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ENVISION: A Change in the World

Envision: If you could find yourself in a euphoria of healing and love, a culture of self expression and creativity, and environment of spiritual awakening then you would probably first think of Burning Man. But, what if I were to tell you about a place south of the American border where this culture thrives in an even more lushly spiritual location. Costa Rica has long been the destination of surfers and spiritual pilgrims.
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Lush with artist that incorporates local wood and earth. Envision festival provides for the land and it’s people. We find the amazing festival growing as the secret of it’s existence has now opened up to a greater portion of the world. Can you imagine the connection to our world grow as the collective intention of its people call for a place just like this? With awareness gatherings growing these past few years there are a few places to find ones self within ones self.
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For any person that didn’t have the opportunity to go home to Black Rock or even if you did
Take a trek through the Jungle
Say a prayer in Central America
Meditate to the monkey’s calling
Come and Join Us and Play! You would be welcomed and loved!
Envision is running a GIFT away for a GA ticket to Envision
please Follow and Like their page then Follow their instructions here to enter:
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If you Envision yourself in Costa Rica with other outside thinkers just like you, then
I encourage you to look here for more information:
And WE will look for you in the sands and the sea.

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Envision Festival – Vive La Experiencia!

With the jungle as it’s backdrop, Envision Festival is one of a kind.  The 2015 aftermovie will have you booking the next flight to Costa Rica.  Envision offers a unique blend of musicians, workshops, art and yoga classes all set amongst the stunning tropical oasis of Uvita, Costa Rica.  Unforgettable performances from The Polish Ambassador, Emancipator and Random Rab, all with crimson beach sunsets as the background, its hard to not start planning your trip immediately.
The video also showcases the wide array of activities geared towards health, education and rejuvenation.  Witness the exhilarating performance art, live art installations, and monumental visionary stages utilizing natural materials that round out the life-changing Envision Festival experience.
The four day festival returns to the sandy shores of Costa Rica February 25-28, 2016 – Tickets are on sale now click HERE to get your 4-day passes before they’re gone!
Check out their epic aftermovie and start planning your trip for 2016.