House of Vans Chicago – "The Takeover"

Kevin Gates, Mick Jenkins, Bohan Phoenix, and Yeti Out performed a live at House of Vans Chicago “The Takeover”.

Vans, the original action sports brand and advocate for creative expression, curated “The Takeover” at House of Vans Chicago, on November 22 serving as Vans Musicians Wanted Finale with live performances from Chicago local talents and emerging artists from the United States and Asia.   Vans brings together a spectacular line up to celebrate the success of this year’s Vans Musicians Wanted competition, by providing the opportunity and platform for Asian-Pacific talents to express their creativity in music. The final winner will share the stage with Chinese-born, U.S-based rapper Bohan Phoenix , as well as Asian underground music crew Yeti Out, Chicago based rapper Mick Jenkins and US renowned hip-hop artist Kevin Gates. Vans has also partnered with global music platform Boiler Room to LIVE broadcast the performance online which can be viewed below.

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Distinguished Scenes (Pleasurekraft @ Spybar 3.23.19)

This poem was written in response to Pleasurekraft’s headlining show held at Spybar Chicago March 23, 2019.

Distinguished Scenes
-Lana Eucalyptus-

Connected into the tribal drumming
in its primitive segmental reunion
on the phospholipid border
where we met like driving platelets
letting us knock
to the beat
as the thumbnails sing upon my keyboard

while a new mind seemed to inspire me
a magical scene
that seemed the great beyond
the peripherals,
the vision temporal
which met beyond the parietal plate

The mushrooms kicked in
down into the veins
Like highways of Mycelium streets

Through inference patterns of body waves
we led each other within our own disguises
and distinguished ourselves with the attire

that made us our own

divided yet connected by this intrinsic beat
mimicking the human heart
and the pacing.
Pacing back and forth like the raven
lost between our ears inside our own accomplishments of sanity

Yet it never stops
it plays beneath
the screeching of a new.
Beneath our misguided truths it lays and plays in


beckoning us closer

and the further we fall away
the harder it pulls us into our next encounter.

A Dark bass
which drives each melody across
as they dive and and emerge
in and out of the ocean floor

Showing their hats at first
but then further the jester arrives
dancing cleverly over the beat.

As each scene progresses
they foreshadow or forebode their presence.
Kinectically they begin to command the center.
But Like gentlemen they allow the other to finish their taste

before the next act takes center stage.

And only when it is sure
the beat will stop
The trumpets sound

the commotion begins
causing great uproar
causing the crowd to turn heads
To freaks, the side shows
the fire eaters
the snake charmers


Taking u
Taking you deeper into the mouth of the beast

The inner monologues speak
they silently speak through me
and to me
through your eyes
through the meaning of what ur missing in your life.
To catch a glimpse and to fantasize.
Keeping the scene alive


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All Day I Dream Chicago Featuring Lee Burridge, Lost Desert, and YokoO

It’s been a beautiful summer for Lee Burridge and his iconic open-air gathering, All Day I Dream, weaving between some of the world’s most idyllic party locales with its unique day-into-night experience.

Following a standout 2017 Chicago debut, the party touches back down in the Windy City on September 15th. Lee will be joined by Lost Desert and YokoO on Lakefront Green island, just steps away from the city’s Lake Michigan beach.

In 2018 alone All Day I Dream has thrown over 60 events in more than 40 countries, playing host to nearly 100,000 Dreamers. The event has earned a truly dedicated global fan base who embody the essence of the worlds of art, wellness, fashion and wellbeing. If you’ve attended any events you’ll already be aware of the positivity and love that flows through the community.

Outside of the events the All Day I Dream label continues to support newly discovered artists as well as familiar family members like YokoO, Lost Desert, Hoj, Oona Dahl, Gorje Hewek & Izhevski, Powel and Bedouin. Recent releases include PHCK’s Elephants, Zone+’s Baia, Sébastien Léger’s Lost Miracle, Roy Rosenfeld’s When We Were Innocent, and Rebelski’s Paper 6-track EP.   Each musical moment dreamt up by a loving and sensitive imagination.

The event and label’s vibe continues to spread like wildfire. For those in attendance the parties and experience represent a return to the simplest of things; broad smiles beaming from the faces of the beautiful souls who embrace the moment as well as this movement, none broader than that of Lee himself. A delightful and bewitching aural and visual treat for the senses.

About All Day I Dream

The All Day I Dream events began on a Brooklyn rooftop back in 2011 and have since become an international sensation. Around the world, crowds continue to flock to the experience and become part of a community spurred on by Lee Burridge and his unique roster of artists. Each bringing their own unique technicolor emotionalism that’s all too rare in our current electronic music scene.

Spreading across the world from New York to Los Angeles, from London to Moscow, Berlin to Beirut, the parties expanded and flourished due in part to Lee’s major presence at Burning Man and his desire to create something magical.

Giving the partygoer (or “Dreamer”) more than just the usual short DJ set, All Day I Dream aspired to create its own unique ambience through the combination of the musical selection and journey as well as unique venues, each decorated with draped fabric, fairy lights and lanterns creating an unparalleled and magical atmosphere.

For More Info and Tickets to All Day I Dream:

Connect With All Day I Dream:

All Day I Dream 2018 ‘Journeys of 2018’ World Tour Dates:

Sep 15 – Chicago, US – Lakefront Green

Sep 16 – New York, US – Brooklyn Mirage

Sept 20 – Ibiza, ES – Blue Marlin Ibiza

Sep 21 – Portimão, PT – BPM Portugal

Sep 23 – Los Angeles, US – Los Angeles Center Studios

Sep 29 – Oakland, US – Middle Harbor Shoreline Park

Oct 5 – Las Vegas, US – Wynn Las Vegas

Oct 7- Denver, US – Sculpture Park

Oct 13 – Itajaí, BR – Warung Beach Club

Oct 20 – Amsterdam NL – ADE

Dec 8 – Miami, US – Art Basel

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Freaky Deaky – 2 Nights at Aragon Ballroom

Lines formed outside The Aragon Ballroom whilst we stood in a chill that embraced a left over pizza feel and drowned in blank stares. We waited in the excitement like an electron moving from the next level of sub-shells. Igniting bonds that integrated the relationship of inebriation.

Patted down and taking pictures within the crowd. The mask seems to break the ice of the enigmatic intimacies a stranger’s caressing eyes.
Inside the venue, the atmosphere was gorgeous – like an Italian country side or an opera house colliding with lasers of the future. Fantasies rang between these walls such of an historical novel. When the music struck me as I entered the pathways into the theatre; I became alive!
Crowds adorned in costumes and swaying into the music. The electricity of souls singing with a freedom which has became found started to reflect upon the endless smiles. Halloween allowed an escape of the alter ego and the one day out of year that the world can become in touch with their sexuality and not be shunned with disapproval. A happiness was instantly felt and we made our way through the crowd to get closer to Klingande as their saxophonist soloed before our eyes.

Oliver Heldon came ready for the night. OH was displayed behind him as my mind began to drift with the Oxygen and Hydrogen mixing with the music. The bonding of hydroxide; the acidic feel traveled deep down and moved me within the aggressiveness of triple drums patterns and melodic rhythms.

I was completely in the moment when suddenly, I fucking found him! Standing above on the balcony. The world stood in slow motion and the music became deafened to my ears. Everyone was smiling but there he was! Just there; staring at me!
Standing out like a bloody lion amongst a herd of zebra. Dancing with his single red balloon. Gleaming with reflections of lasers.
Just standing.
With his

Jaws inspired deep house rhythms began streaming through the air. Sound bites Stripped away into the crowd who became consumed deep within its surrender.
The beauty that was hidden by the media. Was it all along the emotion of happiness we should be awarding? Was it not just as pertinent as the sadness which my adolescent overlooked in a stubborn focused Amy Whinehouse obsession. Those who found themselves intrigued with unworthiness. A running lie an award for nothing that would serve real substance for humanity as an evolutionary species. Realness was just to understand companionship vibration and happiness! Was something happening here ? A return to mother earths rehabilitation. A disturbance of our character pealing it from our core. The light, the being, the realness undermined we are grounded within a core of a red light.

During the second night I found that Dillon Francis seemed to have drawn in a harder crowd. His music selection was diverse blends mixture of pop, rap, dance, and dub. He had every single person in the room singing along to Kendrick Lamar and relentlessly threw down drop after drop. His music took his fans out of their brains and into the repeating patterns of dubstep growls and high energy dance beats.

The night shuffled by as we swam through the Halloween creatures. Costumes, brightened faces, and the thrill of being the mysterious woman behind a painted face liberated us from ourselves. The change of representing something other than a face pushed the ego to take a back seat to this new character. Our bodies shuttled the costumes of our own choosing and the separation opened me to understand our bodies as just that but a vessel in which we can utilize for only a short period of time. Halloween was a time to of complete displacement of how what we define in ourselves as a being. In hopes of what this separation of ego will eventually teach us to perceive.
Photo Credit: George Mulcahy | Freaky Deaky

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During the month of November, Red Bull Sound Select Presents: 30 Days in Chicago will showcase a wide swath of diverse international and regional musical talent in venues throughout one of America’s greatest cities. The city of Chicago is in the midst of a creative renaissance where artists of every discipline are building strong, supportive communities that are making a cultural impact both regionally and beyond. In an effort to celebrate this creative class, today Red Bull Sound Select launched CHOOSING CHICAGO, which will shine a spotlight on six creatives that exemplify the innovative spirit unique to the windy city through seven weeks of bespoke social content centered around these creatives on Red Bull Sound Select’s FacebookTwitter and Instagram. These hand picked creatives are representative of the burgeoning scene of young creatives in a variety of unique disciplines from cross stitch to footwork and everything in between. Content to be released daily at 1pm est from October 23rd until December 8th, 2017.
The CHOOSING CHICAGO creatives who have taken Chicago by storm include Emma Mckee, aka The Stitch Gawd; a cross stitch artist who’s needles hook up Chance The Rapper, SZA, DRAM and more. Esperanza Rosas (better known to her fans as Runsy), is a south side illustrator who initially garnered attention for drawing as a Chief Keef stan but is becoming nationally recognized for her Mexican inspired, feminine focused and often times political artwork. Zoe Rain; a music photographer who  hit the streets of Chicago after getting acclaim as Macklemore’s personal photographer. DJ Taye, the youngest member of footwork music label Teklife, is bringing footwork and his DJ skills to the next generation.  And finally, Fatimah Asghar and Sam Bailey, the creators behind “Brown Girls”, a sex positive comedy/drama series set exclusively in Chicago, which was recently picked up by HBO.
All portraits taken by Zoe Rain.
Emma Mckee AKA The Stitch Gawd
Esperanza AKA Runsy
Zoe Rain
DJ Taye
Fatimah Asghar and Sam Bailey
Ticket Information:
Music fans can purchase tickets by signing up for Red Bull Sound Select, which is free to join. Tickets to Red Bull Sound Select Presents: 30 Days in Chicago are $15 (plus fees and taxes) or less per show and limited to two tickets per night, per person. To sign up for Red Bull Sound Select and to purchase tickets, please visit
Red Bull Sound Select is an accelerator for music artists. We support them by collaborating on ambitious projects and ideas; using the strength of our global network together with a collective of artists, creatives and events to accelerate their growth. The network consists of 22 city residencies, 200+ events each year, 250+ artists, 50 partners and a growing list of our own festivals like 30 Days and 3 Days.
Red Bull Sound Select has released several two-song digital singles from its top hand-picked artists, including:
Jazz Cartier “Nobody’s Watching” produced by Mike WiLL Made-It
Montell2099 x 21 Savage’s “Hunnid on the Drop
Sampa the Great’s HERoes Act 2 EP featuring Estelle, produced by Rahki
Xavier Omär’s “Afraid” featuring GoldLink, Hit-Boy and Bizness Boi
Pell’s “Patience” /“Late At Night” featuring MNEK, produced by London On Da Track
Tennyson’s “Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday” featuring BJ the Chicago Kid with Mr. Carmack
Mick Jenkins’ “Drowning” featuring BADBADNOTGOOD
River Tiber’s “Illusions” featuring Pusha T, produced by River Tiber, KAYTRANADA & Doc McKinney
Gallant’s “Skipping Stones” featuring Jhené Aiko
G Herbo’s “Lord Knows” featuring Joey Bada$$

DISKORD drops their EP Ceasefire Out now on Circus Records

2017 has been a huge year for the UK bass duo DISKORD. They kicked things off with the continued growth and support of the collaboration with Flux Pavilion “Locked In”, they then collaborated with JVST SAY YES for the inaugural Twonkilation release from Brillz. Their second EP “War” (including “Electrify” and “War”) dropped in May to rave reviews, it was then swiftly followed by their huge single on Deadbeats, “Blood Brother” their collaboration with Zeds Dead and Reija Lee, fast becoming one of the anthems of 2017.

October sees this gold rush continue with the release of their new EP Ceasefire on Circus Records. Featuring 4 fresh originals and a remix of “Electrify” by label mate DMVU this 5 tracker spans trap, bass house, future bass and dubstep. Each track is delivered in their own unmistakable sound, DISKORD have that rare ability to nail all styles to the highest level.
Stream on Soundcloud here
Support on all platforms here

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Advice from Artists: Purple Tokyo

Being an artist isn’t always as easy as people think. It’s not all colors and tambourines. It comes with many challenges and sometimes unforeseen obstacles. An artist must be fearless and willing to attack these challenges. When it comes to music there is quite a long road to climb up.
When Staring a new musical project it is imperative that you isolate your specific sound and am image that represents what your sonically producing. Finding your voice, so to speak, and what makes it unique. Like in all industries there are steps on this road to having the world hear and recognize your music.
We have started a new series here at CMF to talk with up and coming artists and what they are doing to carve their way in the music world. Then coupling their thoughts with Artist that have made their mark and are working in the industry now.
This article will start with two part series that will first feature a local Chicago group named Purple Tokyo, then will be followed up by an interview with the one and only SAVOY.
Recently we found Purple Tokyo when turned on to their Instagram by a dear friend. We were pretty impressed by their marketing technique and thought to it would be awesome for them to talk a little bit about how they are pushing their project.
CMF: Who is Purple Tokyo?
PT: Purple Tokyo is an exploration of the mind’s mysterious places that are somewhat dangerous and dark while maintaining a sense of fun, feel-good excitement.
CMF: When you started this project what was the theme or goal you had in mind?
PT: Initially, it was an outlet from a previous project. I felt I had gotten away from my roots, and I just wanted to feel a bit more in control. I wanted to be me again. At first it was just DJ-ing stuff that I liked for fun, but in the back of my mind I always wanted to play drums for our live shows, focus on original production, and create a signature sound in both Spanish and English. Specifically a sound that would cross-over genres and emotions.
CMF: Was it a collaborative concept?
PT: Purple Tokyo was a collaboration from the start. As my brother and I started to finalize the music, it quickly grew and became more of an art project. I wanted to create an experience alongside the music and began to form a larger team behind Purple Tokyo—a team of designers, illustrators, photographers, videographers, developers, and other musicians.
CMF: You’ve created a unique form of marketing your artistry. Could you please talk a little bit about that?
PT: I have always admired bands/groups who have a very defined image. Nowadays, it is as important as the music. I wanted Purple Tokyo to be well branded. I began to explore the idea of creating a symbol for the name instead of just some cool font for the name. It began to be developed further with each release.
CMF:How did you develop a concept?
PT; The concept all came together from our instrumental debut, “Deities”. We wanted an image to accompany each song, releasing one song a week over Instagram. However we thought it would be overkill to create new album art for each release. That’s where the idea sparked to break up the original album art into 15 sections, one for each release, to form the big picture. We continued to collaborate with other musicians to make these instrumental versions into actual, finished singles. After shooting a video for the first single, it just clicked. Why not use the initial sections we posted of each instrumental to tag a new profile? That way our followers could go and preview the video as well as the music.
CMF: Why did you feel that this was the best way to begin the group’s promotion?
PT: People are already glued to their phones. Everyday apps, such as Instagram, allow our followers to easily preview our upcoming releases. We innovatively utilize the tag-function to enable further exploration of our visual art and videos for each single.

CMF: You’re opening for Savoy next week. How was your group given this opportunity?
PT: I have been working my ass off to make this project come to life. Deciding that I needed to go full throttle, I quit my full-time architecture job. It became about taking every opportunity to become further involved in the local scene, whether it was selling merch, managing hospitality, booking local acts, taking event photos, producing, or handling the settlement with venues/artists at the end of shows. This gave me a full industry perspective that I could put in use when on the other, fun-side of things.
CMF: There are a lot of artists out there that are looking to get a gig such as yourself. What advice can you give to artists that are looking to do the same?
PT: First and foremost, be yourself; make music because you love it not because it is what’s “cool”. Second, create your own sound. Be authentic, innovative, and wear as many hats as you can fit. If it doesn’t fit, then find a way to make it work. Be in it for the long run, and do your homework. It is all about how bad you want it.
CMF: If you were to ask any of your biggest musical inspirations what they did to hone in their sound what would you ask them? And who would that be?
PT: It would have to be Pink Floyd. I consider them to be pioneers when it comes to having a timeless sound and image. I want to know what they struggled with before finding their signature sound, and what they would consider their perfect-imperfections within their music.
CMF: How do you plan on moving forward after this show?
PT: Purple Tokyo is in its infancy. This show is a great opportunity and stepping-stone; we are really looking forward to the response from this live show, and hope to connect with new people and grow in our fan base. Moving forward, we want to portray both a consistent image and a flexible sound to our fans. We will continue to have a new release every month until the end of the year. It is very exciting to expand on the first phase of this project and see our Instagram world collide with our live show.
In celebration of our new article series (which we will be following up with Part 2 in an interview with Savoy this weekend) and the upcoming show for Purple Tokyo and Savoy (presented by Silver Wrapper and React Presents) we are doing a surprise giveaway for two tickets for you and a guest to attend the show. In order to claim it you must Follow Savoy, Purple Tokyo, and CMF and repost the featured image with its hashtag on either Facebook or Instagram. Chances double if you post on both. So, for those over achievers here is where you can really make it happen.

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#Back to the Beach#

Mamby is BACK! Now hear this, Get on it! React has secured the best line up so far of the summer. Banger after banger. I will tell you this if you aren’t going you are missing the best party and after party series of what will be here in Chicago this year. Some fests may be bigger and have more days, but to jam such great acts on the beach with the best local support is going to he hard to beat. Let’s take a quick look; shall we?
Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 9.11.50 PM
There’s not much that needs to be said about the headliners other than the fact that they’re here in Chicago and you need to see them. The talent there already speaks for itself. But what can we expect from the festival and the grounds? Bam Creates is a part of the artistic team that will be blowing this beach up. Fresh off of winning the best one off party of the year at the Chicago Nightlife Awards for their Industry Sleepover, BAM is creating tons of eye candy as a backdrop for the beautiful people in bikinis and bathing suits. Joe Quade (who heads this outfit) designed for Mamby before so if you were there last year, you know it’s going to be good.
Now if you’re like myself and love to play in the nightlife scene, then the names Gene Farris and Garrett Inphinity will be of no surprise. These Chicago killers of spin are hitting up the second stage with massive selections that I have gotten the privilege to sample. I know all of my house heads will be present, but for those of you for Who haven’t had the chance make a point to, do so.
I have sat with Inphinity on a number of occasion but did so just recently for Mamby. I was curious to know about some of the things that placed him on the line up. Here were his thoughts:
Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 9.23.41 PM
CMF: You have been jamming in the scene for sometime now what drives you to continue?
INPHINITY: It’s been a trip being able to be a full-time DJ and producer. Loving what you for a living is all I need to continue. Having some of the best friends and supporters believing in what you do makes it a bit easier.
CMF: What’s your process like when producing a new tune?
INPHINITY: Usually, it’s the drums and groove first. Then I’ll start working on the bassline. When those two elements are sounding right, the rest will fall into place rather quickly.
CMF: How do you know that a track will get an audience going while you are creating a track?
INPHINITY: That comes from years of experience in DJing nightclubs. I see what works on the dance floor night after night.
CMF:What’s most inspiring to you in your work?
INPHINITY :Making music that people will listen to or dance to for
years instead of weeks. Quality over quantity. It makes the creation process harder, but the end results most satisfying.
As of right now the forecast looks good, but I’ll tell you this with the lineup as it is there is absolutely no way come rain or shine you should miss this show, because come rain or shine this show is happening. If you work, call in sick! It’s someone’s birthday? Forget the dinner party buy her a ticket! Understand, I’m not advocating everyone to shirk your responsibilities…but shirk them! Shirk them NOW! And if for some reason you just can’t make it (we’re not going to excuse you for that) there are plenty of after parties that will definitely be worth your time.
Here Is the list of after parties going on in the city.
Link to after party tickets
Most of them are sold out but if you hang outside I’m sure someone will have a ticket that they are looking to get rid of.
Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 9.25.12 PM
React is definitely on fire this year having just finished Spring Awakening with some killer headliners, over taking a lot of the booking at Schuba’s, and mixing up the type of talent that they’re bringing into their wheelhouse. However, if my instinct is right they are going to out do themselves next weekend. All the signs are pointing up and up and the anticipation here is way above anything that has been circulating around the other upcoming fests or parties.
I am most excited to see the pairing of Marcus Marr, who is spinning on the second stage, and Chet Faker. Their collaborative EP just released five months ago is an amazing pairing of rock and electronic sounds mixed with Chet’s smooth soulful voice. I have had this on repeat for the past month and it still hasn’t gotten old. Here take a listen for what’s in store.
Marus Marr
Chet Faker
Now listen, I am gonna step up on the proverbial soap box for a second. I know a lot of you are going to be out there drinking and turning up which means things are going to drop, people are going to lose items and garbage is going to collect. After this past Memorial Day, North Avenue Beach was completely destroyed and the cleanup was horrific. This is our city people. These beaches are home to all of us. Can we please put on our big kid pants and keep it clean? What’s the point of having it on the beach if we can’t come back to it? Let’s just make an unspoken pact to take the 10 extra steps to put the cans and bottles in the right receptacle. It’s better that it collects around the trashcan than spread out over the entire beach. Nobody wins after that kind of aftermath. Personally I advocate leaving no trace but I can’t expect everybody to follow suit. So please take your trash with you and find the right receptacle. #Stepping down#.
Going green, Mamby will be providing free shuttle transportation between the Cermack Redline station and the McCormick Place Greenline station each day between 12pm to 11pm. This should help with parking and keeping festival goers safe. Everybody be safe.
Last but not least, It shouldn’t have to be said but it’s better to be reminded, HYDRATE. There will be filling stations throughout the grounds so bring a camel back, canteen, goat skin, whatever, just keep hydrated and make sure your friends do too.
This year at Mamby on the Beach we’re gonna blow it out of the water!!!

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5 Things We Loved About This Year's Lightning in a Bottle Festival

5) The Woogie Stage


Photo by : Andrew Jorgensen

Now this one is a no brainer, how could it not make the list.  From Lane 8’s Friday afternoon set to Sunday’s sunset boogie with Lee Burridge the Woogie stage had the best acts from all over the country come and grace the stage.  Looking like it’s straight from a Dr. Seuss book, The Woogie stage oozes an essence all it’s own.  This year with the addition of the hidden hammock glen, we were able to rest our dancing feet while still able to enjoy being serenaded by whoever was throwing down at the time.  Definitely a double thumbs up on this stage and the atmosphere it attracted.

4) CloZee at The Thunder Stage


For those who unfortunately missed her set Friday set at Thunder Stage… i am truly sorry because you missed quite the party.  Her set took us on an epic journey oscillating between worlds of different musical dimension.  She seamlessly combined her technical precision with wild imagination and powerful basslines to have the whole Thunder Stage up on their feet gettin’ down just before the golden hour was upon us.

3) The Art


Everywhere you looked this year at LiB there was art.  Each piece strategically placed to catch the eye of the passerby’s.  We were blessed with the most amazing live painting experiences almost everywhere you looked, along with huge art installations scattered throughout.  The pieces ranged from small interactive instillation to larger-than-life sculptures and architectural pieces.  Although I was thoroughly sad we were not graced this year with the Android Jones dome, it was more than made up for with the other instillation

2) Pumpkin’s Tribute at The Woogie


Photo by : Daniel Zetterstrom

The loss of Pumpkin shook the dance music community.  Saturday morning at The Woogie, festival goers gathered to celebrate the life who brought us each so much joy through his music.  This sad, yet joyous event filled the hearts of each of the attendees.  We danced, cried, hugged and loved to the beat of Pumpkin’s music.

1)  Faleva Bar


WOW, was Faleva bar upgraded this year.  From the tree house dancing areas to the late night jams, Falava bar was definitely a place you did not want skip out on.  From the start of Thursday to ending late Sunday night Faleva bar had it’s patrons dancing into the wee hours of the morning each day of the festival.  It was truly upgraded this year, with the addition of tree houses dispersed around the stage for festival goers to climb up and have their own dance party while peering down on those dancing below.  The music and atmosphere did not disappoint.

If you are like myself and many others having extreme LiB withdrawals you are in luck… 1) Woogie Weekend is right around the corner, be sure to grab those ticket before it’s too late.  If you are unable to attend Woogie Weekend, 2) satisfy that LiB need with this amazing after movie….

Check out our full photo album Here!!

Can’t wait for next year, is it 2017 yet??

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11th Annual Lightning in a Bottle Tickets are SOLD OUT

A week out from the West Coast’s premiere camping, arts, music and yoga festival, Lightning in a Bottle is thrilled to announce that tickets for the 11th annual gathering are officially SOLD OUT! Having maintained a steady, conscious growth since its inception in 2005, LIB is proud to hit max capacity just ahead of its largest festival to date at 20,000 tickets sold.


While both the 2-Day and 4-Day festival passess are now sold out, several 4-Day passes can still be obtained with the purchase of a Boutique Camping package. Additionally, current pass holders can also upgrade to Boutique camping packages as well as purchase Lightning Bus tickets and/or an Early Arrival Pass, which will allow them to enter the festival a day early on Wednesday May 25.  


LIB production house Do LaB, and its vast array of magic-makers, would like to thank everyone for their amazing support for Lightning in a Bottle 2016!  Celebrating in the office, Jesse Shannon, aka Y2, Director of Marketing says, “This day is 11 years in the making. From 2005 when we first sold tickets to 2016, this is the first time Lightning in a Bottle has sold out before gates open. I’m so proud of the team and it’s a testament to all the hard work that everyone does to create such an incredible festival.” These sentiments are echoed in the laborious efforts put forth by Do LaB in the days leading up to the festival, with most of the team already on site creating, constructing and injecting love into every aspect of LIB.

Watch the teaser video here and feel the excitement:

Taking strides to ensure LIB 2016 is the biggest and best to date – Do LaB is pulling out all the stops curating a genre-bending, stellar lineup, cultivating wondrous immersive environments, and expanding into new adventures in Bradley, CA.


Hitting the three glorious main stages at LIB (The Lightning, The Thunder and The Woogie) are the most progressive up-and-coming artists alongside an acclaimed selection of powerhouse acts, forming the most dynamic lineup Do LaB has unveiled to date!  Headliners performing over this Memorial Day Weekend are Chet Faker, Grimes, Moderat, Big Gigantic, Cashmere Cat, The Polish Ambassador, and Four Tet. Joining the headliners is a roster of the best talent in house and bass including Tokimonsta, Mija, Mr. Carmack, Autograf, Guy Gerber, &ME, Lane 8, Sacha Robotti, Eprom, Minnesota b2b G Jones, and Bleep Bloop.


What makes Lightning in a Bottle truly magical, are the trove of stunning stages, art installations, wondrous immersive environments, classes, and workshops to explore. Trailblazers who wander off the beaten festival path may find themselves transported into the many weird and wonderful realms nestled on the grounds of LIB, each micro-environment ripe with exciting expansions, new offerings, and scintillating music for 2016. With over 300 classes and experiences to be had and shared, be sure to check out The Village,The Temple of Consciousness, The Learning Kitchen, The Grand Artique, Amori’s Casino & Burlesque, the Visionary Art gallery, and many other micro-environments during your stay at LIB!


Do LaB is excited to welcome those who purchased the Early Arrival Pass on May 25th to help kick off LIB weekend with a multitude of activities before the music begins! A cacao ceremony, Village Permaculture Action Day hosted by LIB 2016 artist Polish Ambassador and access to the newly-established High Grounds camp are among new initiatives in 2016. Purchase your Early Arrival Pass here.


Go GREEN! In addition to the Action Day, Do LaB has several other leading initiatives in place to ensure the grounds stay beautiful for years to come! Recycling, compost and landfill receptacles will be found on the festival grounds, and as always, LIB 2016 will be a “pack-it-in, pack-it-out event,” meaning that Do LaB asks that all guests take everything they brought into the festival out with them after the festival ends — campground trash included. A friendly reminder that plastic water bottles are not sold at LIB, so don’t forget to bring your own reusable container!


Familiarize yourself with Lightning in a Bottle and the grounds ahead of the festival. Look over Do LaB’s Thrive Guide for a refreshing on festivaling with intention and mindfulness, Camp like a champ and find your way to San Antonio Recreational Area.  And don’t forget to plan your dance party for the weekend — the set times for 2016’s lineup are out now.


Lightning in a Bottle – So hot right now! See you all soon.



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