5 Magical Moments From This Year's LiB

As the sun sets on the 12th edition of The DoLab’s, Lightning in a Bottle Music & Arts Festival it gives us time to reflect on what our favorite moments from this year’s festival were.  Although there were many moments that truly stood out this past weekend these were the cream of the crop:

Thunder Stage: Elohim

Another Sunday favorite was Elohim; a mysterious LA based electro-pop wonder. As I ate below a nearby shade structure; the sounds of Elohim’s “Sensations” envelope me and carry me to the Thunder Stage. On stage I find one single girl, a keyboard, and so much energy.  Her catchy tunes fill the ears of her onlookers as they dance in unison to the melodic, yet spunky music.  Closing the set out with some new music; she left the stage with her supporters on a high and craving more.

Increase in Big Art

BIG. CLIMABLE. ART. The increase in large art installations truly pushed this year’s LiB over the edge of greatness.  From pirate ships overlooking the pristine Lake San Antonio to spinning globes (but only for a day) perfect for watching the sunset, the art reigned supreme.  The attention to detail on all of the different installations truly captivated its onlookers, taking them deep into the brains of each of the artists.   Other large non-climbable art was scattered throughout the grounds including Lightboxes, which told the story of other civilizations around the world thru photographs and the beautifully architectured Pulse Portal.

Do-Over! Beauty Salon & Barber Shop

Forgot to get a hair-cut or hit the salon before you headed out to LiB?  Look no further than the Do-Over – LiB’s onsite beauty salon & barber shop.  If you did not catch this interactive experience, boy did you miss out.  The stylists, LA Sirenes, put on quite the eclectic show for everyone.  Contestants were selected from the crowd by various means and put against each other in assorted challenges; all of which were you had to be there to believe actually happened. A few clues I can provide involved carrots and lap dances… The winner of each contest had the pleasure of spinning the Wheel of Misfortune, where they were rewarded with their day at the salon.  If you did not walk away with your cheeks hurting and thinking “what the heck did I just watch” you must not have been witnessing the same show.

Thunder Stage: EDiT with Special Guest the Rest of The Glitch Mob

No better words to describe edIT’s set than, a sunset throw down.  Midway thru the hard-hitting bass set edIT welcomes the other 2/3rd’s of The Glitch Mob on stage for a GM reunion. The sun shined perfectly through the cracks of the LED screens behind The Glitch Mob as they curated the most incredible set that had the whole Thunder Stage on their feet dancing.  Closing out with some soon to be released new music; the trio thanked the crowd for an amazing time but in actuality, we wanted to thank them for what we just had the pleasure of witnessing.

The Lake

The biggest, most noticeable change to this year’s LiB was the appearance the FIRST EVER Lake San Antonio.  Even in the chillier weather, the lake was lined with patrons atop their unicorn floaties, floating islands, and blow-up boats enjoying a cool, refreshing dip.  Positioned just right, you could enjoy the powerful bass at The Woogie or be serenaded by the sounds of The Beacon while catching some rays out on the lake. The aquatic art installations floated like beacons to guide festival-goers to the water to make new friends with a round of Slap-The-Bag up on them.  We hope the lake is here to stay because after this year, I cannot imagine LiB any other way.

Honorable Mention Goes to the People of the Festival

Shout out to all the participants of this year’s Lightning in a Bottle.  Attendees, Volunteers, Builders, Organizers; without all you there would be no LiB.   We are all there to celebrate life, music and art and to have a safe space to do it in.  You are there to be whoever you want to be, however you want to do it and live your fullest life. YOU make the festival what it is, YOU are the most important part, congrats on making it the best year yet!

See you in 2018!!