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#Back to the Beach#

Mamby is BACK! Now hear this, Get on it! React has secured the best line up so far of the summer. Banger after banger. I will tell you this if you aren’t going you are missing the best party and after party series of what will be here in Chicago this year. Some fests may be bigger and have more days, but to jam such great acts on the beach with the best local support is going to he hard to beat. Let’s take a quick look; shall we?
Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 9.11.50 PM
There’s not much that needs to be said about the headliners other than the fact that they’re here in Chicago and you need to see them. The talent there already speaks for itself. But what can we expect from the festival and the grounds? Bam Creates is a part of the artistic team that will be blowing this beach up. Fresh off of winning the best one off party of the year at the Chicago Nightlife Awards for their Industry Sleepover, BAM is creating tons of eye candy as a backdrop for the beautiful people in bikinis and bathing suits. Joe Quade (who heads this outfit) designed for Mamby before so if you were there last year, you know it’s going to be good.
Now if you’re like myself and love to play in the nightlife scene, then the names Gene Farris and Garrett Inphinity will be of no surprise. These Chicago killers of spin are hitting up the second stage with massive selections that I have gotten the privilege to sample. I know all of my house heads will be present, but for those of you for Who haven’t had the chance make a point to, do so.
I have sat with Inphinity on a number of occasion but did so just recently for Mamby. I was curious to know about some of the things that placed him on the line up. Here were his thoughts:
Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 9.23.41 PM
CMF: You have been jamming in the scene for sometime now what drives you to continue?
INPHINITY: It’s been a trip being able to be a full-time DJ and producer. Loving what you for a living is all I need to continue. Having some of the best friends and supporters believing in what you do makes it a bit easier.
CMF: What’s your process like when producing a new tune?
INPHINITY: Usually, it’s the drums and groove first. Then I’ll start working on the bassline. When those two elements are sounding right, the rest will fall into place rather quickly.
CMF: How do you know that a track will get an audience going while you are creating a track?
INPHINITY: That comes from years of experience in DJing nightclubs. I see what works on the dance floor night after night.
CMF:What’s most inspiring to you in your work?
INPHINITY :Making music that people will listen to or dance to for
years instead of weeks. Quality over quantity. It makes the creation process harder, but the end results most satisfying.
As of right now the forecast looks good, but I’ll tell you this with the lineup as it is there is absolutely no way come rain or shine you should miss this show, because come rain or shine this show is happening. If you work, call in sick! It’s someone’s birthday? Forget the dinner party buy her a ticket! Understand, I’m not advocating everyone to shirk your responsibilities…but shirk them! Shirk them NOW! And if for some reason you just can’t make it (we’re not going to excuse you for that) there are plenty of after parties that will definitely be worth your time.
Here Is the list of after parties going on in the city.
Link to after party tickets
Most of them are sold out but if you hang outside I’m sure someone will have a ticket that they are looking to get rid of.
Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 9.25.12 PM
React is definitely on fire this year having just finished Spring Awakening with some killer headliners, over taking a lot of the booking at Schuba’s, and mixing up the type of talent that they’re bringing into their wheelhouse. However, if my instinct is right they are going to out do themselves next weekend. All the signs are pointing up and up and the anticipation here is way above anything that has been circulating around the other upcoming fests or parties.
I am most excited to see the pairing of Marcus Marr, who is spinning on the second stage, and Chet Faker. Their collaborative EP just released five months ago is an amazing pairing of rock and electronic sounds mixed with Chet’s smooth soulful voice. I have had this on repeat for the past month and it still hasn’t gotten old. Here take a listen for what’s in store.
Marus Marr
Chet Faker
Now listen, I am gonna step up on the proverbial soap box for a second. I know a lot of you are going to be out there drinking and turning up which means things are going to drop, people are going to lose items and garbage is going to collect. After this past Memorial Day, North Avenue Beach was completely destroyed and the cleanup was horrific. This is our city people. These beaches are home to all of us. Can we please put on our big kid pants and keep it clean? What’s the point of having it on the beach if we can’t come back to it? Let’s just make an unspoken pact to take the 10 extra steps to put the cans and bottles in the right receptacle. It’s better that it collects around the trashcan than spread out over the entire beach. Nobody wins after that kind of aftermath. Personally I advocate leaving no trace but I can’t expect everybody to follow suit. So please take your trash with you and find the right receptacle. #Stepping down#.
Going green, Mamby will be providing free shuttle transportation between the Cermack Redline station and the McCormick Place Greenline station each day between 12pm to 11pm. This should help with parking and keeping festival goers safe. Everybody be safe.
Last but not least, It shouldn’t have to be said but it’s better to be reminded, HYDRATE. There will be filling stations throughout the grounds so bring a camel back, canteen, goat skin, whatever, just keep hydrated and make sure your friends do too.
This year at Mamby on the Beach we’re gonna blow it out of the water!!!

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5 Things We Loved About This Year's Lightning in a Bottle Festival

5) The Woogie Stage


Photo by : Andrew Jorgensen

Now this one is a no brainer, how could it not make the list.  From Lane 8’s Friday afternoon set to Sunday’s sunset boogie with Lee Burridge the Woogie stage had the best acts from all over the country come and grace the stage.  Looking like it’s straight from a Dr. Seuss book, The Woogie stage oozes an essence all it’s own.  This year with the addition of the hidden hammock glen, we were able to rest our dancing feet while still able to enjoy being serenaded by whoever was throwing down at the time.  Definitely a double thumbs up on this stage and the atmosphere it attracted.

4) CloZee at The Thunder Stage


For those who unfortunately missed her set Friday set at Thunder Stage… i am truly sorry because you missed quite the party.  Her set took us on an epic journey oscillating between worlds of different musical dimension.  She seamlessly combined her technical precision with wild imagination and powerful basslines to have the whole Thunder Stage up on their feet gettin’ down just before the golden hour was upon us.

3) The Art


Everywhere you looked this year at LiB there was art.  Each piece strategically placed to catch the eye of the passerby’s.  We were blessed with the most amazing live painting experiences almost everywhere you looked, along with huge art installations scattered throughout.  The pieces ranged from small interactive instillation to larger-than-life sculptures and architectural pieces.  Although I was thoroughly sad we were not graced this year with the Android Jones dome, it was more than made up for with the other instillation

2) Pumpkin’s Tribute at The Woogie


Photo by : Daniel Zetterstrom

The loss of Pumpkin shook the dance music community.  Saturday morning at The Woogie, festival goers gathered to celebrate the life who brought us each so much joy through his music.  This sad, yet joyous event filled the hearts of each of the attendees.  We danced, cried, hugged and loved to the beat of Pumpkin’s music.

1)  Faleva Bar


WOW, was Faleva bar upgraded this year.  From the tree house dancing areas to the late night jams, Falava bar was definitely a place you did not want skip out on.  From the start of Thursday to ending late Sunday night Faleva bar had it’s patrons dancing into the wee hours of the morning each day of the festival.  It was truly upgraded this year, with the addition of tree houses dispersed around the stage for festival goers to climb up and have their own dance party while peering down on those dancing below.  The music and atmosphere did not disappoint.

If you are like myself and many others having extreme LiB withdrawals you are in luck… 1) Woogie Weekend is right around the corner, be sure to grab those ticket before it’s too late.  If you are unable to attend Woogie Weekend, 2) satisfy that LiB need with this amazing after movie….

Check out our full photo album Here!!

Can’t wait for next year, is it 2017 yet??


Preview of Electric Forest 2016

Electric Forest is one of the premiere festivals in the country. The massive, multi-genre music festival located in Rothbury, Michigan, awaits a crowd of over 40,000 raging fans.
Sherwood forest will be teeming with festival goers from all over the country. Fans will witness acts ranging from Flosstradamus, to The String Cheese Incident, and many many more in between.
The Electric Forest also has a wide variety of activities that are not music related. A 60,000 sq. ft water park in the Double JJ resort is available to all the attendees for the duration of the festival. Golf, yoga and psychedelic friendship bingo are also on site for our forest friends. Art installations are set up all throughout the forest, turning the festival grounds into a live art gallery.
While at the Forest, it is important to be prepared.  Although almost everything essential can be provided at the festival, it’s a good idea to bring certain necessities.
1. First and foremost your wristband
2. Blankets, hoodies and sleeping bags
3. Sun tan lotion
4. Snacks, such as trail mix or granola bars.
5. Water (stay hydrated)
6. Cash (atms will also be available on site)
7. Folding Chairs
8. Ear Plugs
9. Water proof jackets
10. Anti-bacterial handwash, toilet paper or wet wipes
Electric Forest 2016 will be an unforgettable event of epic proportions. The sounds and sights of Sherwood are sure to cause some sort of sensory overload. Rothbury here we come! See you there!
Written by: Josh Skolnik
Pictures taken by: Aaron Bradley Engler (Abphotographie)

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Break Your Winter Coma with Spring Awakening 2016

It was through the sounds of deep bass coupled in intrinsic beats of hi hats that awakened us out of our winter comas and brought us out into the sunlight. Mass crowds convened with exhuberance of musical energy that encapsulated all that was good and exciting in this world. The Gods of music swept their hands over Medill Park and proliferated a gathering in celebration of the future of festivals.
There were many recognizable and beloved acts that made it out. Honestly, almost too many to name in one article. Some acts included Kaskade, Dillon Francis, Flying Lotus, Zeds Ded, Steve Aoki, Dead Maus, Datsik,Flux Pavillion. Newcomers of course such as Axillon, Hexes, and many more.
As we entered the park we were greeted with bold letters of Spring Awakening. There were really almost two sides of the festival; one being during the heat of the day and the second coming to life within the imaginations of the night.
During the day, the park filled with short shorts, bikinis, and muscle shirts. Temperatures that hit the weekend sky rocketed but the park was still piled with musical junkies. The bumping music spiraled into our ears as it massaged spots that the auditory cortex has never been touched before. Radical cells began to fire into a conscious experience of music. We walked from stage to stage as beats excited an ensemble of feelings within us.
There were three tented stages that fit comfortably under the shade whilst the two main stages were surrounded with structures of something resembling the hellish black widow spider. I was immediately gravitated towards this stage and as the night lowered its dark cape over the park- the stage began to pirouette in radiance of the LEDs that garmented the surface. The large pedipalps of the hybrid spider came down over the stage; each leg flashed musically synced screens displaying visuals developed uniquely for each artist’s act. The structure sparked to life with high end spectrums of color that began dilating our pupils in its excitement.
From under my vigilant watch I could have sworn to have seen this structure crawling renegade from where it was fixated. It was almost as if it could have smashed through buildings taking torment over the city in a sort of cartoon like fantasy. Police stood by shooting it down but nothing could penetrate the shielded metal of its cephalothorax. It spewed out fire into the skies kissing our skin with heat from its fury. Bright spot lights stood flagging down alien life from beyond the dimensions of the attention of the human eye. Laser beams smoldering human from left to right as we all scattered to safety. The park was in utter chaos and thrown in the middle of the battle of laser beams and the black widows fiery destruction.
Abruptly, I was pulled out of my day dream whilst my group urged me near the stage within the crowds of dancing feet. Machines bounced harmoniously throwing us wildly through the waves of sound. A man in a monkey/ astronaut suit was quite humorously lifted from within the crowd standing proudly during the Zeds Ded set. Everyone, guys and girls danced without hindrance. A true momentous feeling captivated the crowd as we celebrated this beauty of living.
What was all the more interesting about this festival besides the complexities of performance; was the fact there was not one unhappy person. I can’t estimate for sure how many people attended if I counted but surely I couldn’t even count one who wasn’t having the time of their life! Festivals are magical like this. It can take anyone out of their shell; out from the darkness. The artists were amazing of course; but as I stood taking in the fest moment by moment I couldn’t help to think that it was art in itself. The life that swarmed here, the clothing, the personalities- a living and breathing amusement park built in the grace of music.

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Chicago Night life Awards 2016

The Third Annual Chicago Nightlife Awards (CNAs) kicked off on Tuesday, June 7th and held at Concord Music Hall. The event was hosted with the unfiltered dry comedic stylings of contemporary artist Jeremy Scheuch. His playfully blunt personality invited us into a night full of fresh faces and talented acts.
The endless characters that filled the room could only be put into a digestible description through absurdities of a caricature’s portrayal. it was a joy to see everyone in their element expressing just what it was that made them the Chicagoland gurus of entertainment. There were artists of all sorts including nightlife entertainers, musical groups, bartenders and dancers which had compiled the names on guest list. It was a night of pure exaltation complete with a cat walk on the red carpet.
Musical acts took the stage between each award presentation. Acts included; ProbCause, The Walters, Sleep On It, My Gold Mask, Light.Em.up, Derrick Carter, and JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound. While the genres of each act varied immensely from one to the next; they each captivated the audience within a unique description of emotion. Videos can be viewed on the official website
Khloe from the Kit Kat Lounge had also taken the stage as she entranced us with her dance and lip synced musical number. Her performance was executed in such confidence and represented all that is fierce in pink pumps.
Presenters were charmingly paired together teasingly bouncing back and forth from each other’s personalities. Presenters included Lucy Stoole who wore the most rememberable outfit of the evening. Hot pink veil and hair but don’t forget the beard! Kate Catalina singer song writer dressed as MC meets Slash complete with top hat presented with Danielle Colby from American Pickers. Damon Ranger grammy award winner and known for his work in BlackBox. Anthony John Aloysius Sacco magician who had almost gave the audience a heart attack as silly string shot up in chaos and Future Classic Space Rap artist Probcause.
The list of winner included:
Best One-Off Pizza Party
Bam Creates Industry Sleep over
Best Monthly Party
Trvpped At the Mid
Best Weekly Party
Queen! at Smart Bar
Band of the Year
Marina City
Best DJ
Scary Lady Sarah
Best Producer (Remixer)
Derrick Carter
Best New Hip Hop Artist
Best Go Go Dancer
Mimi Hernandez
Best Photographer
Glitter Guts
Best DIY Collective
Future Factory
Promoter of the Year
Riot Fest
Blogger of the Year
Chicago Music Festivals
Best Festival
Riot Fest
Best Bottle Service Staff
The Mid
Best New Venue
Nightclub of the Year
Berlin Nightclub
Best Outdoor Venue
Bottom Lounge
Best Live Music Venue
Best Neighborhood Bar
East Room
Best Sports Bar
LA Social
Barback of the Year
Lucky Josh
Best Bartender
Nino Boss
Best Doorman
Brian Dickie
Best VIP Host
Eric Boss
Best Drag Entertainer
Lucy Stoole
We were overwhelmingly honored to receive Chicago Music Festivals as Best Blogger of the Year! It was such a surprise for us that we hardly believed the moment as we stood on stage handed the award! Our greatest the gratitude went out towards all who voted and nominated us but we were speechless in the brisk instant of acceptance. So with that said, Thank you for all your support in making Chicago Music Festivals Best Blogger of the Year. We have really taken to heart this honor as it brought to us an even stronger motivation towards our future endeavors!


North Coast Music Festival 2016 Lineup Released

North Coast Music Festival’s (NCMF) is thrilled to announce the daily artist lineup and release single day tickets for the seventh annual installment – happening Labor Day Weekend at Union Park! Single day tickets start at $55 for GA, and $90 for VIP, while two-day passes remain reasonably priced at $159 for GA, and $259 for VIP. Discounted two-day general admission and VIP passes are still available, so get yours now before prices go up. Stream the official NCMF playlist with nearly 3 hours of music featuring 40 Coastie acts from the 2016 lineup now on Spotify!
General Admission and VIP Passes Are On Sale at!
Galantis | Juicy J | Sleigh Bells | Baauer
The Revivalists | Hermitage | Louis Futon
Jamila Woods | Soul Summit DJs
Heineken House:  Golf Clap | DJ Hyperactive | Translucent | Zebo | Mia Wallace
& More!
The Claypool Lennon Delirium | The Floozies
Keys N Krates | Ty Dolla $ign | Brillz | Raury | Future Rock
Vulfpeck | Twiddle | Big Wild | Hotel Garuda
Allan Rayman | Michael Christmas | The Trap House
Heineken House:  Kastle | Walker & Royce | LP GIOBBI | Bucky Fargo & Marea | Tim Zawada
& More!
Matt & Kim | Action Bronson | Greensky Bluegrass
Zomboy | Matoma | Sam Feldt | The Polish Ambassador
Stick Figure | Tauk | Justin Jay & Friends (Live) | Jesse Royal | Cofresi
Heineken House:  Farley Jackmaster Funk | Wayne Williams | Jesse Saunders | Alan King | Gant Man
CZ Boogie & More!


Summer Set Music & Camping Festival (SSMF) is thrilled to announce this year’s official onsite after parties featuring an epic two-night lineup starring ZHU on Friday, August 12, and JAUZ on Saturday, August 13! Hosted at the festival’s Grove Stage, Summer Set’s late nights will only be available for festival attendees, while VIP ticket holders will have free access! A very limited discounted ticket package for both after parties is on sale here, as well as individual tickets to each night, so round up your crew to get ready for a weekend in the record books!

Check out Summer Set’s Official After Party Announce Videos below!NIGHT 1 FEATURING ZHU – WATCH HERE
###“Summer Set is shaping up to be the next big festival in the US.”  Magnetic Magazine
“Summer Set is a secluded utopia that’s become a retreat for fans looking
for absolute immersion.”
 — City Pages Minneapolis
“Summer Set has undoubtedly planted themselves in an entirely different league compared
to other festivals in the country.”
 — This Song Is Sick
“Summer Set joins the ranks of top notch Midwest festival lineups touting
an impressive multi-genre lineup.”
— Dancing Astronaut
“With acts ranging from local jam bands to old-school hip-hop acts to Top 40 hitmakers, Summer Set is becoming one of the area’s biggest annual music festivals.” — The Current, Minnesota Public Radio
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Summer Camp 2016 – The Quintessential Element

A trail of wagons scooted their way towards the entrance packed up to the brim with colorful sleeping bags and backpacks as our imaginations flourished with thoughts of what surprises Summer Camp had in store for us this year. The 16th annual Summer Camp Music Festival brought out its regulars as well as steadily attracting many newcomers to join in this life changing event. This wild adventure which is created around music is comfortably encapsulated in Three Sister Park in Chillicothe, Illinois. The event is host to more than 20,000 attendees, over 100 bands on seven stages on a span four days (counting Thursday Pre-Party) and has proudly managed to intertwine funky jam bands along side of the ever-expanding genres of electronica and Dj sets.
Summer Camp Trail
As you make your way into the camp; of course the usual amenities were conveniently placed in your pathway. A general store and alcohol/beverage stand greet you just as you enter and further down the straight away were a variety of food vendors including; Thai, Asian, Greek, pizza, burritos, coffee, and much more. There were also beautifully designed clothing vendors supplying; bikinis, leggings, T- shirts, and hats in which many incorporated sacred geometry entangled with expansion of colorful supernovas. A wide array of bohemian styled jewelry and festival pins also filled many of the kiosks at the park.
Summer Camp Vendors
In the night the forest went cosmic and lined in tents from the hundreds of campers who hurried in early to get a spot in the shade. As the whites of our eyes began to glow within the black light and the neon colors framed us within and the forest became an art installation in which we had all become a participant in. Tapestries lined the dirt pathways and became home to fest goers. Attendees dressed of belly dancer belts, sun dresses, moccasins, and harem pants filled the festival from one end to the next; venturing out with wide eyed discovery.
There were several types of musical acts in the festival this year from jam bands, electronic-funk, blue grass, hip-hop, dub-step, and Dj sets. The difference of musical genres allowed a great diversity of scenes packed into one fest. This festival was made on good vibes and the musical acts were expertly selected to encompass just that.
The group Moe. has established themselves around the jam band community as one of the favorites in the improvisational rock scene. They rose in popularity in the 90’s with bands such as Phish. Fans are coined “Moe.rons” comparatively as grateful dead fans are called “Deadheads.” They opened their first of two Sunday sets with a cover of the The Who’s “Baba O’Riley” and joined by Allie Kral of Yonder Mountain String Band on fiddle! It was definetly a crowd pleaser to see two great groups be able to collaborate in such a way!
Lotus Formed in 1999 and after a few years of playing what they describe as “jamtronica” infused with jazz-funk. I definitely noticed that their set was based a lot around rhythmic aspects which in effect gave the crowd a very chill feel. I had a great time relaxing and vibing out at this set.
An appearance made by the Roots drew many old fans to the stage to reminisce upon such hit that ruled the 90’s. The Roots are a legendarily live hip-hop band with one of the most recognizable drummers of our time, Quest Love! They are one of the few successful bands in their genre and still proving to hold the crown!
Warmly welcomed newcomers to Scamp was local band EGI. They’ve built quite the fan base around the Chicago area and never fail to impress. EGI has managed to incorporate inspiration found from Carlos Santana and Phish that in effect have skyrocketed this band into one of my personal favorites.
Three nights of Umphrey’s Mcgee but it still left the crowd wanting more! Some songs that could be heard on their set lists included; Mad love, Weight Around, 40’s, Sludge and Death and many others. Each member is vibrantly fluent in instrumentation and well bonded as a band that their performance has become second nature to them. The sharpness the drums held were heard clearly above a blanket of guitar melodies in a beautiful mixture of classic rock and jam band inspiration. Umphrey’s almost linguistic solos connect their fans on such a level that it is no wonder so many are die hard for them.
Umphrey's McGee Summer Camp
Excitedly, During one night of an Umphrey’s set; lightning could be seen as it spread like spider webs while fanning through the night’s sky. A thunderous boom and sporadic flashes of light only to make the music all the more monumental. I could have sworn it was planned as the lightning accentuated the vibrance of the gorgeous stage lighting design in which drowned the stage in colors and perfected climatic energy of the drums.
Manic Focus and Break Science were Funk meets electronica and underlying element of old school hip hop. While Big Grizmatik went just as big as the name says while incorporated a live saxophone with an unbelievable solo that would forever stay with fans.
Shiba San took electronic music into more into an Ibiza feel and flocking to this scene were the hula hoopers and poi artists of the underground scene. The Vibe Tent was home to many acts of this sort. It was a grand spectacle of dancers who took the stage on the side of the dj. There hula hoopers confidently weaved through an encyclopedia of tricks. A feline poi enthusiast didn’t hesitate to glance into the eyes of her fans and truly captivated an audience of her own teasing flirtatiousness.
Dizzy Dynamic
If you were looking for some of the harder dubstep; then you surely would have wanted to have checked out acts like NGHTMRE, Liquid Stranger,  Excision, and Protohype.
Excision took the Moonshine stage on Friday night and had the crowd in a chaotic rampage. If you had not understood the world of dub before; Excision made it clear what it was exactly about! His work submerged an audience into a whomping frenzy and his huge drops began to transform a crowd of tree huggers into a whole new skin of relentless party animals.
Snails put on a unforgettable Dj set where he executed an epic smooth transition in which he arpeggiated 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 into an infinite frequency that lingered through the crowd. He thickened his beats with the use of slimy tentacle like sound fx that teased a Nintendo like snail logo which was promoted on the video backdrop. Surprisingly, He also threw in Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody where the crowd shouted the lyrics right along to the music.
Protohype proved to be well worth the wait performing Sunday night starting at three in the morning. He infused many elements of rap and dubstep.
I was truly blown away by the projection visuals artists during his set. Their visions gravitated us into the otherworldly dimension. The art was not for a second over shadowed in comparison but help transform into a fully embodied experience.
If the music wasn’t enough to fancy you; There were daily work shops and activities which included; belly dancing workshop, stepping into the hoop, cultivation care, kick ball and on top of that morning meditations and yoga sessions! These activities connected people in a more intimate level making it easy to create new friendships.
All in all Summer Camp 2016 compiled a vast array of diversity suited to please all its attendees. As an interactive playground for adults and children alike and has not only allowed its fest goers to let loose and become closer to their inner child; subsequently it has provided an outlet to expand spiritually. The knowledge gained from such an immersive experience can be taught no where else! True friendships are made, appreciation for the earth is cultivated, and a joy of life is taught from living in the moment. Scamp is more than a music festival in the eyes of its attendees. Here festie goers have adopted its ways into their lives and scamp has become a quintessential element of what makes them who they are.
SCAMP 2016

Check out the entire photo album HERE! 

Article by: Lana Eucalyptus

Photos by: Jerry Kamysz, Josh Skol, Blazej Zalewski