Art Music

Distinguished Scenes (Pleasurekraft @ Spybar 3.23.19)

This poem was written in response to Pleasurekraft’s headlining show held at Spybar Chicago March 23, 2019.

Distinguished Scenes
-Lana Eucalyptus-

Connected into the tribal drumming
in its primitive segmental reunion
on the phospholipid border
where we met like driving platelets
letting us knock
to the beat
as the thumbnails sing upon my keyboard

while a new mind seemed to inspire me
a magical scene
that seemed the great beyond
the peripherals,
the vision temporal
which met beyond the parietal plate

The mushrooms kicked in
down into the veins
Like highways of Mycelium streets

Through inference patterns of body waves
we led each other within our own disguises
and distinguished ourselves with the attire

that made us our own

divided yet connected by this intrinsic beat
mimicking the human heart
and the pacing.
Pacing back and forth like the raven
lost between our ears inside our own accomplishments of sanity

Yet it never stops
it plays beneath
the screeching of a new.
Beneath our misguided truths it lays and plays in


beckoning us closer

and the further we fall away
the harder it pulls us into our next encounter.

A Dark bass
which drives each melody across
as they dive and and emerge
in and out of the ocean floor

Showing their hats at first
but then further the jester arrives
dancing cleverly over the beat.

As each scene progresses
they foreshadow or forebode their presence.
Kinectically they begin to command the center.
But Like gentlemen they allow the other to finish their taste

before the next act takes center stage.

And only when it is sure
the beat will stop
The trumpets sound

the commotion begins
causing great uproar
causing the crowd to turn heads
To freaks, the side shows
the fire eaters
the snake charmers


Taking u
Taking you deeper into the mouth of the beast

The inner monologues speak
they silently speak through me
and to me
through your eyes
through the meaning of what ur missing in your life.
To catch a glimpse and to fantasize.
Keeping the scene alive