Summer Camp Music Festival 2017 – Second Round of Artist Announcements

Jay Goldberg Events & Entertainment is proud to present the second round of artist announcements for the 17th annual Summer Camp Music Festival at Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, IL on May 26, 27 and 28, 2017.

Joining the previously announced lineup and appearing at the Summer Camp Music Festival 2017 will be:
Pretty Lights Live
Gov’t Mule
The Disco Biscuits
**Below Listed in Alphabetical Order**
Everyone Orchestra
Kyle Hollingsworth Band
Laith Al-Saadi
Railroad Earth
Waka Flocka
Yonder Mountain String Band
**Below Listed in Alphabetical Order**
Andy Frasco
Big Something
Bleep Bloop
Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath
Desert Dwellers
Henhouse Prowlers
The Hip Abduction
Larry Keel Experience
Steady Flow
The Way Down Wanderers
**Below Listed in Alphabetical Order**
Bassel & The Supernaturals
Bones Jugs
Chicago Farmer
Church Booty
Crosseyed and Phishless
Darnell Williams
The Dawn
Family Groove Company
Ghost of Paul Revere
Intrepid Travelers
Jaw Gems
Kat Wright
Milk N Cooks
Naughty Professor
Old Shoe
Positive Vibr8ions
Shook Twins
Slim Gypsy Baggage
Still Shine
Trouble Chasin’
Wild Adriatic
Win and Woo
Plus more still to be announced!
To see the full lineup to date, visit
3-Day GA tickets are $209.50 and are currently on sale on-line at or by phone at 1-800-514-ETIX. There will be a limited number of tickets available at this price, and once they sell out the ticket price may go up without notice.
The Summer Camp Music Festival will feature over 100 artists on 8 stages including 3 days of moe. and 3 days of Umphrey’s McGee. On top of all the live music, festival-goers have access to on-site camping, late night shows, musician workshops, a non-profit village, unique arts & craft vendors and tons of great food and beer.
The Summer Camp Music Festival started in 2001. Since its beginning Summer Camp has been known for its spacious, open fields for shows, trademark late-night events, pristine campgrounds and amazing lineup of eclectic artists and bands. 2017 will mark the 17th year of the festival which has hosted a wide array of talent over the years, including: Umphrey’s McGee, moe., Trey Anastasio Band, Primus, Tom Petty’s Mudcrutch, Zac Brown Band, Steve Miller Band, Big Grizmatic, Jane’s Addiction, The Roots, Widespread Panic, The Flaming Lips, Primus, Bassnectar, Willie Nelson, STS9, Jason Isbell, Pretty Lights, The Avett Brothers, Excision, George Clinton, Skrillex, Violent Femmes, and many, many more!
More information on the festival is available at the official festival website:
Produced by Jay Goldberg Events & Entertainment.


Spring Awakening Music Festival Announces 2017 Phase 2 Lineup

After making waves amongst the dance music community with its massive Phase 1 lineup that featured some of the world’s largest DJs accompanied by six Branded Stage showcases, Spring Awakening Music Festival (SAMF) welcomes additional artists for its 2017 edition, taking place June 9 – 11 at the beautiful Addams/Medill Park.
Representing the most epic and highly anticipated side of Spring Awakening’s Phase 2 announcement will be soaring EDM mainstay BORGEOUS, returning to the city after a sold-out night at Concord Music Hall, powerful live trap trio and Chicago favorites KEYS N KRATES, hip hop infused dance producer MR.CARMACK, German powerhouse ROBIN SCHULZ and the master of all things bass, GHASTLY.

Alongside them, mysterious masked deep house legend MALAA, the face of hardstyle HEADHUNTERZ and OWSLA poster child MIJA, fresh off the release of her first solo original release, “Secrets,” will take to the SAMF stages for unique and powerful sets of their own.
Rounding out the Phase 2 roster will be none other than Australia’s most prolific bass artist WHAT SO NOT, experimental and indie-minded bass icon VANIC, undisputed champion of Melbourne bounce TJR, and the internationally renowned Norwegian wizard ALAN WALKER. Together, the diverse gang of dance music’s most notable contributors are primed to bring their very best to Chicago during another installment of the Midwest’s premier dance music festival.
3-Day General Admission and VIP tickets are now on sale at!

Stay tuned for upcoming lineup announcements for each of Spring Awakening’s Branded Stages, following with the full lineup and daily schedule. Don’t miss a beat and follow Spring Awakening on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and announcements.

Interview Music

Advice from Artists: Purple Tokyo

Being an artist isn’t always as easy as people think. It’s not all colors and tambourines. It comes with many challenges and sometimes unforeseen obstacles. An artist must be fearless and willing to attack these challenges. When it comes to music there is quite a long road to climb up.
When Staring a new musical project it is imperative that you isolate your specific sound and am image that represents what your sonically producing. Finding your voice, so to speak, and what makes it unique. Like in all industries there are steps on this road to having the world hear and recognize your music.
We have started a new series here at CMF to talk with up and coming artists and what they are doing to carve their way in the music world. Then coupling their thoughts with Artist that have made their mark and are working in the industry now.
This article will start with two part series that will first feature a local Chicago group named Purple Tokyo, then will be followed up by an interview with the one and only SAVOY.
Recently we found Purple Tokyo when turned on to their Instagram by a dear friend. We were pretty impressed by their marketing technique and thought to it would be awesome for them to talk a little bit about how they are pushing their project.
CMF: Who is Purple Tokyo?
PT: Purple Tokyo is an exploration of the mind’s mysterious places that are somewhat dangerous and dark while maintaining a sense of fun, feel-good excitement.
CMF: When you started this project what was the theme or goal you had in mind?
PT: Initially, it was an outlet from a previous project. I felt I had gotten away from my roots, and I just wanted to feel a bit more in control. I wanted to be me again. At first it was just DJ-ing stuff that I liked for fun, but in the back of my mind I always wanted to play drums for our live shows, focus on original production, and create a signature sound in both Spanish and English. Specifically a sound that would cross-over genres and emotions.
CMF: Was it a collaborative concept?
PT: Purple Tokyo was a collaboration from the start. As my brother and I started to finalize the music, it quickly grew and became more of an art project. I wanted to create an experience alongside the music and began to form a larger team behind Purple Tokyo—a team of designers, illustrators, photographers, videographers, developers, and other musicians.
CMF: You’ve created a unique form of marketing your artistry. Could you please talk a little bit about that?
PT: I have always admired bands/groups who have a very defined image. Nowadays, it is as important as the music. I wanted Purple Tokyo to be well branded. I began to explore the idea of creating a symbol for the name instead of just some cool font for the name. It began to be developed further with each release.
CMF:How did you develop a concept?
PT; The concept all came together from our instrumental debut, “Deities”. We wanted an image to accompany each song, releasing one song a week over Instagram. However we thought it would be overkill to create new album art for each release. That’s where the idea sparked to break up the original album art into 15 sections, one for each release, to form the big picture. We continued to collaborate with other musicians to make these instrumental versions into actual, finished singles. After shooting a video for the first single, it just clicked. Why not use the initial sections we posted of each instrumental to tag a new profile? That way our followers could go and preview the video as well as the music.
CMF: Why did you feel that this was the best way to begin the group’s promotion?
PT: People are already glued to their phones. Everyday apps, such as Instagram, allow our followers to easily preview our upcoming releases. We innovatively utilize the tag-function to enable further exploration of our visual art and videos for each single.

CMF: You’re opening for Savoy next week. How was your group given this opportunity?
PT: I have been working my ass off to make this project come to life. Deciding that I needed to go full throttle, I quit my full-time architecture job. It became about taking every opportunity to become further involved in the local scene, whether it was selling merch, managing hospitality, booking local acts, taking event photos, producing, or handling the settlement with venues/artists at the end of shows. This gave me a full industry perspective that I could put in use when on the other, fun-side of things.
CMF: There are a lot of artists out there that are looking to get a gig such as yourself. What advice can you give to artists that are looking to do the same?
PT: First and foremost, be yourself; make music because you love it not because it is what’s “cool”. Second, create your own sound. Be authentic, innovative, and wear as many hats as you can fit. If it doesn’t fit, then find a way to make it work. Be in it for the long run, and do your homework. It is all about how bad you want it.
CMF: If you were to ask any of your biggest musical inspirations what they did to hone in their sound what would you ask them? And who would that be?
PT: It would have to be Pink Floyd. I consider them to be pioneers when it comes to having a timeless sound and image. I want to know what they struggled with before finding their signature sound, and what they would consider their perfect-imperfections within their music.
CMF: How do you plan on moving forward after this show?
PT: Purple Tokyo is in its infancy. This show is a great opportunity and stepping-stone; we are really looking forward to the response from this live show, and hope to connect with new people and grow in our fan base. Moving forward, we want to portray both a consistent image and a flexible sound to our fans. We will continue to have a new release every month until the end of the year. It is very exciting to expand on the first phase of this project and see our Instagram world collide with our live show.
In celebration of our new article series (which we will be following up with Part 2 in an interview with Savoy this weekend) and the upcoming show for Purple Tokyo and Savoy (presented by Silver Wrapper and React Presents) we are doing a surprise giveaway for two tickets for you and a guest to attend the show. In order to claim it you must Follow Savoy, Purple Tokyo, and CMF and repost the featured image with its hashtag on either Facebook or Instagram. Chances double if you post on both. So, for those over achievers here is where you can really make it happen.

Events Nightlife

Bam Creates & The Godfrey Hotel Presents: INDUSTRY SLEEPOVER

Bam Creates Industry Sleep Over 2017 was held at the Hotel Godfrey on Sunday Febuary 19th.  It was a blend of funky blue Afros, a laid back vibe hipsters, a dash of suit and tie gentlemen, and all held together with plenty of booty shorts and the pasty adhesives. The diversity in attire allowed the attendees to express themselves in whichever way allowed them to get down and let loose from the afterhours of work. This networking party was meant to not put a face to the name but personality.
Upon entrance the first floor of the Godfrey hotel was transformed into a club equipped with two bars, plenty of seating, and art décor. Water trickled down a behind us on a black marble wall adding touch of nature into the fully modernized layout. Loud music played over the sound system while people took to the floors. Gogo styled women danced upon high rise seats while a cast shadows contrasted the highlights emphasizing abdominal twisting. Each second that passed a new intriguing person made their way across your path. The mixture of unique attire and compelling conversation was purely invested in this scene.

The outdoors was open for people to smoke and drink while getting a glimpse of a city view. Standing nearly twice my size; oversized vintage styled lamps were intermittently placed upon the roof top. I stood and took pictures near the spore of the lamp while the milk-white lamp shade engulfed me beneath it like the cap of a lactifluus piperatus. It melted in cerulean blue accentuating the artic kiss of this winter wonderland look. The majestic atmosphere felt as magical as a Fantasia Disney scene. Luxury fire pits and heated cellophane igloos make it easy for guests to enjoy their time without scurrying in from the impenitent Chicago winters.

We began venturing down the hallways following the hotel carpet like a scene from Fear and Loathing. Pocket sized underground parties held compact in the dimension of a hotel room. Music bled into the hallways as several floors were exclusively closed off for the party guests. There could be no explanation for what randomness can be packed away within each cubby. Guys in thrift shop fur coats and women in silk robes and VS sports bras filed between the walls. Here we ran into a women who sported a black feathered Mohawk and snake! We snuck away to find an industrial cage for the mini photo shoot.

I watched as a red ball came rolling into the hallway; then a blue then a yellow. Sure enough a ball pen was just around the corner. Slow motion camera defied laws of gravity as it showcased a cascade of elementary colors floating through the air like an astronaut as he plays with ripping water bubbles through deep space.
We continued into another room and curiously found our way through black veils. A man stood like some sort of hyper reality slinger leaning against a table which showcased various virtual reality goggles and business cards. He was well dressed with a slick way about himself as he introduced to us this goggled vision.
Inside sprang an ocean scene that came alive from the wreckage of pirate ship. Physically I turned my body like a compass looking for the North Pole when suddenly an intimate view of a blue whale made his way before my very eyes. He motion towards you as my eyes gazed back and forth at the touch of grays and blue. The gentle eyes blinked and interacted with my presence just as much as I was interacting with his. This only confirms what kind of quasi matrix reality we will be seeing in the not far future. The blue whale eyes were molded with emotion and his soul seemed just as deep as the ocean I discovered him in. He seemed imprinted with the gentleness of old age. In all honesty he was probably the most sensitive and deep character I had encountered that evening. His sensitivity seemed curious for expansion and growth; not tethered in character by distraction of the city. He was humbled beneath the silent waters and wise to the glorification of sexual exploitation.
I removed the goggles to teleport right back to where I had previously remembered leaving my body. In the dark ambience of a hotel room with starkly characters all around me. We were handed a business card that read Midwest Immersive.

Room 612 held a massive dance party secluded into the darkness. Bodies moved to the pulsing bass whilst DJs spun their music influence over the attendees. The room was netted in black paper machrochet from ceiling to walls. We were drawn into the den of the lion where Red light and smoke dissipated into the humid air. Finally I felt at home deep on the dance floor. Here is where I felt belonged as the crowd and I all moved as one. The Dj’s Hair flattened from under the weight of her headphones as the vibrant highlights of Carmel hair popped against her skin. Photographer’s shutters began to snap as she explored our minds with trance.


This party was a behind the scenes look at how Chicago’s Industry lives and breathes. After the exhaustion of hard work this celebratory form of meditation was rightfully deserved. Keen Entrepreneurial skills, networking intuition, art, dance, food coinsurers and incredible taste speaks feats into why Chicago is one of the most talked about cities in the world!



Spring Awakening Announces 2017 Phase 1 Lineup + Branded Stage

Spring Awakening Music Festival (SAMF) is proud to announce a massive Phase 1 lineup for its sixth annual installment, taking place at Adams/Medill Park on Friday, June 9th through Sunday, June 11th. Over 80 artists will perform across five unique stages, demonstrating a dynamic variety of genres within the electronic music spectrum.
Returning attendees will have a chance to experience the power of Spring Awakening’s two main stages – appropriately named Solstice and Equinox –  standing as homebase for the event’s biggest names and performances! The Solstice Stage will be occupied by immense DJ sets from trance godfather ARMIN VAN BUUREN, former Swedish House Mafia members AXWELL /\ INGROSSO, the king of twerk himself, DIPLO, Swedish mainstay ALESSO, and masked future bass titan MARSHMELLO. Alongside them, shark squad leader JAUZ and Dutch electro house legend AFROJACK will take to the decks with 2016 Top 100 DJs winner MARTIN GARRIX and renowned trap duo YELLOW CLAW.
Meanwhile, on the Equinox Stage, performances from dubstep dominator DATSIK, bass wizard EXCISION, and drumstick-wielding duo GALANTIS, and South African crew DIE ANTWOORD will shake the festival floor with raucous productions and DJing expertise. Joining them will be funkmaster and first-time Spring Awakening performer GRIZ, Chicago’s own KREWELLA and LOUIS THE CHILD, UK house producer DUKE DUMONT, as well as the mysterious and soulful ZHU.3-Day General Admission and VIP early bird tickets are now on sale at!

To accompany the first phase of artists from around the world, Spring Awakening also reveals the identity of this year’s six Branded Stage showcases. React’s coveted branded event series returns with another round of specially curated stages for fans to explore. Whether you’re searching for soaring thrills and infectious rhythms of the TRANCE ARENA, the BASS KITCHEN’s perfect combination of grit and grime, or simmering house stylings of the iconic BODY LANGUAGE series, there’s a stage for everyone to call home.

For the very first time, the festival’s 2017 edition will also receive new stage takeovers from three diverse brands within the dance music community. Attendees will experience uniquely tailored lineups from SUNDAY SCHOOL, featuring both big-name and underground champions currently dominating the scene, Above & Beyond’s deep house imprint ANJUNADEEP providing endlessly groovy beats from all corners of the circuit, and acclaimed music publication DANCING ASTRONAUT with its own all-star lineup of DJs from the highest realms of EDM stardom.
As the waves of joy and excitement from Phase 1 wash over us all, attendees can look forward to even more names on the Phase 2 announcement along with the branded stage performers, which will be revealed over the coming weeks! Don’t miss out and follow Spring Awakening on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and announcements.