Hold Up! REVERSE! TONE OF ARC Masquerade?!

This is the second year for Reverse Events and it is no surprise that their parties have been the talk of the Underground. Paradigm, Paragon, and REVERSE have been bring us after hours for love of the game and entertainment of the party nation. We know and love them for the artistic choices and curations of artists and musicians.
The Producers of TECNO 1-13, REVERSE Events, tomorrow night to mark an annual Masquerade that we anticipate becoming an Underground tradition for years to come. REVERSE’s Masquerade Ball will be hosting some of Chicago’s most well known Dj’s including INPHINTY, one of my personal favorites since we were teens. But, what kicks this event into high gear is TONE of ARC one of Cali’s hottest DJ duos will be bringing the heat to an unknown location tomorrow night. For those of us who regular afters, tickets are more than likely already in hand, but those of you who haven’t yet broken that cherry your best bet is to make your purchase NOW! here—->Masquerade Tickets
WE ARE GIVING AWAY 2 TICKETS for anyone that can give the best AFTER HOURS ONE LINER POST on our Facebook event post.
Here’s some more info on the Tone of Arc and REVERSE events.
Somewhere amidst the monotony of our everyday lives there exists a prototype for disruption within the status quo. A gathering of individuals where, for one night, their inner nature can crash through the gates of the long-standing consensus. Such rouges and provocateurs often come masked to conceal their identity. It is an affair so dissonant that many have fallen victim to the romance of its madness. Introducing the 2nd Annual Underground Masquerade Ball presented by Reverse Events. Tickets on sale now on the official event page or via Resident Advisor.
Headlining this year’s event is San Francisco based live Deep House/Jam/Rocktronica duoTONE of ARC comprised of Derrick Boyd and Zoe Presnick. Heading to Chicago on one of their first stops off the back of their brand new album ‘Urgent Turquoise,’ the intimate setting of the medieval Masquerade is the perfect backdrop to showcase such a moving and spellbinding album. Their seamless live show consists of a DJ set which blends danceable sounds from multiple genres with live performances of their original music. The result is an absolutely mesmerizing show that will capture your heart and soul, if only for an hour or two.
TOA“Music is the auditory manifestation and colors of your soul as it bends, blends and manipulates around you through you and by you to support our spirits growth. To enhance life is the ultimate goal and there is no better way to do so than playing and making music.” – TONE of ARC
Joining the bill is an assortment of some of Chicago’s best and most innovate artists including Steve Gerard, Nick Bassett, Inphinity, Augie De Larosa, and Special E.D. While the lineup has been curated to match the dark and mysterious feel of the Masquerade, the Reverse team has spent countless hours designing the main ballroom in detail to follow suit. From the custom visual light show via the massive LED screen to the innumerable amount of hanging lanterns that float above the wooden dance floor, this will be an experience not to miss!
Watch the recap video from the 1st Masquerade Ball on YouTube.
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REVERSE Events is a Chicago-based independent Electronic music event organizer and promoter. Founded in 2014 as a startup company, our lively approach to music exhibition pushes us to innovate on a daily basis. Our model is to produce exceptional shows that vastly exceed expectations, every time.
We design vivid live music experiences that connect fans to the artist and everyone to each other. We plan, organize, and promote shows that dazzle the senses and ignite the spirit. With an extremely talented team of in-house professionals, who handle over 90% of every show’s operations, Reverse shows are known to have a distinguishably natural feeling of synergy.