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Bringing Out the Funk This 4.20

Freek Live 3 (1)Calling all funkateers! There’s a cool cat coming to Chicago that you don’t want to miss. Freekbass is the name and he’s bringing the REAL funk back to the game.
Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, Freekbass has been playing music since he was about 10 and has always been fascinated by rhythm. Growing up in Cincinnati exposed Freekbass to some genres that he wouldn’t otherwise hear. While most kids were listening to Nirvana and Green Day, he connected with the bottom-heavy sounds coming out of the boom boxes like Zapp and Midnight Star.
Freekbass’ new album, Everybody’s Feelin’ Real, has tons of music legends in it. Accompanying him on the album are Joel “Razor Sharp” Johnson from Bootsy’s Rubberband, Kim Manning, Chip Wilson from George Clinton’s Parliament-Funkadelic, Les Claypool collaborator Skerik, Big Bamn from Bootsy Collins’ Funk Unity Band, Jennifer Hartswick from Trey Anastasio Band and percussionist David Farris.
After listening to Freekbass’ new album, I have to say that I cannot wait to bump and groove at his dance party this 4.20. In my interview with Freekbass, he says his music can be classified under the broad term of “modern funk”. His set-up this weekend will include bass and live drums with electronic and DJ elements. “It is going to be electric dance and dirty.”
No confirmed music festivals yet but keep a look out because his funk train should definitely be hopping on the festival circuit soon.
For a post-holiday treat, join us this Sunday at Lincoln Hall. Grab your tickets here:
CMF interview with Freekbass:
1. What’s been your biggest challenge as a musician?
Playing music is always a challenge which is what makes it always exciting. The second you think you have it figured out, it takes you down a new path. The challenge is one of the big reasons we do it.
2. Who are your favorite musicians and/or main influences in music?
If I had to name three it would be Sly Stone, David Bowie, and Dr. Dre.
3. In what way does Dr. Dre influence your style? What’s your favorite Dr. Dre album?
Doggystyle by Snoop. The production on that album is incredible. I used to practice bass to that album for hours and hours as a kid. So much feel and tone in those bass lines.
4. I noticed that you’ve done a project with Adam Deitch, can you elaborate on that? Y
eah, Deitch produced a track on my last album called “Funkin All Nite” which we are playing live on this run:
Adam has grown up with a lot of Ohio funk influence even though he is a New York cat. Don’t find a lot of that out there. Great funkateer and happy to have worked with him on that, and always a great time when we get to jam at a festival.
5. How was working with members from Bootsy’s Rubberband/Funk Unity Band, George Clinton’s Parliament and Trey Anastasio on Everybody’s Feelin’ Real? I
ncredibly inspiring. Being able to write and lay down initial bed tracks with those funk stalwarts to get those feels and sounds is a great feeling. And when you are playing and writing with that level of musician. It brings your own writing and playing to another level.
6. What’s your life mantra?
Don’t get too high on the highs, and too low on the lows… keep even… like a robot