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DUBS Acoustic Filters Review

Attending concerts frequently can cause severe damage to your hearing. I learned that the hard way. While being on tour as a lighting director I was exposed to loud noise on a daily basis. When I started to notice my hearing was getting worse I decided I needed to start wearing earplugs to all the concerts that I attend. Covering concerts every weekend and taking photos in the photo pit I wanted to find good quality earplugs that protected my hearing without loosing the quality in sound. While searching the web I came across DUBS Acoustic Filters. I reached out to them and they were happy to provide me with a set to try out.
When my package arrived in the mail I tested out the earplugs at three different concert venues including Aragon Ballroom, Concord Music Hall, and The Abbey. Comparing them them to regular foam earplugs I was instantly hooked on the quality. Not only was my hearing being protected but I could hear the music just as good. I had to catch a flight to the Dominican Republic shortly after receiving the earplugs. My ears tend to pop when going on long flights and surprisingly they didn’t pop while wearing DUBS. I was happy I wore them on the flight because there was a baby crying a few seats away and it wearing the earplugs made that a lot less noticeable. I would rate my experience with DUBS acoustic filters 10/10.
I highly recommend DUBS acoustic filters to anyone that attends concerts or works in a loud environment. Once you lose your hearing you don’t get it back. Play it safe and wear DUBS!
Below is a recent write-up on DUBS partnering up with Coechelle Valley Music and Arts Festivals.
DUBS Earplugs to Be Included in Every Coachella Welcome Box,
Coachella 2015 Attendees Will Get Exclusive First Use of Doppler Labs’ New Product;
Sleek, Soft Molded Earplugs Offer 17 NRR Rating to Protect Hearing
Following the overwhelming success of the launch of DUBS Acoustic Filters™, Doppler Labs, the New York City-based technology company, and Goldenvoice have partnered to make advanced hearing protection available to all attendees of the 2015 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Together, they will launch DUBS™ Earplugs, the second hearing protection product from Doppler Labs. DUBS Earplugs are stylish concert earplugs created specifically for music listening.
A pair of DUBS Earplugs will be distributed in all Coachella welcome boxes giving Coachella attendees the first opportunity to experience the newest DUBS product. The DUBS Earplugs are optimized for music and use a simplified version of the advanced acoustical physics found in DUBS Acoustic Filters. DUBS Earplugs are soft molded for ultimate comfort and designed for a fashionable aesthetic. They offer a 17 NRR rating to reduce volume to comfortable levels.
“We simply could not ask for a better platform than Coachella to launch DUBS Earplugs,” said Noah Kraft, CEO and Co-Founder, Doppler Labs. “Coachella has set the standard for live music and curation. We are proud to be a partner and provide hearing protection that allows all attendees to be immersed in the festival and optimize their music listening experience.”
In addition to launching DUBS Earplugs, DUBS Acoustic Filters – Doppler Labs’ inaugural product released in September 2014 – will be available for sale on site at Coachella. These highly acclaimed, advanced tech earplugs use a proprietary mechanical process to optimize the listening experience, lowering sound by an average of 12 dB while preserving audio clarity.
Doppler Labs is driven by the understanding that aesthetics and technological innovation are both critical to creating great products. As such, The DUBS products are tuned, sleek and stylish unlike most earplugs that are straightforward foam inserts, available at drug stores and in airports.
Both DUBS Earplugs and DUBS Acoustic Filters were designed for discerning, style-conscious consumers. Musicians and concertgoers in particular have embraced DUBS Acoustic Filters leading to rave reviews and several design awards.
DUBS Acoustic Filters are currently available at Best Buy, Guitar Center, Amazon, select boutique retailers nationwide and at DUBS Earplugs launch exclusively at Coachella and will be available for sale later this year.
About Doppler Labs
Doppler Labs is a technology company with a primary focus on “hearables”: wearable technology for the ears. Founded in 2013 by industry leaders in the creative, tech and business worlds, Doppler Labs’ mission is to optimize the way you hear the world.