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5 Things We Loved About This Year's Lightning in a Bottle Festival

5) The Woogie Stage


Photo by : Andrew Jorgensen

Now this one is a no brainer, how could it not make the list.  From Lane 8’s Friday afternoon set to Sunday’s sunset boogie with Lee Burridge the Woogie stage had the best acts from all over the country come and grace the stage.  Looking like it’s straight from a Dr. Seuss book, The Woogie stage oozes an essence all it’s own.  This year with the addition of the hidden hammock glen, we were able to rest our dancing feet while still able to enjoy being serenaded by whoever was throwing down at the time.  Definitely a double thumbs up on this stage and the atmosphere it attracted.

4) CloZee at The Thunder Stage


For those who unfortunately missed her set Friday set at Thunder Stage… i am truly sorry because you missed quite the party.  Her set took us on an epic journey oscillating between worlds of different musical dimension.  She seamlessly combined her technical precision with wild imagination and powerful basslines to have the whole Thunder Stage up on their feet gettin’ down just before the golden hour was upon us.

3) The Art


Everywhere you looked this year at LiB there was art.  Each piece strategically placed to catch the eye of the passerby’s.  We were blessed with the most amazing live painting experiences almost everywhere you looked, along with huge art installations scattered throughout.  The pieces ranged from small interactive instillation to larger-than-life sculptures and architectural pieces.  Although I was thoroughly sad we were not graced this year with the Android Jones dome, it was more than made up for with the other instillation

2) Pumpkin’s Tribute at The Woogie


Photo by : Daniel Zetterstrom

The loss of Pumpkin shook the dance music community.  Saturday morning at The Woogie, festival goers gathered to celebrate the life who brought us each so much joy through his music.  This sad, yet joyous event filled the hearts of each of the attendees.  We danced, cried, hugged and loved to the beat of Pumpkin’s music.

1)  Faleva Bar


WOW, was Faleva bar upgraded this year.  From the tree house dancing areas to the late night jams, Falava bar was definitely a place you did not want skip out on.  From the start of Thursday to ending late Sunday night Faleva bar had it’s patrons dancing into the wee hours of the morning each day of the festival.  It was truly upgraded this year, with the addition of tree houses dispersed around the stage for festival goers to climb up and have their own dance party while peering down on those dancing below.  The music and atmosphere did not disappoint.

If you are like myself and many others having extreme LiB withdrawals you are in luck… 1) Woogie Weekend is right around the corner, be sure to grab those ticket before it’s too late.  If you are unable to attend Woogie Weekend, 2) satisfy that LiB need with this amazing after movie….

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Can’t wait for next year, is it 2017 yet??