Envision Festival Alive

Whether or not if you believe in Pangaea and that humanity has evolved from a from a single ancestor there is no doubt that on this earth there lie special places that ring with ancient energy leading back all the way before man ever recognized himself as man. Costa Rica has long remained, like this, a land of mystery, magic, and tranquility for the past few centuries since the Spanish left the America shores. What has evolved there has been what many believe to be a society that is more closely connected to their environment and infrastructure, land and sea, spirits and science, magic and medicine. A native land that, to this day, invites the world to come and experience their lavishly green shores and mysterious jungles.

Chicago Music Festivals is now, for the first time, heading down to Envision Festival; an educational art, movement, performance, and music gathering that for the past few years has been the best kept festival circuit secret of the Central American shores.  Unlike BPM which just ended in Tulum, Mexico, or the other few big attractions of the Central American Electronic Dance Music world this festival derives its spirit from the country where it is being held. With a humble goal of teaching those who want to learn, cleansing those who longed to be cleansed, reviving those who need renewal this festival is becoming a destination journey for those looking to escape the western world philosophies for a short while and come back with a renewed spirit of love and change.

What is Envision Fest? Well, if you have heard about it and are in the midst of making your preparations for the next few weeks, you know that the festival itself starts two weeks before the main events on the last weekend of February 25th through the 28th. In those weeks prior are held some of the most inspiring and rejuvenating workshops, permaculture immersions, land exploration treks and medical classes that have ever been offered at the same time.


Embody (19th-24th) is a dance/movement mediation retreat that starts the week before the festival, teaching their students everything from biomechanics and self-care to hoop mediation and yogic belly dancing.


Grow Your Roots (19th-24th) is a permaculture immersion that has you roll up your sleeves and dive into the soil on a 40 acre organic farm in Finca La Marea where you will learn the ecology of the land and universal principals of permaculture.


Jungle Clinical (15th -29th) is a workshop and medical clinical that teaches physiology, pathophysiology, formulation, herbal education and clinical skills before and during the festival. Participants will learn how to care for the body and are given the honor and opportunity of volunteering during the festival at the clinic including admission to the festival itself.


Pre-Envision Tour (17th-24th) is an experience that gives you a taste of all the other pre-event retreats but includes rafting, zip lining, snorkeling and exploration of local spots.

Now, during the festival itself, which mind you is a camp out festival (that’s camp out in the jungle!), attendees will be immersed in a preverbal sea of classes, speakers, and artist installations hand selected and curated to blend with the already beautiful surroundings while enhancing the atmosphere and mentality of the unity and togetherness of the festival. ( – the village)  Fire spinning, hooping, poi, dance, daily yoga on the beach will not only seen but featured to elevate the attendee to become active participants of the community, ultimately co-creating the world that drew them to the Costa Verde shores that weekend.  If all this is not enough for you, a musical line up that boasts Shpongle and Beats Antique and over 25 others will carry you from morning to night making the experience a complete sensory candy land. (Link to full line up) Mind you this isn’t your typical Electronic Dance Music festival in fact you won’t find many candy kids making the trek as this festival encourages more education and enlightenment.

Come have fun and cleans your soul in the sands of Costa Rica. Whether this year or next make the trip; you deserve it. For those that will be there here is a last minute link to recommended travel preparations by the Envision Crew:

Be mindful and look over this closely, if you are going. Remember you are in a foreign country and an ounce of prevention is well worth a pound of cure.

Stay tuned for the full post write up, photos, and videos.