Preview of Electric Forest 2016

Electric Forest is one of the premiere festivals in the country. The massive, multi-genre music festival located in Rothbury, Michigan, awaits a crowd of over 40,000 raging fans.
Sherwood forest will be teeming with festival goers from all over the country. Fans will witness acts ranging from Flosstradamus, to The String Cheese Incident, and many many more in between.
The Electric Forest also has a wide variety of activities that are not music related. A 60,000 sq. ft water park in the Double JJ resort is available to all the attendees for the duration of the festival. Golf, yoga and psychedelic friendship bingo are also on site for our forest friends. Art installations are set up all throughout the forest, turning the festival grounds into a live art gallery.
While at the Forest, it is important to be prepared.  Although almost everything essential can be provided at the festival, it’s a good idea to bring certain necessities.
1. First and foremost your wristband
2. Blankets, hoodies and sleeping bags
3. Sun tan lotion
4. Snacks, such as trail mix or granola bars.
5. Water (stay hydrated)
6. Cash (atms will also be available on site)
7. Folding Chairs
8. Ear Plugs
9. Water proof jackets
10. Anti-bacterial handwash, toilet paper or wet wipes
Electric Forest 2016 will be an unforgettable event of epic proportions. The sounds and sights of Sherwood are sure to cause some sort of sensory overload. Rothbury here we come! See you there!
Written by: Josh Skolnik
Pictures taken by: Aaron Bradley Engler (Abphotographie)