Getting Four Loko with The Fat Jew

IRL presents an event sponsored by Four Loko that went off yesterday night. This event is absolutely unheard of in Chicago because it was completely free!! Meaning free entry, free coat checks, and on top that free Four Loko drinks!
What seemed to be an endless crowd piled along the outside walls of the building waiting for entry. The draw was so large that they had unexpectedly reached capacity and left many people waiting for their chance to enter. Although some were stuck waiting in the cold; it was worth it knowing this was a Free sponsored event.
Four Loko brought along hard liquor as well as their famous 16 0z. canned drinks with flavors Fruit Punch, Watermelon, Peach, Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Grape, Blue Hurricane, Mango, Black Cherry, Green Apple and many more. Four Loko being based out of Chicago showed love to all of us by hooking it up big time with drinks, hats, and t-shirts.
The event was headlined by Dillon Francis and opened with close friend, The Fat Jew. The Fat Jew is a Dj who found a fan base through Instagram and well known for his wild choice of hair style and outrageous personality. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise given the stage name he goes by. He sported an over exaggerated Alfalfa where is hair was tied up in multiple hair bands and resembled more of a broom than any hair style I’ve ever seen. The celebration was in honor of his first book release; where he too felt generous and gave his book out for free to anyone willing to trip into the mind of The Fat Jew. Given that some of the first pages I opened up to was an admittance to a past crystal meth addiction and as well as a page dedicated to apologizing to his readers that many of the experiences he had written about were fragmentary black outs and some facts may be a bit skewed- I’m sure the book should be an entertaining read!
The Fat Jew’s set was accompanied by two dancers wearing gold ninja outifits meets catgirl meets gogo girl. They commanded the stage as he controlled the crowd with his energizing dance and hip-hop beats. He didn’t take any backstage to his dancers as he truly made a relationship with the crowd. It’s obvious just from one experience of his shows that he truly loves entertaining his fans.
After a wild introduction from The Fat Jew; Dillon Francis took the stage with a seamless transition. Francis who gained fame from his unique moombahton style tracks including thick bass lines, dramatic builds; and a two-step pulse and rave synths, with quick drum fills.
All in all the event went over smoothly and without any complaints from the crowd. It wasn’t hard to let loose to the music given the crowd was very well hydrated thanks to the generosity of its sponsors. The night started and ended on high notes and given the draw of this event; their next event will be greatly anticipated.