Freaky Deaky

Eerie skies loomed over our heads as We were welcomed into Toyota Park to enjoy another year of their Halloween themed music festival, Freaky Deaky. Figures brandished reapers near the entrance with raw fleshy paws and gigantous claws. These fallen angels in tarnished wings stood snarled and burnt with a faces of a pit bull and a bodies of men. A sky scraping architecture art glowed in neon whilst showcasing in fire dancers. Costumed and uniformed the carnivalesque performers hypnotized us with their pyrotechniques. Rings of fire and poi danced while the sound of whiping flames circled the dancers hips. The graceful hooper danced inside the turbulence from the eye of its fiery tornado.
The venue was nicely laid out with maximum efficiency for walking space. Stages and venues were expertly placed to provide maximum fluidity for the festival goers. There were three stages. Two larger tented stages and A middle roofed stage dedicated to nonstop deep house artists. The large skull in the liking of a misfits skull molded on the middle stage had made for great landmark and in effect a vivid graphic to reminisce upon while the an amsterdam styled bass enticed groups of shufflers.
Brodinski effectively meshed deep house with trap influences. His dark sound filled with high clicks of snares and deep subs perfected his scene. The progressiveness churned the crowd within hypnosis of the undying arpeggiations.
As we continued the walk I became distracted with passer byers whose eyes were concealed in white out contacts. Their eyes pierced through the soft of our retina. It was hard not to be intrigued with this menacing look. This vampire look seemed to draw closer in the pheromones while their teeth thirsty for blood and caressed in the perfume of mint.
There were dozens of costumes from comical to creepy to sexy; but mostly sexy. Girls danced in boy shorts with underbutt cleavage and hour glass silhouettes. Other Dressed in creatures or fantasies of purple unicorns. The beauty disguised behind masks and the beauty of disguise in which allows the mask detach the individual into the figure and human being of all relating body.
DJ Snake mixed hard dance break downs without lulls. Above the spines of his track brass trumpets banged a catchy melodic chops.
The crowds were body to body cheering on the DJ. Young go hards with green hair forcefully stepped side to side cutting shapes.cutting shapes with force that shook pebbles on the concrete from under their sneaker tops in Constance of a rhythm. There were hyped up smiles and laughter as groups of friends ran from Stage to stage in the hopes to catch each artists set. The continuance of dancing was a medicine for the soul and the counter cultured presence in humanitarianism. The artists herded us together with the magic of vibration and moved us with panels of computerized madness.
Snails undoubtedly was the filthiest set of the weekend.Extraterrestrial machines begin quarreling from the magnetized outer space battlefield. I’m always impressed with the songs he likes to remix because reminds me of my old rock days when I was utterly infatuated with System of a Down. I definitely respect the innovation and his courage to take computerized music into a different direction than most. He his consistently influences his peers.
Jauz rap styled hard with a consistent trumpet riffs matched with synthetic jolts of swooping womps. Enlightening the confidence and a mind set to conquer. A marching band followed the embarking into our psychological pathways unto an overjoyed meditation. He had stylized an undeniably recognizable style within the day’s pool of producers which has set him aside.
A vogue depicted go go dancer earned her place onstage along the side next to Juaz. She interpreted the music into the physical realm which really made the show more interactive. She dressed of the Victorian ages with a large powdered wig portraying the madness behind Mozart timeless compositions. She used her body and hands in freeze frame; contorting the beauty behind the human form. She represented the undeniable allure of the natural body intertwined with the brilliance behind the imagination of fashion.
Tiesto ended the weekend with a mixture of old school and new school. It was quite a surprise to hear the newest endeavors of music that he had compiled into his mix. He left no stone unturned and even threw down trap! Older fans were surprised but not upset with this new route he was carving into. His heavy trance roots still remained but a new attitude flourished from within.
All in all, Freaky deaky was wild and well worth the time checking it out. The Halloween theme festival is definitely a favorite of mine. Everyone is as much part of the fest as the artists and dancers. This fest gives you a chance to show off your creativity with wild costumes and brings out an extra playfulness within the crowd.