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11th Annual Lightning in a Bottle Tickets are SOLD OUT

A week out from the West Coast’s premiere camping, arts, music and yoga festival, Lightning in a Bottle is thrilled to announce that tickets for the 11th annual gathering are officially SOLD OUT! Having maintained a steady, conscious growth since its inception in 2005, LIB is proud to hit max capacity just ahead of its largest festival to date at 20,000 tickets sold.


While both the 2-Day and 4-Day festival passess are now sold out, several 4-Day passes can still be obtained with the purchase of a Boutique Camping package. Additionally, current pass holders can also upgrade to Boutique camping packages as well as purchase Lightning Bus tickets and/or an Early Arrival Pass, which will allow them to enter the festival a day early on Wednesday May 25.  


LIB production house Do LaB, and its vast array of magic-makers, would like to thank everyone for their amazing support for Lightning in a Bottle 2016!  Celebrating in the office, Jesse Shannon, aka Y2, Director of Marketing says, “This day is 11 years in the making. From 2005 when we first sold tickets to 2016, this is the first time Lightning in a Bottle has sold out before gates open. I’m so proud of the team and it’s a testament to all the hard work that everyone does to create such an incredible festival.” These sentiments are echoed in the laborious efforts put forth by Do LaB in the days leading up to the festival, with most of the team already on site creating, constructing and injecting love into every aspect of LIB.

Watch the teaser video here and feel the excitement:

Taking strides to ensure LIB 2016 is the biggest and best to date – Do LaB is pulling out all the stops curating a genre-bending, stellar lineup, cultivating wondrous immersive environments, and expanding into new adventures in Bradley, CA.


Hitting the three glorious main stages at LIB (The Lightning, The Thunder and The Woogie) are the most progressive up-and-coming artists alongside an acclaimed selection of powerhouse acts, forming the most dynamic lineup Do LaB has unveiled to date!  Headliners performing over this Memorial Day Weekend are Chet Faker, Grimes, Moderat, Big Gigantic, Cashmere Cat, The Polish Ambassador, and Four Tet. Joining the headliners is a roster of the best talent in house and bass including Tokimonsta, Mija, Mr. Carmack, Autograf, Guy Gerber, &ME, Lane 8, Sacha Robotti, Eprom, Minnesota b2b G Jones, and Bleep Bloop.


What makes Lightning in a Bottle truly magical, are the trove of stunning stages, art installations, wondrous immersive environments, classes, and workshops to explore. Trailblazers who wander off the beaten festival path may find themselves transported into the many weird and wonderful realms nestled on the grounds of LIB, each micro-environment ripe with exciting expansions, new offerings, and scintillating music for 2016. With over 300 classes and experiences to be had and shared, be sure to check out The Village,The Temple of Consciousness, The Learning Kitchen, The Grand Artique, Amori’s Casino & Burlesque, the Visionary Art gallery, and many other micro-environments during your stay at LIB!


Do LaB is excited to welcome those who purchased the Early Arrival Pass on May 25th to help kick off LIB weekend with a multitude of activities before the music begins! A cacao ceremony, Village Permaculture Action Day hosted by LIB 2016 artist Polish Ambassador and access to the newly-established High Grounds camp are among new initiatives in 2016. Purchase your Early Arrival Pass here.


Go GREEN! In addition to the Action Day, Do LaB has several other leading initiatives in place to ensure the grounds stay beautiful for years to come! Recycling, compost and landfill receptacles will be found on the festival grounds, and as always, LIB 2016 will be a “pack-it-in, pack-it-out event,” meaning that Do LaB asks that all guests take everything they brought into the festival out with them after the festival ends — campground trash included. A friendly reminder that plastic water bottles are not sold at LIB, so don’t forget to bring your own reusable container!


Familiarize yourself with Lightning in a Bottle and the grounds ahead of the festival. Look over Do LaB’s Thrive Guide for a refreshing on festivaling with intention and mindfulness, Camp like a champ and find your way to San Antonio Recreational Area.  And don’t forget to plan your dance party for the weekend — the set times for 2016’s lineup are out now.


Lightning in a Bottle – So hot right now! See you all soon.



Lightning in a Bottle: Website | Facebook | Event Page | Twitter | Instagram

Do LaB: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud |Twitter



It’s pretty amazing how the human condition can train us to expand our consciousness through different ways new skills, adaptation to surroundings, new thoughts and concepts for making something better or even more; interesting. It’s a thing we do. And when you play with it becomes Entertainment.
To all our Forest, Festival, and Fine Cultured Family that just so happens to want to have a visual candy fest this Ball’s for you.
 The Electric Moulin Mansion:
One week from today several of the most creative locally grown artists in Chicago are meeting for what could become a yearly collective installment of massive and complex art. I mean really cool shit. Everything from laser cut structures, to a virtual reality landscapes and industrially conceived surrealism all packed into one mansion throwing a steampunk ball. You’ve seen the artists work featured at Mamby, Forest, North Coast. Written and presented in greater media circuits than our humble CMF.
It is a literal art gallery and party from the near future. Spectacle artists, acrobats, living statues and music from growing chicago acts of all genres will be flooding the two floor Stan Mansion and Ball room in Logan square. It will be an evening affair so dress in your finest gears, corsets, and goggles if you got them. Even If you don’t want to play the dress up game to add to the live aspect just show up and have your mind blown away by what grows in your backyard.
Get to know and immerse yourself in the visual worlds of:
Jason Brammer,
Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 7.25.02 PM
Ian Bennett,
 Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 7.42.40 PM
Davis McCarty,
 Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 7.25.41 PM
Del Harris, and
the Art Beat Collective
Festivities start at 7 PM Friday the 27th And will only run until midnight. Meaning if you want to spend some time really taking in the ART then enjoy the revelry, you got to come early before it fills. Get tickets now. PBR is sponsoring. Cocktails WILL be served and mixed from some of the finest pallets to pour in within these city streets of fine taste. So all senses will be thoroughly stimulated. Just follow this link and look at what you’re missing.
Here’s the musical line up and ticket info:

Lunar Tide Music & Arts Festival

Today the tide rolls in thick in Chicago. With a full moon on the approach. Things are about to get a little weird. Join us in the festivities



Tickets still available at

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Rejuvenated Once at Last – Revamped Venue To Open In Milwaukee

One-hundred & six years ago The Modjeska Theater opened its doors to the beloved city of Milwaukee. It served as one of Milwaukee’s premier vaudeville outlets. However, in the year 2010 the theater had to close its doors. Many people wondered what would happen to this once great and beautiful theater.
RoyalWell, the theater is currently under renovation striving to be showcased as a theater with an outstanding arts and entertainment scene. Royal Events and Management are working along with the owners to make this happen. They showcased the theater for the first time to their team on April 23rd, and once they had reached the inside of the actual venue they all knew Milwaukee was in for a big treat. Big things are in store for Royal Events & the Modjeska Theater.
Blueprints for the final setting are going to make this venue once again one of Milwaukee’s finest. For starters on the main floor, all of the theater seats have been removed in order to create more space. The floor will be leveled and will be accustomed to hold various types of events. However, on the balcony, theater seats will still be available, offering guests an upscale view of the stage. Renovation is set to finish very soon; therefore, Royal Events does not plan on wasting any time. Royal Events and Management want to bring you the best in talent, sound & production, making every night an unforgettable one. They are working with various groups of people that have expertise in setting sound & production for high-end festivals. Royal Events and Management
Royal Events are not cutting any corners, and want to become the best in Milwaukee providing with unbelievable shows. Respect, Passion, Inspiration, and most importantly having fun are a few of factors that set Royal Standards apart from anyone else . Royal Events and Management want to bring people together within the music and entertainment community which they can’t do without the fans of all EDM styles, hip-hop, country, rock, pop, and theatrical acts . You will all make every night one to remember along with all the people at Royal Events that spend endless days and nights to bring you these amazing acts. The future looks bright for both Royal Events & the Modjeska Theater.
“Teamwork makes the dream work”, Royal Events and Management couldn’t have said it any better.
Royal Events and Management 2