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"Orcas" New Album by Lulacruza

Electronic folk duo, Lulacruza, composed of Alejandra Ortiz and Luis Maurette, releases their fourth full-length LP titled “Orcas” rightfully named after the beautiful Orcas Island where they recorded the album.  Orcas is not like anything you have heard before.  Inspired by the nature and wild life around them Lulacruza sets out to tell a story which embodies South American ritual and folklore.  The lyrics are inspired by both sublime love and the calmest, darkest hour before sunrise, as well as ancient forces like the feeling of reuniting with what feels like a twin soul from a past life.

Orcas  is Lulacruza’s most intimate body of work to date and also their most acoustic.  By using instruments native to South America like the 4-string cautro and bombo, along with modern day electronics, Lulacruza was able to blur the lines between reality and fiction.  On tracks such as “Comandante, (Commander)” Ortiz’s vocals float through the song like a soft blowing Colombian breeze.  Lulacruza is a combination of Ortiz’s pen name “Lula” and the Spanish word “cruza,” which translates to “combine,” which is exactly what Orcas accomplishes; a perfect combination of ancestral music with modern technology.


“We wanted to keep the intimacy of acoustic folk music and combine it with the physical experience of big deep bass lines that can only be achieved with electronic processing,” explains Maurette. The experience of the album changes with the setting at which it’s listened to.  Small speakers yield a more intimate feel, where as a large system will give a more deep, hypnotic feel.

Orcas was recorded, mixed and mastered by sound engineer Vance Galloway, noted for this work with Nicolas Jarr.  Available through The Polish Ambassador’s boutique label JUMPSUIT RECORDS and Fertil Discos as a name-your-own-price download.  The album is also available for purchase through MUSIC.LULACRUZA.COM, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

 Come, take the journey and listen to Lulacruza’s new album ‘Orcas’ below


01. Callar, Llorar, Gritar (Shut up, Weep, Shout Out)
02. Comandante (Commander)
03. El Agua Abarca (Sandal Water)
04. Estrella del Alba (Alba’s Star)
05. Lagunita (Hollow Pond)
06. Señor de Fuego (Lord of Fire)
07. Subterraneo y Estelar (Underground and Stellar)
08. Uno Resuena (One Resonates)