the Mayor of Love himself.  Nightly dinners from 7pm – 9pm.
Tickets available HERE

Lightning in a Plate

Friday through Sunday, join Giggle Juice Cafe at their “Lightning in a Plate” an immersive dining experience, where dining is a bustling, boisterous celebration of food.  Meals are shared, eaten and still considered a ceremony of nature, hard work, and treasured bonds with others, linking the importance of organic growing methods, sustainable living practices and environmental awareness and sensibility.
The guests will be transported on an unforgettable journey through a curated, bohemian six-course menu by Captain and Doctor Giggle, performed over an elevated rooftop that offers unobstructed views of the Festival. One long sharing table–exquisitely dressed by designer-ceramist from Brooklyn, Nicole Pilar--will be open for reservation for two sittings only: 6pm and 8pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday !
Tickets available HERE


CB_sunfaceCalifornia Baby will be launching a brand new California Kids line at the festival and can’t wait to share it with you! Come test and try all of California Baby’s lotions and potions. There will be crafting for the kids, and a refresh station for mom and dad. Learn baby and kids massage techniques and aromatherapy blending with Jessica, California Baby founder. At night, kids can get ready for bed with calming aromatherapy products and story time. Visit Camp California Baby & Kids for a dollop of sunscreen, and look for biodegradable shampoo in the shower area. California Baby loves supporting families and can’t wait to meet yours!Visit the California Baby Website HERE to shop and learn more about the company!


The Grand Artique returns for another year of unforgettable good times at Lightning in a Bottle 2015, bringing our infrastructure of barter and trade, performance art installations and live music acts of all kinds! We invite you to take a step back in time, relax under the oak trees, make a trade with the Boss, get a room at the Hotel and remember anything goes in Frontierville so expect the unexpected! Don’t forget to dig through your treasures and bring something to trade!!Thursday night The Grand Artique stage kicks off at 6pm!!Don’t miss!  W.C. Thornbush and The Great American Show brought to you by the cast and characters of Frontierville, show times are Thursday 12-1am and Saturday 5:30-6:30pm

LATE NIGHTS at The Grand Artique

We have been given special permission to keep the party going after the other stages have stopped…with a lineup to keep you going all night long Feat Vokab Kompany, Diablo Dimes, Solovox, LowVolts, Brother Grand, ForkRoot, The Herbert Bail Orchestra and a secret late late night stage for when it really gets interesting….

Frontierville presents SUNDAY REVIVAL

Feeling a little worn out on Sunday morning don’t fret come join in on the revelry! Musical guests Lou E. Bagels, Henry Pope and CARLO along with the cast and characters of the Grand Artique will take you on a spiritual journey …Skinny DeVille’s Bar opens at 10am!!


Vokab Kompany

Vokab_Kompany2Vokab Kompany are two MC/singers from San Diego, backed by their 4 piece band of awesome. Their live show combines multiple synths/keys with bass, drums and guitar to create a sound that doesn’t quite adhere to a specific genre, but seems to fit the bill with several. Alternative Hip-Hop, Rhythmic Soul and Electro Funk are just to name a few. Vokab has been hitting the festival scene hard the last couple years playing Electric Forest, The Bounce, LIB, Shambhala, Coachella on The Do Lab stage and many more to date. As of recent they have been touring with Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe and will be joining them this year at Jazz Fest! Their music has also been featured on a number of commercials and movies most notably on the Blake Griffin Kia spot and on the Southern Comfort fiery pepper release. This year at LIB they will be hitting the stage Sat night at 3am joined by Karl Denson’s trumpet player Chris Littlefield!


HannahEchoing the sounds of the Nordic coast and urban dance halls, cinematic sonic bass producer/violinist/vocalist HANNAH blends folk songs and improvised instrumental/vocal music with cutting edge electronic sounds, counting Massive Attack, Phaeleh, Trentemøller, and Ólafur Arnalds as influences in crafting her sound. The resulting sonic palate takes listeners on “a kind of mystical journey” (PopMatters), whose destination is a crossroads between classical and contemporary, organic and man-made, familiar and mysterious. HANNAH has shared the stage with numerous musical giants (The Rolling Stones, Kanye West, Bassnectar, MOBY, The National, EOTO) and appears on releases by Irma Thomas (Simply Grand), Beats Antique, Random Rab, An-Ten-Nae, among others. You can catch her Friday night at 11:45pm on The Grand Artique stage!

The Fungineers

TheFungineersThe Fungineers are a psychedelic hip-hop kids show for adults. Amazing puppets and over the top costumed characters perform an energetic and awe inspiring mix of theatrical musical numbers, purple unicorn beat boxing madness, interactive improv and and crowd hyping dance parties. It’s a full sensory adventure that is silly, sexy and surreal. They are led by Paragon the Cyber-Unicorn-Tron, part robot-monkey, part unicorn, all beat boxing DJ. His musical menagerie includes MC’s Lil Dino, Doctah Aqua-Sock-ta-Puss, Flavatar, Plush Groovy Plaidapuss and an always-expanding cast of Fun friends and guests galewore! Bringing creativity and Fun to the forefront of the festival community! At LIB you can expect The Fungineers to occupy an uncommon realm of interactive entertainment, a magic story time dance party where colorful characters explore playtime possibilities with world-class puppets musicians and vocalists. They will be playing Sunday evening at 8:15pm-9:30pm…don’t miss it!!

Moondog Matinee

MoondogMoondog Matinee out of Reno, NV is a hard-living, hard-working, rock & roll band with a heavy blues influence that recognizes the beauty of an unforgettable live performance. In 2013 they were selected to perform at the Life is Beautiful Music Festival in Las Vegas, NV, as well as being selected as Red Bull Sound Select Artists. They have performed alongside the likes of Deer Tick, Girls, Broken Social Scene, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. You can expect two energetic performances from them at LIB first oneThursday night from 9-10pm and number two Friday night 9:30-10:30pm!


CelloJoe plays through a loop pedal and produces intricate tapestries of harmony, melody, and rhythm. His beatboxing and funky cello grooves form a rich soundscape for intelligent lyrics and his music spreads love, joy, laughter and conscious vibrations. It’s Classical Hip Hop. Bikerophone is a mobile, bicycle pedal powered sound system that the audience powers. Freestyle cyphers with Narayan from Zion and members of the audience! If you see it, run and participate! It may not be there later…


Wheel of Fortune is an interactive divination tool created by Anne Staveley & Jill Sutherland of Livinlargephoto. A circular installation of salvaged doors which reveal a multiple exposure photograph of wildly unique depictions of the Tarot’s Major Arcana archetypes. Inside is a beautiful parlor with gazebo and seating with steps that invite curious visitors up to spin a bullet ridden barrel lantern that casts beads of light throughout the space. Crowned by a fire chandelier. Come for revelry and a reading!


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Goodbye Bamboo Stage, Hello Thunder Stage

All good things must come to an end… In 2015 Lightning in a Bottle waves a heartfelt farewell to the Bamboo stage and welcome with open arms the birth of the new LIB Thunder Stage, a substantial structure known as “Big Fish.”
Gerard Minakawa and the Bamboo DNA team have a unique and special relationship with the Do LaB. Although different building materials are used, creative visions and work ethics are aligned. Gerard and the Bamboo DNA team built the first Main Stage at LIB in 2006 called the Woogaloogie. Since then, in addition to executing some of LIB’s past main stages they birthed and crafted 4 beautiful years of the Bamboo Stage.
This year, LiB excited to allow Gerard to expand and explore his creative realm by discovering innovative ways to provide more shade and curate enticing bridges to assist in a more enjoyable journey through LIB.
Big Fish clocks in at 146 by 145 ft and is supported by a body of 22 ribs and 126 pieces of recycled and reused plywood. It first made its debut at Coachella 2015 as the beloved Do LaB Stage and quickly became home to many festival goers as it provided space, shade and an all around imaginative experience.
Big Fish has spent the last month waiting patiently to be transformed into LIB’s new and improved Thunder Stage. The Thunder Stage is sure to create energized rumbles as it will provide more shade for daytime dancing and a huge area to frolic with friends. Its home is in a new location that aids in part of the overall plan to bring to the festival features closer together, allowing attendees an enhanced experience.
Get Amped by listening to The DoLab’s Thunder Stage Playlist


Wakarusa Music Festival Announces Full Music Schedule


Phil Clarkin-STS9-Main

The 12th annual Wakarusa Music Festival music schedule has been announced! The 2015 festival will feature electrifying Main Stage performances by Umphrey’s McGee,The Floozies and Gigantic Underground Conspiracy on Thursday, followed by Chance the Rapper, STS9 and Big Gigantic on Friday. The Roots, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals and Major Lazer will headline the Main Stage on Saturday and closing out the festival on Sunday evening: Portugal. The Man, Lotus, and Thievery Corporation. Wakarusa Music Festival will take place at the magnificent Mulberry Mountain in Northwest Arkansas June 4-7, 2015.

WakarusaPoster2015For the second year, Wakarusa will showcase a new era of art, creativity and interaction on Mulberry Mountain with the Mulberry Mountain is My Muse art grant program. This year the program will welcome 20 art installations, over 15 visual artists and collaborators and over 100 roving performers. This year’s festival will include a plethora of activities including, disc golf, yoga, hoop and flow workshops, and a Friday evening costume contest and parade, lead by MarchFourth!. Additional activities include a Sunday morning drum circle with Brandon Draper, rides on the Waka ferris wheel, hiking, canoeing, rafting, tubing, fishing and more!
In addition to hundreds of food and craft vendors, patrons will also have a chance to visit Wakarusa’s, non-profit area: BLVD for a Better World. BLVD For A Better Worldwill feature 10 regional and national non-profit organizations whose goal is to help promote political, environmental, health and social activism. This year’s non-profits include: Rock the Earth, Conscious Alliance, Love Hope Strength, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Mulberry River Society, Native Expeditions, HeadCount, Leave No Trace andArts Society of Ozark.
New this year will be the Wakarusa Farmer’s Market, organized by The Arts Society of Ozark and several local agricultural non-profit organizations. Fresh produce will be available on-site and brought in from local gardeners and farmers all located in Franklin County, AR. Patrons will have a chance to enjoy fresh vegetables, honey, jams, jellies, cheeses, free range eggs and more.
GA, VIP and RV Unreserved Camping are on-sale now. For those who want to camp in style, Wakarusa Glamping packages and the WakStar Tour packages are still available. Tickets can also be purchased at one of our ticket outlets in nine states. For more information on ticketing, artist lineup schedule and all things Wakarusa please visit:


In the mean time enjoy our playlist and get pumped for your trip to the mountain!

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