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Holy Pulse Portal, BURNT MAN!!

Calling all adventurers and curious people!! We just recently have come in contact with an amazing art piece that needs to be seen. Check this out!!! This is something we just couldn’t pass up. The Pulse Portal:
–(July 3, 2016)
Deep in the Nevada Black Rock Desert, Burning Man’s yearly gathering showcases the most brilliant and brightest and artistic minds from around the world. end of every summer 70,000 participants gather in extreme conditions to build a city, celebrate art, renew their spirits and re-imagine their world.1634e8ea315a6ae8f4600734846cb2b1

Burning of the Man

Pulse Portal by Davis McCarty 3
Pulse Portal

Each year a select few are awarded BM’s highly venerable Honorarium Grant, which is specifically designated to help create and transport these massive sculptures to the Black Rock Desert. Recently Chicago’s own, Davis McCarty, was awarded this grant for using a newly engineered material to make an archway that responds to whomever is viewing it. Pulse Portal by Davis McCarty 2
Pulse Portal by Davis McCarty 0 (2)The mere act of walking through it will change its appearance and generate an experience unique to the person creating it.
“I think the experience of looking into the portal will be like gazing into an infinity but instead of seeing the end, infinity is staring back at you.”  said McCarty.
Jutting 16’ skyward and 24′ long, this arch is made from futuristic dichroic acrylic which, like a dragonfly’s wings, simultaneously transmits multiple colors.
ngiht portal 2
pulse portal at night

“It’s like seeing tessellated pyramids emerging from the ground -as if you were inside a crystal geode.”
In the sunlight it glitters like a gem casting beautiful dichromatic colors on the sand. At night, with a custom interactive light show, it is programmed to respond with participants as they walk through. The reflective quality of the material plays on the postmodern idea that each viewer brings something unique to the piece.  In this case the movement of the viewer literally changes the color and reflection of the sculpture. For the more curious adventurer the finished sculpture will have some hidden inscriptions to find.
View of Black Rock City from Space

“It’s playing on the idea of radical immediacy where if you see something intriguing you dash over to explore whatever it is.”
–Lead Artist Davis McCarty.
Designed by Davis McCarty, and fabricated with the help of a team of Chicago based artists.  It is partially funded in part by the Burning Man’s Honorarium Grant, but are also holding an online funded effort at  to  finish the sculpture.

Stay tuned as in August there will be a preview event held in Chicago where the Pulse Portal will be on display and featuring a surprise DJ. Music, libation, art and artist all to add the experience. Donations to put the finishing touches on the project in time will be accepted through the kick starter link below where you can donate and get your ticket. The Best way to make it in to this sick party and help a good cause is to click on the Support link just below.
For more information, go to
Contact:  Davis McCarty
Cell (815) 274-9638



It’s pretty amazing how the human condition can train us to expand our consciousness through different ways new skills, adaptation to surroundings, new thoughts and concepts for making something better or even more; interesting. It’s a thing we do. And when you play with it becomes Entertainment.
To all our Forest, Festival, and Fine Cultured Family that just so happens to want to have a visual candy fest this Ball’s for you.
 The Electric Moulin Mansion:
One week from today several of the most creative locally grown artists in Chicago are meeting for what could become a yearly collective installment of massive and complex art. I mean really cool shit. Everything from laser cut structures, to a virtual reality landscapes and industrially conceived surrealism all packed into one mansion throwing a steampunk ball. You’ve seen the artists work featured at Mamby, Forest, North Coast. Written and presented in greater media circuits than our humble CMF.
It is a literal art gallery and party from the near future. Spectacle artists, acrobats, living statues and music from growing chicago acts of all genres will be flooding the two floor Stan Mansion and Ball room in Logan square. It will be an evening affair so dress in your finest gears, corsets, and goggles if you got them. Even If you don’t want to play the dress up game to add to the live aspect just show up and have your mind blown away by what grows in your backyard.
Get to know and immerse yourself in the visual worlds of:
Jason Brammer,
Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 7.25.02 PM
Ian Bennett,
 Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 7.42.40 PM
Davis McCarty,
 Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 7.25.41 PM
Del Harris, and
the Art Beat Collective
Festivities start at 7 PM Friday the 27th And will only run until midnight. Meaning if you want to spend some time really taking in the ART then enjoy the revelry, you got to come early before it fills. Get tickets now. PBR is sponsoring. Cocktails WILL be served and mixed from some of the finest pallets to pour in within these city streets of fine taste. So all senses will be thoroughly stimulated. Just follow this link and look at what you’re missing.
Here’s the musical line up and ticket info: