Slim Freedom Receives Head Nod from Snoop, Usher, and Vic Mensa

Photo Credits: Joshua Albanese
Ashely “SLIM FREEDOM” Stevenson held her first major concert this past Saturday after a remarkable rise in social media that rocketed her to 3.6 Million views on a video that was posted of her playing “Landslide” in the Chicago subway transit back in April 2016. Relatively unknown at that time to the mass public, her amazing video hovered at around a thousand views until it was reposted by Snoop Dogg, Usher, and Vic Mensa just this past month.
Unlike many other buskers that have made their daily bread down in the warm tunnels, beneath the Chicago streets, Slim Freedom quickly found that the growing accolades would put her directly in the spotlight; as news of her rising popularity started to pop up in the mainstream media. Before 2016 was over she had already landed a spot on WGN television and was being courted by new hot Chicago artist management company Ambassador Gold Label, who set up and fully produced her first major live performance. (posted below)
The show, called “From the Subway to the Stage”, was an exclusive industry event that sold out within a few days before Slim Freedom took the stage. The venue, a new and fully developed recording/soundstage studio called Embassy Studios, made this it’s inaugural event. Just off of Western Avenue and 14th street this jaw dropping venue lives right around the corner from Cinespace and Lagunitas Brewery. Equipped with everything from professional lighting, HD cameras, a fully projection mapped room and a sound system that could blow the skirt off the Queen Mother herself it was the perfect setting to display how much of a powerhouse Slim Freedom truly is. The team Stevenson has acquired in the Ambassador GL family aren’t messing around. This is apparent in how they are able to make the kinds of moves that they are making with Slim Freedom in such a short amount of time.

In only one month this wonderful artist who was just trying to hear her mesmerizing voice in the echo of the concrete tunnels has now taken the first steps toward a major career in the music industry. Already being approach by some major artists for collaboration and being signed to independent Ambassador Gold Label, Slim Freedom has now become a team that ranges from lighting designers and camera operators to media managers and merch handlers. Slim Freedom is a fully developed act.
When asked how she felt about it:
CMF: So how has this process been for you coming into a major operation from busking on the streets?
AS: Man,…I can’t even…Man, I just feel blessed you know. Everybody here [Ambassador] has just been blowing my mind. {shakes her head in awe} I really…Man.
CMF: Are you ok?
AS: {Smiles Brightly} Definitely! Hell Yeah!
Stevenson’s voice was sweet, raspy, and full of joy. She had a kind demeanor and seemed to spend more time listening than talking. When I met her I walked in to her memorizing, not lyrics but names. Curiously I asked who, thinking it would be some industry big wig, but she responded that it was a few fans of hers that were invited.
AS: Man, Playing on the street you meet a lot of people, you know. It’s hard sometimes to remember all the names when it’s easier to recall the faces. ┬áI just want them to know I remember not just their face but who they are. It feels good when someone recalls you by name, you know. It’s small but I want them to know that I appreciate them and not just hear me say it on stage.
I kept wanting to just give her a hug in hopes that some of that good feeling would rub off. Talking with her I could see there is something special about her spirit that just exuded a remarkable urban grace similar to what we have seen in the past with the likes of Lauren Hill, Erica Badu, or Bob Marley. Stevenson is definitely a star on the rise having moved from the streets to the stage in a hard way that her momentum is undeterminable at this point.
There’s really no telling where she could go. Though we have a pretty good idea which direction she is headed. So, to Slim Freedom, I say:
We will be watching with anticipation and listening with open ears and open hearts.
Check out some of the footage from the show by clicking this link:
Slim Freedom performs at Embassy Studios Chicago
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-Mark Trace
Senior Writer and Editor CMF