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Rejuvenated Once at Last – Revamped Venue To Open In Milwaukee

One-hundred & six years ago The Modjeska Theater opened its doors to the beloved city of Milwaukee. It served as one of Milwaukee’s premier vaudeville outlets. However, in the year 2010 the theater had to close its doors. Many people wondered what would happen to this once great and beautiful theater.
RoyalWell, the theater is currently under renovation striving to be showcased as a theater with an outstanding arts and entertainment scene. Royal Events and Management are working along with the owners to make this happen. They showcased the theater for the first time to their team on April 23rd, and once they had reached the inside of the actual venue they all knew Milwaukee was in for a big treat. Big things are in store for Royal Events & the Modjeska Theater.
Blueprints for the final setting are going to make this venue once again one of Milwaukee’s finest. For starters on the main floor, all of the theater seats have been removed in order to create more space. The floor will be leveled and will be accustomed to hold various types of events. However, on the balcony, theater seats will still be available, offering guests an upscale view of the stage. Renovation is set to finish very soon; therefore, Royal Events does not plan on wasting any time. Royal Events and Management want to bring you the best in talent, sound & production, making every night an unforgettable one. They are working with various groups of people that have expertise in setting sound & production for high-end festivals. Royal Events and Management
Royal Events are not cutting any corners, and want to become the best in Milwaukee providing with unbelievable shows. Respect, Passion, Inspiration, and most importantly having fun are a few of factors that set Royal Standards apart from anyone else . Royal Events and Management want to bring people together within the music and entertainment community which they can’t do without the fans of all EDM styles, hip-hop, country, rock, pop, and theatrical acts . You will all make every night one to remember along with all the people at Royal Events that spend endless days and nights to bring you these amazing acts. The future looks bright for both Royal Events & the Modjeska Theater.
“Teamwork makes the dream work”, Royal Events and Management couldn’t have said it any better.
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