Deadbeats Chicago

Our quintessential, faithful, electronic favorites return to Chicago this fall for their latest tour. Their Northern Lights circuit in 2016 brought us ethereal waves of electricity and of course, a massive amount of bass. Zed’s Dead brings to us this year, Deadbeats, making its stop in Chicago October 21st. Switching it up for us in 2017, they bring with them to Navy Pier an eclectic mashup of greats we already know, and of course some little or lesser known. This group of artists will give you an evening that will specially deliver something you’ve been missing, with a little something you know and love. The boys bring with them this time, Ghastly, Ghostface Killah, K?d, Eprom, and Diskord–the kind of lineup that makes for an alluring night, basically.
A heavy bombardment of tempo and a deep cathodic pulse represent electro-house great Ghastly. A hard house producer and crowd favorite, Ghastly’s coming back to Chicago for a fall show this time, however.
Ushering in a new wave of electronica, K?d provides a majestic fulfilling wave, breaking sound barriers and hearts. This heavy mystical dub is a perfect fit for the rest of the staggering performance, and will undoubtedly be a new favorite for you if they aren’t already.  Also appearing is Eprom, an artist you’ll definitely want to see, featuring music you won’t hear often. It’ll capture your attention, with an array of wild space trap type beats that you’ll have to see to believe.
The Chicago show is also treated to a gross amount of bass from Diskord, and a swirling echoing dub; fitting with the theme of our lineup this year you can expect a mixture of trap and cerebral rhythms.
Special to Chicago, ZD and React bring to us classic rhymer, Ghostface Killah. If the night wasn’t already teeming with must-see acts, Ghostface is that old school hip hop you didn’t know you were missing.
This display of unique musical talent has so many different things to offer, there’s something for everyone to not only enjoy, but to love. Come to Navy Pier October 21st and become a part of the love that happens when divergent forces merge. And of course, it’s a chance for everyone who appreciates Zed’s Dead to join together.
It’s a mixture of old and new, in a venue with even more history than the artists that visit it and will represent a memorable fall event for everyone who attends.