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Lightning in a Bottle Announces "The Village" Workshop and Presenters

Do LaB proudly unveils the 2016 theme, presenters, workshops and offerings for Lightning in a Bottle’s micro-environment and sacred epicenter, The Village. Built around a beautiful Grandmother Oak, paying homage to its 2016 theme, “Tree of Life”, The Village will give attendees a unique opportunity to learn by doing, develop hands on skills and discover what it takes to create and sustain a living Village together as a community.
Fueled by the intention to bring ceremonial and ancient wisdom traditions into festival culture, The Village will create a regenerative, restorative way of life through educational demonstrations, enlightening workshops and singular metamorphic experiences. Step inside the Community Lodge to explore daily workshops centered around earth-based traditions, rituals, social action strategies and plant medicine teachings. Luminaries taking the Lodge stage this year include visionary activist and founder of Portland’s renowned Village Building Convergence Mark Lakeman, festival returnee Mexihcah medicine man and lineage holder Kuautli Vasquez, Community leaders and ceremonialists Isis Indriya and Eve Ladyapples who will lead a fully experiential and participatory journey up the kabbalistic Tree of Life, and Esperide Ananas the Ambassador of Damanhur (an Italian-based federation of spiritual communities, with its own culture, art, currency, schools, and underground temple built entirely by hand, which is known as “the eighth wonder of the world”) who will speak on the Magic and Power of Community.
The Village’s 2016 theme, Tree of Life, will focus on re-integrating humanity into right relationship with our ecosystem. A carefully selected groups of Village Earth Stewards will deliver a wide range of programming to help participants move naturally into their empowered role as agents of the lands. These Stewards include two legends of permaculture and regenerative design visionaries Penny Livingston Stark and James Stark, owner of Permaculture Artisans Erik Ohlsen who will speak on Permaculture Visions for LIB and Beyond, and a myriad of speakers from Planet Experts, a growing community of global change makers that includes scientists, advocates, innovators, visionaries and journalists who are committed to protecting our planet by sharing stories that matter.
Other Village environments include the Essential Oil Learning Lab, sanctuary refuge space The Haven, Casa Sagrada space for sacred healing, the magical Witch’s Hut for mystic, esoteric teachings and herbal apothecary, the Permaculture Action Hub, a Mentor Space for personal connections with LIB’s elders and wisdom keepers, and the beloved Ancestral Arts Arbor for mentorships of traditional skills such as fire by friction, and wood carving. And for the first time ever, The Village will present the farm-to-festival theatrical dining experience, the Last Supper Club, where diners will fuel their imaginations and enchant their tastebuds.
As the sun begins to set over the native grounds of LIB each evening, participants are invited to lend their presence and energy to the Sunset Ceremony, and witness the daily ritual of the lightning of the Sacred Fire. Forming an elemental triad, the Sacred Fire joins the Community Fountain and the Seed Mandala to form the ceremonial center of The Village – truly a sight to see and experience!
For a taste of what’s to come at The Village at LIB, seekers can go to Nevada City, CA from April 21-24 for The Village Symposium. This gathering is a journey into community building, education, ritual and social change with workshops, ceremony, performance, dancing, and feasts. Visit their Facebook event page for more info.
Lightning in a Bottle 2016 is California’s premiere camping, music, and art boutique festival that takes place Memorial Day Weekend (May 25 – 30, 2016) at the San Antonio Recreation Area in Bradley, CA, and features music headliners Chet Faker, Jamie XX, Grimes, Tokimonsta, Guy Gerber, Cashmere Cat, Four Tet and over 100+ artists performing over multiple majestically structured stages. Additionally, LIB features visionary artists and interactive zones including The Village, the Grand Artique, Amori’s, Kid’s Village, and Lucent Temple of Consciousness with an expanded Learning Kitchen, Healing Sanctuary, Meditation Nest, Mystery School, Pineal Playground, two yoga tents and more. Learn more by visiting the Lightning in a Bottle website, and click here to purchase tickets.