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Distinguished Scenes (Pleasurekraft @ Spybar 3.23.19)

This poem was written in response to Pleasurekraft’s headlining show held at Spybar Chicago March 23, 2019.

Distinguished Scenes
-Lana Eucalyptus-

Connected into the tribal drumming
in its primitive segmental reunion
on the phospholipid border
where we met like driving platelets
letting us knock
to the beat
as the thumbnails sing upon my keyboard

while a new mind seemed to inspire me
a magical scene
that seemed the great beyond
the peripherals,
the vision temporal
which met beyond the parietal plate

The mushrooms kicked in
down into the veins
Like highways of Mycelium streets

Through inference patterns of body waves
we led each other within our own disguises
and distinguished ourselves with the attire

that made us our own

divided yet connected by this intrinsic beat
mimicking the human heart
and the pacing.
Pacing back and forth like the raven
lost between our ears inside our own accomplishments of sanity

Yet it never stops
it plays beneath
the screeching of a new.
Beneath our misguided truths it lays and plays in


beckoning us closer

and the further we fall away
the harder it pulls us into our next encounter.

A Dark bass
which drives each melody across
as they dive and and emerge
in and out of the ocean floor

Showing their hats at first
but then further the jester arrives
dancing cleverly over the beat.

As each scene progresses
they foreshadow or forebode their presence.
Kinectically they begin to command the center.
But Like gentlemen they allow the other to finish their taste

before the next act takes center stage.

And only when it is sure
the beat will stop
The trumpets sound

the commotion begins
causing great uproar
causing the crowd to turn heads
To freaks, the side shows
the fire eaters
the snake charmers


Taking u
Taking you deeper into the mouth of the beast

The inner monologues speak
they silently speak through me
and to me
through your eyes
through the meaning of what ur missing in your life.
To catch a glimpse and to fantasize.
Keeping the scene alive


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Lana Eucalyptus Live Performance at Chopin Theatre – Saturday, June 30th

Art Festivals Interview

Summer Camp Music Festival – Double Visions

Summer Camp Music Festival never seizes to pass without shredding light onto my state of mind. Throughout my years of attending this festival it has yet to forget to teach me a lesson of acceptance whilst allowing myself to live within the moment. There are voices in these forests whom can show you the magic of life. The sacred geometry of how we move with nature and how nature weaves subtly within the symmetry of fractals. The music chosen for this festival is all calculated to ignite a feeling of blissfulness. Wisdom passed on through sound vibrations like piezoelectric quartz crystals humming from our crown chakras down through the sacrum. It goes unstated; but Summer Camp Music Festival has inevitably moved towards the alignment of chakras, the true feelings of self-acceptance and the belonging of community.
Each year the festival loads in some of the most talented musicians of our day. The one thing I have always respected is the diversity of music. They have jam bands such as Umphrey’s, Moe, and Phil Lesh & The Terrapin Family Band. As well as DJs like Diplo, Mija, Liquid Stranger. They also offer intimate stages allowing singer and songwriters to express themselves.

We arrived Friday and began our journey at Lettuce. The music immediately elevated our moods and I could tell the band was more than grateful to be performing. Their sound was chill funk which integrated soulful funk vocals. The band originated in Boston, Massachusetts in 1992. Its members consist of guitarists Adam “Shmeeans” Smirnoff, Nigel Hall (keyboards, Hammond B-3 organ, piano, vocals), Adam Deitch (drums/percussion), Erick “Jesus” Coomes (bass), Ryan Zoidis (saxophone) and trumpeter Eric “Benny” Bloom In the fall of 1994, the band reconvened as undergrads at Berklee and attempted to play at various Boston jazz clubs, walking in and asking the club owners and other musicians if they would “let us play”, giving birth to the name Lettuce. The members are very down to earth and do not overdress for the effect of flashiness instead they are humble and easily relatable. Their sound is reminiscent of summer days cooling out with friends and drinking beers with the boys. The crowd was light hearted and easy to move around and snap pictures of.

Coomes announced from stage there was a double rainbow. I don’t understand how we were so oblivious because as we turned around we realized how gigantic it was. The rainbow(s) stretched the entire sky framing us under like some sort of 1950’s cartoon. Festival goers were ecstatic to get their photo with such a perfect rainbow. It was such an exciting start to our weekend. a picturesque scene which I have never come across in the city before.

We unexpectedly ran into the man who made this all possible; Jay Goldberg. Amazingly we locked eyes after he spotted our hat which read Chicago Music Festivals. Jerry and I approached him. He wasn’t too far off from what I imagined; though I do have to say he was a lot more approachable than what I thought. I was finally able to put a personality to this imaginary person I have been building. He gladly conversed with us and we congratulated him on another successful year. He said he has been doing the festival for 18 years. I asked him what his thoughts were on how music has evolved from what he grew up with as a child to what is now primarily electronic music. He replied without hesitance saying how he is amazed that musicians continue to make amazing music to this day and continue to create timeless songs. I was very inspired by his answer and pondered over it the whole weekend. His acceptance for change and youth was admirable. He never stopped smiling and could almost see a glow coming from him. It was obvious he loved being part of this creation and felt very blessed to be able have this part of his life.
Later that night we headed towards the Pyramid stage. It was created out of white hexagon shaped wood allowing for projection mapping to cast. GoodSex was on representing some Chicago talent. We sat under the shelter of trees. We stared out into the moon so closely to phase into full moon. The highlights of the grass and the sky began to transform shapes as my eyes fixated onto the sacred geometry. The flower of life was so clearly seen that I couldn’t believe it was so obvious why I couldn’t see it before. At that moment I realized how perfectly symmetrically aligned was, seemed like the random order of our world is. I closed my eyes and saw fractals begin to dance whilst being embraced by its care. I was shown emotion in the past but felt cleared. I was living my life through my heart and allowing myself.

Saturday morning, we woke up in the humidity of our tent. This year we were lucky enough to get into the forest through I have to say it might have been the hottest year I have ever been here.
Papadosio encompassed the feeling of festival music and so called “space rock.” Beach balls and balloons floated I. The air while totem poles with memo stuffed animals swam through the air. Everything floated and flowed softly like feathers. A robotic voice sang “changes everything” calming the thoughts of their fans allowing them to transcend into the next chapters of their lives knowing that change is alright, and everything changes with time. It was the graceful aging and the decisions of our lives knowing what in our hearts in good for us and liberating ourselves from the paths of what our parents may have projected onto us. Deafening our ears to judgement and to be guided now with our hearts. They were the voice of a strange lullaby easing us into our most vibrant dreams.

LWKY had their first taste of Summer Camp life this year performing at the pyramid stage. The stage was beautifully lit in projection mapping. Their sound was fused with Chicago hip hop and funk whilst including live guitar. They announced their last song while the crowd pleaded to continue. They have a fresh twist on the funk scene creating a path of their own and highly influenced by the Chicago underground electronic scene as well.
We decided to pick up the speed later and headed towards the vibe tent. The vibe tent housed many exciting electronic acts with high energy drawing in large crowds with young fashion combats boots and fishnet stocking. Hula hoopers cut the air like ninjas swords finding their flow amongst the raw alien engine whomps and rapid high hats. The scene was a rush of adrenaline and headbanger banging on the rails. Subs engulfed our heart cavities and shook us like earthquakes. The crowd screams with the waves of the music like junkies addicted to its rush. Each time we arrived here there was a swell of fans who
On Sunday we caught an act that we highly anticipated all weekend. Tycho’s music was a calm night on the beach. Where the breeze was light, and the sun was just about to set. They were the colors pink and orange in the skies that reflected of soft waves of the ocean. They calmed our minds and courageously played the music that was detached from ego. His music is a combination of down tempo vintage-style synthesizers and ambient melodies. His sound is very organic, often incorporating clips of the human element into his songs (e.g. weather broadcasts, simple talking, or breathing). His music captures the sound of lo-fi analog media while remaining both progressive and futuristic in composition and style. Themes of nostalgia, longing, childhood and the natural world are interspersed throughout Tycho’s work.

Diplo took the main stage on Sunday. I made my way through the crowd and finding myself front and center. The transitions were smooth infiltrating our ears and converting into high energy dance movements. People all around us and you felt a part of something. Felt like we were all one in and allowing our walls and comfort bubbles to implode. Bringing ourselves close to strangers whom after the intimacy of closely packed dance we became lifelong friends. A moment that now became flashes of memory in the back of my head smiles of strangers exuberant with dance and cheers.

It is nearly impossible to explain the magnitude of musical talent which played Summer Camp Music Festival. Each stage possessed its own vibe from the intimate singer songwriters to purely electronic stage of the vibe tent to main stage housing large acts and full bands like Umphrey’s. I have always been impressed with the variety this festival has and the generations that can enjoy the fest. This festival is great to find new music because the variety of scenes is unparalleled. The highly thought out ground plans makes for smooth transitions from stage to stage. And the characterization keeps the festival lay out is easy to remember and easy for transportation. People aren’t hassled once in the festival and this I learned was deliberately made true from the owner who has witnessed many other festivals hassling their guests upon entering each stage. I appreciated his thoughtfulness to keep the festival environment more enjoyable. The music combined with the charities and other activities create a sense of community amongst scampers. All in all, Summer Camp Music Festival has earned their stripes and will continue to be sought out amongst artists and music lovers of all generations.

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Freaky Deaky – 2 Nights at Aragon Ballroom

Lines formed outside The Aragon Ballroom whilst we stood in a chill that embraced a left over pizza feel and drowned in blank stares. We waited in the excitement like an electron moving from the next level of sub-shells. Igniting bonds that integrated the relationship of inebriation.

Patted down and taking pictures within the crowd. The mask seems to break the ice of the enigmatic intimacies a stranger’s caressing eyes.
Inside the venue, the atmosphere was gorgeous – like an Italian country side or an opera house colliding with lasers of the future. Fantasies rang between these walls such of an historical novel. When the music struck me as I entered the pathways into the theatre; I became alive!
Crowds adorned in costumes and swaying into the music. The electricity of souls singing with a freedom which has became found started to reflect upon the endless smiles. Halloween allowed an escape of the alter ego and the one day out of year that the world can become in touch with their sexuality and not be shunned with disapproval. A happiness was instantly felt and we made our way through the crowd to get closer to Klingande as their saxophonist soloed before our eyes.

Oliver Heldon came ready for the night. OH was displayed behind him as my mind began to drift with the Oxygen and Hydrogen mixing with the music. The bonding of hydroxide; the acidic feel traveled deep down and moved me within the aggressiveness of triple drums patterns and melodic rhythms.

I was completely in the moment when suddenly, I fucking found him! Standing above on the balcony. The world stood in slow motion and the music became deafened to my ears. Everyone was smiling but there he was! Just there; staring at me!
Standing out like a bloody lion amongst a herd of zebra. Dancing with his single red balloon. Gleaming with reflections of lasers.
Just standing.
With his

Jaws inspired deep house rhythms began streaming through the air. Sound bites Stripped away into the crowd who became consumed deep within its surrender.
The beauty that was hidden by the media. Was it all along the emotion of happiness we should be awarding? Was it not just as pertinent as the sadness which my adolescent overlooked in a stubborn focused Amy Whinehouse obsession. Those who found themselves intrigued with unworthiness. A running lie an award for nothing that would serve real substance for humanity as an evolutionary species. Realness was just to understand companionship vibration and happiness! Was something happening here ? A return to mother earths rehabilitation. A disturbance of our character pealing it from our core. The light, the being, the realness undermined we are grounded within a core of a red light.

During the second night I found that Dillon Francis seemed to have drawn in a harder crowd. His music selection was diverse blends mixture of pop, rap, dance, and dub. He had every single person in the room singing along to Kendrick Lamar and relentlessly threw down drop after drop. His music took his fans out of their brains and into the repeating patterns of dubstep growls and high energy dance beats.

The night shuffled by as we swam through the Halloween creatures. Costumes, brightened faces, and the thrill of being the mysterious woman behind a painted face liberated us from ourselves. The change of representing something other than a face pushed the ego to take a back seat to this new character. Our bodies shuttled the costumes of our own choosing and the separation opened me to understand our bodies as just that but a vessel in which we can utilize for only a short period of time. Halloween was a time to of complete displacement of how what we define in ourselves as a being. In hopes of what this separation of ego will eventually teach us to perceive.
Photo Credit: George Mulcahy | Freaky Deaky

Art Festivals

Reaction New Year's Eve – Never Look Back

Reaction NYE returned to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont after their extraordinary success of the previous year. The indoor convention center allowed for ample amount of room to hold two separate stages and as well as a Silent disco. Their was the Main Stage called The Warehouse, a stage to the side called The Arcade Stage, and a Silent Disco Lounge in the room just adjacent. The Event came equipped with vendors offering a variety of festive gear; including apparel and hats. This two day event held a variety artists including some national and international names; excitingly, we even saw some of our very own Chicago local artists!
We were welcomed in with an interactive art exhibit of a large piped pyramid glowing in melting florescent lights. It stood proudly as a swarm of patterns bounced off the canvas like surface that was mapped in projection of ethereal energy fields. We were drawn further in towards the stages dressed in moving lights. Magenta, yellow, and red fractals swung from side to side over our heads onto the industrial piped ceiling and reflected off the black finished show room floor. The lights were calibrated to the sound of the high hitting snares and of the dark trance music that boomed through our chest walls. “The Warehouse” I thought to myself, what a fitting name for this vibe. The atmosphere was somewhat more sheltered that any straight up underground rave with some undisclosed location because we were allowed to have a great time without any haunting feelings of it being busted by cops at any point.
Headlining for the first night was Anderson Paak, Dillon Francis, Danny Brown, and tying it all up was an incredible performance by Flume.
I was pleasantly surprised by an amazing performance from Anderson Paak. From the beginning of the performance it looked like just your run of the mill rapper and dj act; but then it got even more interesting! Not only could he rap but he also had an amazing singing voice and on top of all that he began playing drums while doing all of this ! They definitely had inspiration from funk, rnb, as well as their very own take on modern rap music. He covered a variety of styles and was accompanied by a truly talented band and keyboardist.

We started our way towards the pin ball machines as we work with the trance stage. Here we found great inspiration for snapping shots of many dancers and groups of friends. We were lucky enough to be able to check out many people performing poi and shufflers with bright LED shoes. A girl stood towards the crowd as prismatic colors evolved from the darkness from end to end of a taunt string which had magically flown through the air. We watched the girl perform poi with such adept fluidity that with further speculation it proved to be such a natural part of who she was.

A rumble of snare rolls starting raising to encourage the breaks from within the music and shufflers began making their marks on the floor. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw videographers followed by bright lights as they traveled around the crowd looking for their next muse. The influence of their camera work brought out the vibrancy of the shy and encouraged for the confidence of the poised. A girl dressed in a black jumpsuit and hair pulled into buns on the top of her head replicated some sort of hybrid cat woman. She showcased her LED shoes for the camera by cutting shapes and smiling. I noticed dancers were completely in the moment loosing themselves within the arpeggiated melodies of Air Sine.
Dillon Francis performance pulled a lot of inspiration out of the Chicago trap scene. Large Screens on each side of the main stage showcased mirrors like geometric patterns then back to Dillon Francis who sported a Hawks Jersey. He threw down one of the filthiest performances I have seen thus yet from him. It was a then refreshed with soft melodic break towards the middle allowing us to collect our thought for just moments to just go right back into another episode of bass drops and an even hard finale. His set was definitely harder than his set at summer set so I’m guessing he must have learned how we in Chicago like our electronic scene!

Flume was a very anticipated performance as he always keeps the audience in suspense in his set openings. This performance was no different. It began with an angelic choir as a high feeling of peace swept into the crowd. For moments it allowed us to rethink the way we judged and second guess ourselves. The way we pulled down upon our shirts and fixed our hair or the way we create bubbles between ourselves from society. The sound was engineered so precisely that it was a completely obvious to what this artist wanted us to take from him. A white light glazed over our eye lids transcending us with the reinvention of music. He completely threw out any stereotype of electronic music and created his own path. By simply of breaking the habit of the monogamous; it began differing our language of expressing ourselves. He placed his performance solemnly somewhere between where an epiphany could be reached through the Vatican walls and who’s lives were dedicated to the forces of what drove our being into an electric innovation of the future tense. He continued on with some of his most well known tracks as well as others from his new album Skin including my new favorite “Insane.”
NYE night was headlined by acts such as Gucci Mane, Manic Focus, Tchami, and ending with Zeds Dead.
Tchami made it all the way from France to make it out profiling his future house sound for us.
In contrast to the night before this night The Arcade Stage came harder with trap acts such as Jsquared as well as Kyral x Banko. The stage were packed and the crowd ate up all the filth they were throwing down. The night of NYE was especially lit because of the overwhelming excitement for the countdown. The crowd went double as hard this night as the night before and their was and even more feel of adrenaline in the air. The acts that were booked for this night only further motivated a rage to tie up 2016.
As unexpected as it could have been the count down was then MC’ed by local DJ from group Porn and Chicken! Under his honors we were welcomed into the new year and said good riddance to 2016!

Moments after Dom’s midnight countdown; Zeds Dead took the stage. As the first act of the new year all other acts will have a hard bar to surpass! They killed their set; but of course I wouldn’t have expected anything less from them. Die hard fans were having the absolute time of their lives dancing and cheering to familiar tunes. Their set was incomparable to any I have heard yet of theirs in Chicago. They were completely in sync with what the crowd wanted and created an epic dance party setting off 2017 with high expectations to what this year will bring.
We tried to savior the moment as long as we could but by the end of the night crowds began scrambling all around us. Heading out within our random conversation with strangers who we had become in someway emotionally attached to. 2016 came and went and if I learned anything from last year; it was to never look back! 2017 is our chance for a fresh new start no matter at what point of life we are at or what kind of trouble we think we found ourselves in. I am looking forward to what turn music will take this year; knowing now there are no boundaries to our generation!

Art Festivals

REACTION NYE 2016 SCHEDULE & MAP RELEASED – The Arcade Stage Returns and New Art Gallery

REACTION NEW YEAR’S EVE is thrilled to release the set times and map for this year’s event! In honor of React’s New Year’s Resolution to go green and create less waste from our events, there will not be any printed festival guide booklets. For official set times, event map, and additional information – download the official Reaction NYE Mobile App, now available for iPhone andAndroidFans are strongly encouraged to use the app to get the most up-to-date announcements before and during the event.

2016 Set Times:

Check Out The Map:
In addition to the newly added Silent Disco Lounge presented by Corona, Reaction will be hosting a new Art Gallery for local artists to showcase unique artwork and handmade sculptures. The popular Arcade Stage will also return to the all-inclusive warehouse, featuring classic games such as Air Hockey, Foosball, Ms. Pacman, Time Crisis, Point Blank 2, Asteroid, Centipede, Dome Slapshot Hockey, and more! Check out the lineup for the Silent Disco and Arcade Stage in the set times above.
Two-day passes are almost sold out, so make sure to grab yours now before it’s too late. GA and VIP tickets are on sale at
“A two-day decadent, Las Vegas-style blowout featuring some of the biggest names in music. The headliners are impeccable, but the undercard of local bands is just as impressive.” — Chicagoist
“If you live in or near the city and love EDM and hip-hop, you can’t go wrong with the amazing yearly bash.” — RedEye Chicago
Voted as one of “The Best New Year’s Eve Concerts in Chicago.” — Time Out Chicago
“With such a varied, exciting lineup, Reaction New Years Eve boasts one of the best options to toast to in the country.” — Indie Shuffle
Voted as one of “The Best NYE Parties Around The World.” — Mixmag
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Holy Pulse Portal, BURNT MAN!!

Calling all adventurers and curious people!! We just recently have come in contact with an amazing art piece that needs to be seen. Check this out!!! This is something we just couldn’t pass up. The Pulse Portal:
–(July 3, 2016)
Deep in the Nevada Black Rock Desert, Burning Man’s yearly gathering showcases the most brilliant and brightest and artistic minds from around the world. end of every summer 70,000 participants gather in extreme conditions to build a city, celebrate art, renew their spirits and re-imagine their world.1634e8ea315a6ae8f4600734846cb2b1

Burning of the Man

Pulse Portal by Davis McCarty 3
Pulse Portal

Each year a select few are awarded BM’s highly venerable Honorarium Grant, which is specifically designated to help create and transport these massive sculptures to the Black Rock Desert. Recently Chicago’s own, Davis McCarty, was awarded this grant for using a newly engineered material to make an archway that responds to whomever is viewing it. Pulse Portal by Davis McCarty 2
Pulse Portal by Davis McCarty 0 (2)The mere act of walking through it will change its appearance and generate an experience unique to the person creating it.
“I think the experience of looking into the portal will be like gazing into an infinity but instead of seeing the end, infinity is staring back at you.”  said McCarty.
Jutting 16’ skyward and 24′ long, this arch is made from futuristic dichroic acrylic which, like a dragonfly’s wings, simultaneously transmits multiple colors.
ngiht portal 2
pulse portal at night

“It’s like seeing tessellated pyramids emerging from the ground -as if you were inside a crystal geode.”
In the sunlight it glitters like a gem casting beautiful dichromatic colors on the sand. At night, with a custom interactive light show, it is programmed to respond with participants as they walk through. The reflective quality of the material plays on the postmodern idea that each viewer brings something unique to the piece.  In this case the movement of the viewer literally changes the color and reflection of the sculpture. For the more curious adventurer the finished sculpture will have some hidden inscriptions to find.
View of Black Rock City from Space

“It’s playing on the idea of radical immediacy where if you see something intriguing you dash over to explore whatever it is.”
–Lead Artist Davis McCarty.
Designed by Davis McCarty, and fabricated with the help of a team of Chicago based artists.  It is partially funded in part by the Burning Man’s Honorarium Grant, but are also holding an online funded effort at  to  finish the sculpture.

Stay tuned as in August there will be a preview event held in Chicago where the Pulse Portal will be on display and featuring a surprise DJ. Music, libation, art and artist all to add the experience. Donations to put the finishing touches on the project in time will be accepted through the kick starter link below where you can donate and get your ticket. The Best way to make it in to this sick party and help a good cause is to click on the Support link just below.
For more information, go to
Contact:  Davis McCarty
Cell (815) 274-9638