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Interview with Shapes and Colors

Shapes and Colors is a Chicago-based, live electro hip-hop collective that has been pushing the boundaries of Live Electronic Music since the summer of 2011. The band members are Ramsey Zabout aka RamZ (production/ableton), Matt Rezetko (drums/percussion/samples), Jeremy Williams (bass/moog/EFX), Dan Cantone (guitar/slide/EFX), and special guest Lucas Ellman (EWI/Sax/EFX). Shapes & Colors is a nontraditional hip-hop band that combines electronic and organic music. At any given performance, be prepared to groove to hip-hop, electro funk, nu-disco, down tempo and glitch hop. They also improvise and trade-off solos similar to a jazz fusion band while incorporating electronic sounds and vocal samples. They don’t have an MC, but everything is influenced by their go-to Hip Hop origins.
Pushing the boundaries of music genres is innovative and different. Like a composer orchestrating different layers within a symphony. We need different; it keeps us truckin’ forward.
CMF interview with RamZ :
1. What inspired you guys to make music together?
We’re inspired to make music together because we’re friends. We like hanging out, clowning around, making fun of each other. Making music together is just one aspect of our friendship.
2. How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?
Since starting in 2011, our music has become much more about the live band and less about the beats. We started off as just a drummer and a producer. Since then, we’ve developed into a full band that incorporates electronic music production into our sound. We have started moving away from using a click track in some of our new stuff which is nice because it feels more natural and allows for more improvisation.
3. What has been your biggest challenge as a band?
Fusing organic music with electronic. It’s a constant learning experience for us.
4. How can fans-to-be gain access to your music?
Please download and stream our live recordings, demos, remixes, and beats here:
We also release mix tapes every few months of music that we’re currently listening to and inspired by. Some of the old ones can be found here:
5. Are you planning on playing at music festivals this summer?
Not sure if we have anything we can announce yet, but we love playing festivals and plan to play at least a few this year. Last year we played at Hyperion Music Festival in Spencer, IN for the first time – such a great small fest.
6. What’s your life mantra
“Keep it trill”

Catch Shapes and Colors
Saturday, March 29th at Bottom Lounge
21+ | $10 + fees Doors at 8pm | Show at 9pm
Dance Party Tickets -> available here