My Name is Mud – Summer Camp Music Festival 2017

We began our journey to Summer Camp Music Festival Friday afternoon after scrambling last minute for the necessary items to pack. I became lost between blankets and pillows in the back seat of the car to only be awakened by the rain that crashed against our car windows. We drove up with our videographer who was obviously anxious to finally be able to cover one of his favorite DJ. Figure had personally asked him to shoot his set this year and we were more than excited to get the opportunity.
I myself was extremely curious to finally get a chance to speak with Figure after learning about where he gets his inspiration for producing. I am always fascinated at the psychology that goes behind making music for any artist and how someone can use the exact same medium but completely create opposite effects with it.
Low chatter came from the front seat as I sat contemplating over why and how artists convey certain emotions with their music as windshield wipers fought off the water. We inched closer to Three Sisters Park as the rain still continued to fall. Luckily, we made it in the festival in nearly perfect timing to completely avoid getting wet.
We learned a heavy lesson from last year about how hot it can get in the morning. How rudely the sun can awaken you in its heat and stickiness of sweat and stuffy tent air. We trudged through the mud with our belongings to find a camp site large enough for two tents. Thankfully we found something hidden beneath the cool shading on the forest camp site. Camping in the forest allowed us to stay out later and not feel the regret of no sleep in the morning. We comfortably slept past noon this year without interruption.

Venturing through the park I immediately realized just what type of mess the rain would leave us with, mud! How appropriate the first artist I remember hearing singing was Les Claypool. Unfortunately, I felt it did bring some peoples moral down or at least the amount of dancing was far less than what I remembered the year before. The difficulty of dancing or traveling from stage to stage while our feet stuck to the ground and sunk deep into its clutches was Hardly an environment to move around. I also noticed a smaller percentage of girls hooping because of the conditions.
We found ambitions pathways around the small ponds of mucky water. They also as always ran a trolley which was free !
The mud also effected the cleanliness of the porta potties. There was water on the floor with mud that is not the most appealing to be mixed. Up inside a bathroom. There was a high density of mud that accumulated outside the porta potties due the high traffic of people in the surrounding area. Lines were less long for the porta potties because I’m sure most were just a bit grossed out with the situation. VIP bathroom were your best bet unless you were an artist.
Besides the mud I wouldn’t even have complained and after awhile like I said I sort of got used to it or found it fun change of pace from my clean city living. There were so many things to see and do that the whole mud issue began to take a backseat.
There were daily workshops to attend in order to help cultivate and spread awareness. The permaculture workshop addressed natural building methods, soil health, water design integration, planting techniques, edible food forests, container gardening, and much more. The complete immersion event includes prepared meals, camping, morning ceremony, evening discussions and a dynamic learning environment.
Food vendors offer wide varieties of food that seem to expand every year. Choices like Heady Taco, Asian Sensation are some of the campers favorites! There were also choices of Greek, middle eastern, American food, Mexican food, as well as a coffee booth who created a big buzz in the mornings! These choices are great for people who are just too lazy to prepare! One thing I would like to see in the future is more vegan options and fresh fruit.

Another great point about the festival was there were dozens of Live artists selling their creations. I saw anything from paintings to festive pins. Mack Glass Blowing was there making all kinds of glass art and jewelry with live flames right in front of your eyes.
One of my favorite artists to meet was Phil Kutno who creates trippy pencil drawings that are nothing like I’ve ever seen before. His style incorporates taking several objects or people, then slowly fractals it into a larger picture!

Summer Camp Music Festival seems to always have the perfect balance between electronic music and live acts. There were live acts such as Umphrey’s McGee, Moe., Trey Anastatio, Electronic fused acts like Gramatik, Pretty Lights, and Manic Focus lastly, pure electronic music like Figure, Liquid Stranger and Rezz.
I found myself in the Photo pit for one of my favorite bands growing up. Primus approached the stage with a southern swag and his captain Morgan stance confidently perched on a speaker.

Zeds Dead as always killed their set! It’s great hearing their fresh take on music. In the age of anxiety this music draws people together and relieves their fans through their energetic music.
EGi is an up and coming jam band with a great following on the local scene. Ethereal is nothing short of the term that can encapsulate the pure human emotion behind their passion and art. Each band member plays a very important role and you can see the camaraderie and true respect they have within their membership. Their style gives an edge to jam

Bands with their fluctuation of styles. Noe seamlessly rips in and out of various scales created the third dimension to their music. Their bass lines are intricate and full of funk while they styled in influences from new age house beats. They are also known for their strong inspirational roots of Santana, but have endlessly proven that no one style can box them in.

Figure commanded the crowd and was def the one of the filthiest acts this year. Die hard fans came out of the wood works to womp out and get out any aggression. His sets are always so fun to watch and be a part of and his fans are super passionate and interactive. It was a pleasure to speak with him after the set and get to know him more. He is a very down to earth guy who invited his cousin and her boyfriend along for his trip. He explained how horror films have been a huge inspiration for his music and how he loves creating music while watching some of his favorite films. He sported a Jean jacket leather boots and a Halloween II t-shirt. His tattoos only emphasized how deep his love went for gore and horror flicks.
To our surprise, we ran into Yonder Mountain String Band backstage and had a chance to briefly talk to them. They graciously allowed us a picture and we more than happy to talk to us. We ask them how their set went that day and they replied with smiles, telling how great the festival was going and how they had an amazing time playing for everyone. Yonder Mountain String Band is a progressive bluegrass band who takes high pride within their craft, proving their love for music, reinvention, and instrumentation. They have also been working on a new album entitled, LOVE. AIN’T LOVE which comes out June 23rd of this year!
While most people come to Scamp for the music, it can’t be boxed to plainly Judy listening to music. Scamp becomes a place to meet new people, experience new perspectives, connect, and learn more about yourself. Each tent holds a story waiting to be peeled back and experienced.
Our friends introduced us to a young man from New York who could of, hands down had the coolest tent I’ve ever been in. The spacious tent resembling a white lotus was lined with an Armenian rug, tapestry neatly thrown over tables to hold intricate trinkets and the sounds of a djembe drum altering us into another state. Holographic art laid on the floor for visitors to pick up and admire beautiful faces of women melting into each other. A China doll transformed from left to right into a blue smiling lizard woman then into Snow White blonde and back around.

When Sunday came the mud seemed to have dried up and hardened for the most part. There was a path that allowed easy entrance to the Moon Shine stage which had previously been swamped out around its entrance. Today more and more people were willing to dance and hoop without getting slowed in the grips of the quick sand mud.
I met with a man who ran a radio show in Cincinnati with two women who were happy to tell me all about how the music festival scene has evolved. One woman explained how when she was only 14 years old when she hitchhiked to buy tickets to a music festival! Now that is dedication! She went on saying there were no debit cards, no cell phones, no internet! She explained that you had to meet with someone purely out of faith they would be there at a random head shop or record store and buy the tickets with cash. She went on by saying how no one thought about bathrooms at Woodstock! This group of friends have been coming to Scamp for over seven years and aren’t quitting anytime soon! Now I definitely felt spoiled after hearing their story!

In the grand scheme of things, this festival is far more than music it can truly enrich your perspectives and broaden your horizons with its choice of music, art, and the connections you will make. I wouldn’t allow a little weather discourage the natural curiosity of adventure. The endless possibilities and exchanging of thought wrapped in these small psychological espionage awaiting from stage to stage. Though improvements will always come as we age the most interesting part I believe is seeing how this scene is constantly evolving!


Summer Camp Music Festival 2017 – Second Round of Artist Announcements

Jay Goldberg Events & Entertainment is proud to present the second round of artist announcements for the 17th annual Summer Camp Music Festival at Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, IL on May 26, 27 and 28, 2017.

Joining the previously announced lineup and appearing at the Summer Camp Music Festival 2017 will be:
Pretty Lights Live
Gov’t Mule
The Disco Biscuits
**Below Listed in Alphabetical Order**
Everyone Orchestra
Kyle Hollingsworth Band
Laith Al-Saadi
Railroad Earth
Waka Flocka
Yonder Mountain String Band
**Below Listed in Alphabetical Order**
Andy Frasco
Big Something
Bleep Bloop
Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath
Desert Dwellers
Henhouse Prowlers
The Hip Abduction
Larry Keel Experience
Steady Flow
The Way Down Wanderers
**Below Listed in Alphabetical Order**
Bassel & The Supernaturals
Bones Jugs
Chicago Farmer
Church Booty
Crosseyed and Phishless
Darnell Williams
The Dawn
Family Groove Company
Ghost of Paul Revere
Intrepid Travelers
Jaw Gems
Kat Wright
Milk N Cooks
Naughty Professor
Old Shoe
Positive Vibr8ions
Shook Twins
Slim Gypsy Baggage
Still Shine
Trouble Chasin’
Wild Adriatic
Win and Woo
Plus more still to be announced!
To see the full lineup to date, visit
3-Day GA tickets are $209.50 and are currently on sale on-line at or by phone at 1-800-514-ETIX. There will be a limited number of tickets available at this price, and once they sell out the ticket price may go up without notice.
The Summer Camp Music Festival will feature over 100 artists on 8 stages including 3 days of moe. and 3 days of Umphrey’s McGee. On top of all the live music, festival-goers have access to on-site camping, late night shows, musician workshops, a non-profit village, unique arts & craft vendors and tons of great food and beer.
The Summer Camp Music Festival started in 2001. Since its beginning Summer Camp has been known for its spacious, open fields for shows, trademark late-night events, pristine campgrounds and amazing lineup of eclectic artists and bands. 2017 will mark the 17th year of the festival which has hosted a wide array of talent over the years, including: Umphrey’s McGee, moe., Trey Anastasio Band, Primus, Tom Petty’s Mudcrutch, Zac Brown Band, Steve Miller Band, Big Grizmatic, Jane’s Addiction, The Roots, Widespread Panic, The Flaming Lips, Primus, Bassnectar, Willie Nelson, STS9, Jason Isbell, Pretty Lights, The Avett Brothers, Excision, George Clinton, Skrillex, Violent Femmes, and many, many more!
More information on the festival is available at the official festival website:
Produced by Jay Goldberg Events & Entertainment.