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Creature Carnival Artist Spotlight: Lafa Taylor

lafa taylorCreature Carnival tour is set to offer a show unlike anything we have yet seen. Along side the talents of Beats Antique, Shpongle and Emancipator, Lafa Taylor will cross the country with this one-of-a-kind spectacle of musical and theatrical bravado. Creature Carnival is the ultimate playground for Lafa to showcase his eclectic style and unique talent for blending upbeat hip hop with deep, bass music. With never before seen improvisation and collaboration, in conjunction with crowd participation, this weekend’s performance will be full of outrageous surprises that make add up to an experience that’s not to be missed or forgotten.
Grab your tickets here and catch this insanely interactive performance by Lafa Taylor alongside Beats Antique, Shpongle and Emancipator. They will be using elements that surpass any typical electronic show. You will be surrounded by great vibes and I promise you won’t be disappointed. If you can’t make it tonight – they’ll be back for a stellar finale on Sunday October, 18th!!
Don’t forget to  #CREATURECARNIVAL #CMFPIX we want to see all your lovely creature rage faces!
CMF interview with Lafa Taylor:
1. For those who are not familiar with your music, describe your sound/genre.
It’s a hybrid sound. If I had to describe my sound in a few words it would be “Three eyed space kitty laser beam music.” If I had to expound on the elements of my music the strongest would be bass, which is a sub-genre of EDM, hip-hop, live instrumentation and R&B. My performance will be me on the mic rapping and singing while incorporating a drum pad to make live beats.
2. Who are your three biggest musical influences that led to your music style?
I’m honestly influenced by everything. In music, I find inspiration in almost everything I listen to – I like all genres. Disclosure, Miguel, Bassnectar and the Beastie Boys if I had to pick artists I’m listening to a lot lately.
3. I noticed you’ll be incorporating hip hop elements in your set this weekend, can you elaborate?
I’ll be beat boxing, looping the beat box and build on that live. I’ll also be rapping, signing, controlling the crowd and maybe throw in a few pop lock moves.
4. What was it like working alongside Bassnectar in his Noise vs. Beauty album?
Awesome. We’ve been friends for quite a while. It was cool to finally work on a project together. We already have more collabs in the works. Excited to see the creative relationship grow.

5. Any advice for DJ’s starting out in the music industry?
Don’t do it, jk. Become a doctor. Yes I would say, “There are a lot of DJ’s out there already so really find what makes you unique and be sure to hone that skill as well. It could be just a unique selection but I’m a big proponent of people learning to produce as well so they can make their own music.”

6. What is your life mantra?
Try to stay in the moment and be thankful. Also, rage hard and sleep well.