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Black Wednesday BIG PARTY

    When you think “Thanksgiving,” thoughts of turkey, cranberry sauce and disgruntled family members are usually what comes to mind. Traditionally Black Wednesday is our one brief escapes from “Crazy Aunt Nutzoid” that local bars and pubs capitalize on finding to be one of, if not, the busiest nights of the year. We reunite with old friends and some times old flames on this age old American tradition so drinking is the primary activity of choice which, if done right, keeps you in its morning clutches just before your yearly gluttonous dinner. But, this year we decided to forgo the pub and go back into time to 1893 during the Worlds Fair. In this year, Nikola Tesla revealed his AC electric current, Pabst Blue Ribbon was named America’s Best Beer, and Dr. Henry Howard Holmes had acquired over 200 bodies in his “Murder Castle” becoming the literary Devil in the White City.
    The creators of Wave Front Music Festival in collaboration with BAM Creates, Go Massive, OutFIT Events and a slew of Chicago night life and marketing legends put all of these elements together this past week during their decadent and fully thought out Black Wednesday in the White City. Expert craft mixologists all dressed in sepia tones, major local installation artists and live performers, deep Chicago House/Techno DJ’s, and even a legit 20 foot tall Tesla coil provided by the Museum of Science and Industry. The details of this party went deep. All the way down to a visually vintage VIP bar decorated with original Pabst cans from the 1893 World Columbian Exposition.
    From the moment of being dropped off in front of the vintage Germania Place (c1889), you were surrounded by the vision of BWIWC’s creators. Two Tesla luxury vehicles (sponsor) faced nose to nose with the red satin rope running up a lavish stair case into the grand ballroom lined with art installed by Christoph Gausparro, Davis McCarty, and a band of local artist that were the highlights of the visual candy while DJ Inphinity, Ruexx, Hook n Sling and AN21 sonically delighted the dance demons in all the attendees. When it came to drinks an food there was no shortage of delicate touches with explosive flavor. If you happened to select a table service package your birds’ eye view of the main hall upon the balcony was complimented by a sponsored bottle of Effen, Russian Standard, Redbull, and a slew of hand crafted chasers.
    The dancers were on point, the DJs were wicked, the decor and the attendees were well blended. It was a well crafted homage to the White City that forever placed Chicago as a center of forward thinking ideas. This event was no different in any respect of Thanksgiving, Black Wednesday gatherings, Chicago style, or innovation. It was literally a reunion of friends in the night life Chicago nightlife industry that have worked, lived, created and mused together but until this very night were never in the same place in the same instance. Now, depending on who you are that may or may not be true, but the only way you can tell is to be there. Whether you were there or you were well, welcome to Chicago let this be an intro to a slew of heavy hitters in the Underworld. Whether you were dressed and there or home for the holiday (if you were at all), we recommend you watch for this combination again. For once they name it, you will see grandeur things and sights.
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