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Bam Creates & The Godfrey Hotel Presents: INDUSTRY SLEEPOVER

Bam Creates Industry Sleep Over 2017 was held at the Hotel Godfrey on Sunday Febuary 19th.  It was a blend of funky blue Afros, a laid back vibe hipsters, a dash of suit and tie gentlemen, and all held together with plenty of booty shorts and the pasty adhesives. The diversity in attire allowed the attendees to express themselves in whichever way allowed them to get down and let loose from the afterhours of work. This networking party was meant to not put a face to the name but personality.
Upon entrance the first floor of the Godfrey hotel was transformed into a club equipped with two bars, plenty of seating, and art décor. Water trickled down a behind us on a black marble wall adding touch of nature into the fully modernized layout. Loud music played over the sound system while people took to the floors. Gogo styled women danced upon high rise seats while a cast shadows contrasted the highlights emphasizing abdominal twisting. Each second that passed a new intriguing person made their way across your path. The mixture of unique attire and compelling conversation was purely invested in this scene.

The outdoors was open for people to smoke and drink while getting a glimpse of a city view. Standing nearly twice my size; oversized vintage styled lamps were intermittently placed upon the roof top. I stood and took pictures near the spore of the lamp while the milk-white lamp shade engulfed me beneath it like the cap of a lactifluus piperatus. It melted in cerulean blue accentuating the artic kiss of this winter wonderland look. The majestic atmosphere felt as magical as a Fantasia Disney scene. Luxury fire pits and heated cellophane igloos make it easy for guests to enjoy their time without scurrying in from the impenitent Chicago winters.

We began venturing down the hallways following the hotel carpet like a scene from Fear and Loathing. Pocket sized underground parties held compact in the dimension of a hotel room. Music bled into the hallways as several floors were exclusively closed off for the party guests. There could be no explanation for what randomness can be packed away within each cubby. Guys in thrift shop fur coats and women in silk robes and VS sports bras filed between the walls. Here we ran into a women who sported a black feathered Mohawk and snake! We snuck away to find an industrial cage for the mini photo shoot.

I watched as a red ball came rolling into the hallway; then a blue then a yellow. Sure enough a ball pen was just around the corner. Slow motion camera defied laws of gravity as it showcased a cascade of elementary colors floating through the air like an astronaut as he plays with ripping water bubbles through deep space.
We continued into another room and curiously found our way through black veils. A man stood like some sort of hyper reality slinger leaning against a table which showcased various virtual reality goggles and business cards. He was well dressed with a slick way about himself as he introduced to us this goggled vision.
Inside sprang an ocean scene that came alive from the wreckage of pirate ship. Physically I turned my body like a compass looking for the North Pole when suddenly an intimate view of a blue whale made his way before my very eyes. He motion towards you as my eyes gazed back and forth at the touch of grays and blue. The gentle eyes blinked and interacted with my presence just as much as I was interacting with his. This only confirms what kind of quasi matrix reality we will be seeing in the not far future. The blue whale eyes were molded with emotion and his soul seemed just as deep as the ocean I discovered him in. He seemed imprinted with the gentleness of old age. In all honesty he was probably the most sensitive and deep character I had encountered that evening. His sensitivity seemed curious for expansion and growth; not tethered in character by distraction of the city. He was humbled beneath the silent waters and wise to the glorification of sexual exploitation.
I removed the goggles to teleport right back to where I had previously remembered leaving my body. In the dark ambience of a hotel room with starkly characters all around me. We were handed a business card that read Midwest Immersive.

Room 612 held a massive dance party secluded into the darkness. Bodies moved to the pulsing bass whilst DJs spun their music influence over the attendees. The room was netted in black paper machrochet from ceiling to walls. We were drawn into the den of the lion where Red light and smoke dissipated into the humid air. Finally I felt at home deep on the dance floor. Here is where I felt belonged as the crowd and I all moved as one. The Dj’s Hair flattened from under the weight of her headphones as the vibrant highlights of Carmel hair popped against her skin. Photographer’s shutters began to snap as she explored our minds with trance.


This party was a behind the scenes look at how Chicago’s Industry lives and breathes. After the exhaustion of hard work this celebratory form of meditation was rightfully deserved. Keen Entrepreneurial skills, networking intuition, art, dance, food coinsurers and incredible taste speaks feats into why Chicago is one of the most talked about cities in the world!