Electric Forest is my Electric Heaven!

Words and Pictures by: Josh Skolnik
My first Forest completely blew me away. Expectations I had of the Electric Forest were shattered instantly. Within an hour of roaming around Sherwood in a state of disbelief. I suddenly realized the sheer greatness of this place. The trees of Sherwood forest looming over the festival grounds, the beautiful music stretching across the giant venue and the endless crowds of creatures. The combination created an environment that can only be described as otherworldly.
At night was when the Venue came alive in a whole new “light”. The trees in the forest were illuminated by an array of colors. Artists were painting on large canvases in throughout the grounds. Festival goers dressed in costumes, jerseys and other heady attire strolled through the forest in wonder, enjoying one of the most impressive feats of nature and man made scenery I have ever witnessed.
The weather was almost perfect. There was one storm Sunday morning and minimal rain during the festival. We did not let that stop us though. There were no cancellations of any shows and although it was little hot some days, the sun felt amazing. The sound quality was incredible at the shows I attended. Standing in the photo pit during Sound Tribe really solidified the experience for me. Thousands of ecstatic fans prepared for a series of mind melting tunes to penetrate their skulls. There were many musical highlights. Of course The String Cheese incident was one of them.
On Saturday night Cheese brought out what seemed like an unlimited arsenal. One of their dancers was attached to a giant balloon flying over the crowd, dressed in a shiny silver outfit. Enormous inflatable animals were brought out to the crowd along with several more entertainers. Just when i thought it couldn’t get any better, fire works started to explode in the sky. Gold Confetti flakes were shot out over 100 ft into the crowd. It was a beautiful display of meticulously organized bliss.
By Sunday I didn’t want to leave. Suddenly I realized that I would have to wait another year before I could go back.  After we packed our things and drove off the festival grounds, my mind was still reeling over one of the best times I’ve ever experienced in my life. Ill see you next year Forest Family!