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Black Wednesday BIG PARTY

    When you think “Thanksgiving,” thoughts of turkey, cranberry sauce and disgruntled family members are usually what comes to mind. Traditionally Black Wednesday is our one brief escapes from “Crazy Aunt Nutzoid” that local bars and pubs capitalize on finding to be one of, if not, the busiest nights of the year. We reunite with old friends and some times old flames on this age old American tradition so drinking is the primary activity of choice which, if done right, keeps you in its morning clutches just before your yearly gluttonous dinner. But, this year we decided to forgo the pub and go back into time to 1893 during the Worlds Fair. In this year, Nikola Tesla revealed his AC electric current, Pabst Blue Ribbon was named America’s Best Beer, and Dr. Henry Howard Holmes had acquired over 200 bodies in his “Murder Castle” becoming the literary Devil in the White City.
    The creators of Wave Front Music Festival in collaboration with BAM Creates, Go Massive, OutFIT Events and a slew of Chicago night life and marketing legends put all of these elements together this past week during their decadent and fully thought out Black Wednesday in the White City. Expert craft mixologists all dressed in sepia tones, major local installation artists and live performers, deep Chicago House/Techno DJ’s, and even a legit 20 foot tall Tesla coil provided by the Museum of Science and Industry. The details of this party went deep. All the way down to a visually vintage VIP bar decorated with original Pabst cans from the 1893 World Columbian Exposition.
    From the moment of being dropped off in front of the vintage Germania Place (c1889), you were surrounded by the vision of BWIWC’s creators. Two Tesla luxury vehicles (sponsor) faced nose to nose with the red satin rope running up a lavish stair case into the grand ballroom lined with art installed by Christoph Gausparro, Davis McCarty, and a band of local artist that were the highlights of the visual candy while DJ Inphinity, Ruexx, Hook n Sling and AN21 sonically delighted the dance demons in all the attendees. When it came to drinks an food there was no shortage of delicate touches with explosive flavor. If you happened to select a table service package your birds’ eye view of the main hall upon the balcony was complimented by a sponsored bottle of Effen, Russian Standard, Redbull, and a slew of hand crafted chasers.
    The dancers were on point, the DJs were wicked, the decor and the attendees were well blended. It was a well crafted homage to the White City that forever placed Chicago as a center of forward thinking ideas. This event was no different in any respect of Thanksgiving, Black Wednesday gatherings, Chicago style, or innovation. It was literally a reunion of friends in the night life Chicago nightlife industry that have worked, lived, created and mused together but until this very night were never in the same place in the same instance. Now, depending on who you are that may or may not be true, but the only way you can tell is to be there. Whether you were there or you were well, welcome to Chicago let this be an intro to a slew of heavy hitters in the Underworld. Whether you were dressed and there or home for the holiday (if you were at all), we recommend you watch for this combination again. For once they name it, you will see grandeur things and sights.
 IMG_9996 IMG_0155 IMG_0154IMG_0053IMG_9950
View the entire photo album here 

Black Wednesday in the White City

Black Wednesday in the White City, the first in a series of curated nightlife music events from Bam Creates, Go Massive & OutFIT Events is scheduled for this November 25th at the historic Germania Place located in the Old Town district of the city. This event will feature music by top international DJ’s and performances by local talent over the course of one evening beginning at 8:00PM CST. A limited number of early­bird tickets went on sale last Friday ($45.00 for General Admission, $85.00 for VIP). Those interested in attending the event are encouraged to go to​​.
The site also showcases the historic backdrop of this important event and it’s significance to the Chicago scene – those interested in learning more about the history of the White City can sign up for the mailing list which will include special offers and promotions.
Those who have attended nightlife events in Chicago are familiar with the high energy and pace of the scene, White City will combine the same intensity of music and style with performances by AN21, Hook N Sling, Inphinity and Ruexx alongside some of the top local artists and performers to deliver a once in a life­time atmosphere: A reimagining of the World’s Fair in the White City.
While many EDM performances and venues look only at the music as the central hub and theme, White City invites the history of Chicago and the explosion of growth and prosperity of the city under one roof, bringing Chicagoans a rare opportunity to explore the history of their town combined with the music and theater that has saturated the local scene for years now. A combination of two enormous ball rooms with stages to match – one dedicated to the high energy music of the modern era, the other a feature built installation by local artists ­ will be decorated to enhance both the musical experience as well as to shine light on the backdrop of the time period and the rich history of the city.
In addition to standard General Admission and VIP options, White City is offering a uniquely catered experience which gives people a chance to enjoy the moment that truly defined Chicago with all the elegancies of the time. Patrons taking part in these lavish accommodations can expect to be ushered to and from their ultra premium table through a private entrance and elevator. Guests will be served complimentary bottles of liquor and champagne alongside extravagant modern world cuisine prepared by Kenmare Catering. Reservations can be made by calling 630­740­2092.
In 1893 the City of Chicago exploded onto the global scene with the World’s Fair in the White City, A marvel of the time, the World’s Fair demonstrated all of the spectacle and wonders of the future as it was envisioned at that time. On November 25, Bam Creates, Go massive and OutFIT events are re­imagining and recreating that iconic era with a modern twist.

We are hosting a ticket giveaway on our Instagram page. Simply share the image below and tag #WhiteCityCMF to enter.
Follow White City:
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Reaction New Year's Eve More Artists Added

React Presents is thrilled to release more artists on the 2015 lineup for REACTION NYE, which will take place for the first time at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL on December 30th and 31st.  Discounted General Admission and VIP passes are still available, so act now before prices go up next week.  There’s a selection of VIP packages available as well, which are restricted to ages 21+ and includes express entry, premium viewing areas, private bars, table service, Midnight champagne toasts, and more.
Tickets are on sale now at

Reaction celebrates Chicago’s diverse musical landscape by bringing together the city’s freshest up-and-comers and local luminaries to embrace a wide spectrum of genres and performers.  Additional artists including the infamous PORN N CHICKEN crew, live electronica trio GLASS LUX, alternative hip-hop trailblazer SHOW YOU SUCK, goth pop duo MY GOLD MASK, local underground party collective THE POOL HO– USEGREG CORNER of JBTV and Kill Hannah fame, the powerhouse DJ duoLIGHT.EM.UP consisting of DJ ZEBO and PHNM, Chicago hip hop stalwart DJ INTEL, and newly formed techno duo SERVANTE, aka HEXES and STEVE GERARD are among a few who have been added to the lineup.  Rounding out this eclectic lineup is a wide mix of DJs including MIELO,  SLEEPY PILCH, FREE PIZZV, GROOVE ANIMAL, DJ HIROKI and DJ WHITE OWL, who will throw down something for everyone and all-city Chicago!
In addition to the 16 hours of memorable music, attendees are encouraged to explore Rosemont and check out the various daytime activities that are located nearby.  This marks the perfect time to plan yourUltimate New Year’s Eve Staycation as the Village of Rosemont offers a wide variety of dining options, iFLY indoor skydiving, a lively and varied entertainment district, the MB Financial Park, and the brand-new Fashion Outlets of Chicago.  Visit our interactive map to learn more about Rosemont.
Luckily for those in Downtown Chicago wanting to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, Reaction has partnered with a number of hotels in Rosemont with prices starting as low at $129 a night, plus free shuttle services going to and from the venue for those who book rooms there. However, if you insist on traveling from the city, we teamed up with FEST DRIVE who will have shuttles running continuously throughout the day starting at 4:30pm until 2am.  Buses will depart from Jaks Tap (901 E. Jackson), which is centrally located in the West Loop, a 6 minute walk from Union Station, and right off the Blue line at the UIC/Halsted stop.  Each shuttle pass include round trips, and seats are limited, so book your passes now before it’s too late.  For more details on hotels and travel options, click here.
We are giving away a pair of 2-Day Passes to Reaction NYE. For details go our Facebook or Instagram page.

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ENVISION: A Change in the World

Envision: If you could find yourself in a euphoria of healing and love, a culture of self expression and creativity, and environment of spiritual awakening then you would probably first think of Burning Man. But, what if I were to tell you about a place south of the American border where this culture thrives in an even more lushly spiritual location. Costa Rica has long been the destination of surfers and spiritual pilgrims.
Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 1.46.37 PM
Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 1.49.19 PM
Lush with artist that incorporates local wood and earth. Envision festival provides for the land and it’s people. We find the amazing festival growing as the secret of it’s existence has now opened up to a greater portion of the world. Can you imagine the connection to our world grow as the collective intention of its people call for a place just like this? With awareness gatherings growing these past few years there are a few places to find ones self within ones self.
Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 1.38.06 PM
For any person that didn’t have the opportunity to go home to Black Rock or even if you did
Take a trek through the Jungle
Say a prayer in Central America
Meditate to the monkey’s calling
Come and Join Us and Play! You would be welcomed and loved!
Envision is running a GIFT away for a GA ticket to Envision
please Follow and Like their page then Follow their instructions here to enter:
Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 1.37.00 PM
If you Envision yourself in Costa Rica with other outside thinkers just like you, then
I encourage you to look here for more information:
And WE will look for you in the sands and the sea.


Hold Up! REVERSE! TONE OF ARC Masquerade?!

This is the second year for Reverse Events and it is no surprise that their parties have been the talk of the Underground. Paradigm, Paragon, and REVERSE have been bring us after hours for love of the game and entertainment of the party nation. We know and love them for the artistic choices and curations of artists and musicians.
The Producers of TECNO 1-13, REVERSE Events, tomorrow night to mark an annual Masquerade that we anticipate becoming an Underground tradition for years to come. REVERSE’s Masquerade Ball will be hosting some of Chicago’s most well known Dj’s including INPHINTY, one of my personal favorites since we were teens. But, what kicks this event into high gear is TONE of ARC one of Cali’s hottest DJ duos will be bringing the heat to an unknown location tomorrow night. For those of us who regular afters, tickets are more than likely already in hand, but those of you who haven’t yet broken that cherry your best bet is to make your purchase NOW! here—->Masquerade Tickets
WE ARE GIVING AWAY 2 TICKETS for anyone that can give the best AFTER HOURS ONE LINER POST on our Facebook event post.
Here’s some more info on the Tone of Arc and REVERSE events.
Somewhere amidst the monotony of our everyday lives there exists a prototype for disruption within the status quo. A gathering of individuals where, for one night, their inner nature can crash through the gates of the long-standing consensus. Such rouges and provocateurs often come masked to conceal their identity. It is an affair so dissonant that many have fallen victim to the romance of its madness. Introducing the 2nd Annual Underground Masquerade Ball presented by Reverse Events. Tickets on sale now on the official event page or via Resident Advisor.
Headlining this year’s event is San Francisco based live Deep House/Jam/Rocktronica duoTONE of ARC comprised of Derrick Boyd and Zoe Presnick. Heading to Chicago on one of their first stops off the back of their brand new album ‘Urgent Turquoise,’ the intimate setting of the medieval Masquerade is the perfect backdrop to showcase such a moving and spellbinding album. Their seamless live show consists of a DJ set which blends danceable sounds from multiple genres with live performances of their original music. The result is an absolutely mesmerizing show that will capture your heart and soul, if only for an hour or two.
TOA“Music is the auditory manifestation and colors of your soul as it bends, blends and manipulates around you through you and by you to support our spirits growth. To enhance life is the ultimate goal and there is no better way to do so than playing and making music.” – TONE of ARC
Joining the bill is an assortment of some of Chicago’s best and most innovate artists including Steve Gerard, Nick Bassett, Inphinity, Augie De Larosa, and Special E.D. While the lineup has been curated to match the dark and mysterious feel of the Masquerade, the Reverse team has spent countless hours designing the main ballroom in detail to follow suit. From the custom visual light show via the massive LED screen to the innumerable amount of hanging lanterns that float above the wooden dance floor, this will be an experience not to miss!
Watch the recap video from the 1st Masquerade Ball on YouTube.
masquerade-ball-toa-promoEvent Links
Official Event Page
Buy Tickets via Resident Advisor
Facebook Event

Artist Links
TONE of ARC Facebook Page
TONE of ARC Soundcloud
TONE of ARC Resident Advisor
TONE of ARC Beatport Pro
Organizer Links
Reverse Website
Reverse Facebook Page
Reverse Instagram (@reverseevents)
Reverse Youtube Channel
Reverse Twitter (@reverseevents)
About The Organizer
REVERSE Events is a Chicago-based independent Electronic music event organizer and promoter. Founded in 2014 as a startup company, our lively approach to music exhibition pushes us to innovate on a daily basis. Our model is to produce exceptional shows that vastly exceed expectations, every time.
We design vivid live music experiences that connect fans to the artist and everyone to each other. We plan, organize, and promote shows that dazzle the senses and ignite the spirit. With an extremely talented team of in-house professionals, who handle over 90% of every show’s operations, Reverse shows are known to have a distinguishably natural feeling of synergy.

We're headed to Headquarters…OK Go!

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 11.01.21 PM OK Go is Spinning Saturday night for a free event at Headqurters Beercade River North. They are featuring their side Project called Xia Xia Technique. Make it before 11pm as the line is bound to get crazy. Free entry, Free games, and a free show by OK Go??……….. movie from will make jessica

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Interview with The Joy of Being Formidable

Indy rockers from the UK The Joy Formidable made one of a hand full of appearances this year during Halloween Party at Voodoo Fest 2015 in NOLA. We got a chance to hang out with them for a few moments. Cheeky Baaaastards! is all I can say. Real cool cats. Here Check it out. (Spoiler Alert: There is a new album coming out come January.)

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Hoodoo that Voodoo

Magic, music and mayhem is about everything one could anticipate when planning a trip to Voodoo Fest in New Orleans on All Hallows Eve weekend. Wandering the haunted streets of a town whose liberal alcohol consumption laws almost literally allows it to flow like milk and honey is a dangerous thought for anyone looking to rage the dead. But, when it comes to what has in recent past been growing as Americas most decadent and risqué holiday, the combination of these elements posed to be one of the most attractive and wildest parties you could possibly attend throughout the year.

photo by Trish Badger

So, it has been a week since the 2 out of 3 days of Voodoo Fest 2015 have wrapped up (one day lost due to flooding)
flooded 2
and I have been taken my time with digesting the experience and the thought of festival season coming to a close. There were some conflicting factors, however, to the entire fest that it has made my job just a bit more difficult. The only way I can explain it, I feel, is to break it down by category of what makes a festival, a festival.
Location. I think it stands alone to say that you really couldn’t ask for a better place to celebrate a music festival Halloween party. So,…Boom! a winner every year.
photo by Laura Hetzel

photo by Laura Hetzel

photos by Laura Hetzel

photo by Laura Hetzel

People. Over all the crowd was chill not overly rowdy but definitely there to party. The VIP area was a great oasis if you needed a place to sit down or wanted to get mad close to the main stage. But, outside of that, barely any one stayed behind VIP lines. There was so much awesomeness happening on the stages that the intermingling of credentials was like peanut butter and jelly, everyone just melded and it felt good. Beyond that there were some pretty creative costumes. My favorite was actually pretty simple a man with a pair of Ray Bans dressed like a piece of bacon. …hehe…Bacon gets me every time.
photo by Laura Hetzel

Installations. Now, here I can’t say much. There were some interesting pieces, but overall we could tell the money didn’t go into the commissions of new art. Although, I had some high hopes we can’t really say that the “art” side of this experience was breath taking. A metal sculpture of a face, a Spider illuminated from the inside with LEDs and an inflatable Globe that was projected upon by four surrounding visualizers, but that’s it. Maybe, we were spoiled by the E. FOREST, but I couldn’t really sense the focus being on this side of our experience. Although, when you think about it, given the musical history of this great city it really was no surprise.
Logistics. Now, here I was pretty impressed. When first entering City Park you were given a long walk from the transport drop off that took you along a gorgeous lagoon out front of the NOLA Modern Art Museum or under a natural trestle of southern oaks romancing the beauty of this part of our country. Given the way that the perimeter was naturally utilized this helped side step any traffic jams and made the exodus more pleasant than feeling like herded cattle. The same goes for the entrance gate, quick and easy. Bathrooms were a plenty and clean. It didn’t seem that anyone had a problem with this in any way. The grounds themselves were stellar, literally gorgeous. As far as policing, I saw nor heard any problems with security, and if there were, they managed it well enough that no word was spread. As far as health and safety they had Med tents in all corners of the venue, but none of them were filled, so, kudos to the people for not being idiots but also to the staff for giving us a safety net just in case. Also, there were several Handi-impared specialist, volunteers that made the experience of the fest accessible, in multiple stations placed to give even the most mobily restricted individual the best possible time. The vendors were awesome. Mainly fried foods but the selection was worth the food coma. Stages were easy to get to, with minimal sound bleeding between them, but the La Plur (electronic stage) had issues all weekend. Every time we walked up to the stage the sound was low, almost intolerably low. Even during Giorgio Moroder’s set they were working to get the sound up and running. But, to no avail. The rains set in and killed the third day so even if they did figure the problem out we wouldn’t have gotten the chance to experience it. Water was aplenty, (understatement due to the weather) so no one went dehydrated. I think a testament to the organization of Voodoo was that when the weather flooded the grounds on the third day and there, literally, was no way for anyone to enjoy, the organization sent out a notice saying that they would refund one third of the fee to all ticket holders. Well done, given that mother nature was hell bent on keeping everyone out of the park that day.
Finally, music. Lets just say we know where the money went. Given the line up that they had this year, and almost every year before, the acts that Voodoo provides is nothing short of an eclectic treasure trove of sonic candy feeding every shade of your grey matter. Ozzy, Florence, Santigold, Metric, Duke Dumont, Zhu, The Joy Formidable, Lettus, Modest Mouse, Jauz, Django Django, Yelawolf, and the living legend that is Giorgio Moroder (if you don’t know who he is then come out from under that rock and consult the oracle Giorgio Moroder)
Josh Brasted for Livenation_Georgio Maroder 8576
Vood Photo by Josh Brasted

The standout performances were primarily on the ALTER stage. This would be the main event stage for the most part. All the big acts found themselves making their mark on City Park here. Friday night’s headliners brought their “A” game.
photo by Barry Brecheisen

Jack Ü was limited somewhat by the faltering sound of the La Plur stage , while Modest Mouse was as odd and out there as we know and love him to be.
Metric Photo by Laura Hetzel

Earlier Metric and The Joy Formidable (check out their Cheeky interview here)ran you along the edge of rock and a soft space. But, Florence; Florence was as gracefully powerful as ever.
Trish Badger for Live Nation Entertainment-Florence-3257
Photo by Trish Badger

Then, topping it off with Odezsa’s after party at the Joy Theater.
Saturday was just as amazing with Lettuce remaining as crispy as always and Santigold inviting over a hundred audience members to take the stage with her and dance, as she had done the day before at an intimate performance for VH1 Save the Music (see “A Heart of Santigold” article here.) The pinnacle of the entire experience, however, was most anticipated performance of the weekend:
Photo by Barry Brecheisen

photo by Barry Brecheisen

photo by Barry Brecheisen

Ozzy with Geezer Butler, Slash, and Tom Morello. Holy Sh$%! And I mean Holy Sh$%! This was by far the most amazing live show that I had ever seen. The sheer star power on that stage was face melting. This display of artistry was well beyond the depths of years of practice. It was for lack of a better word transcendent and it was the only American date. Truly an honor to have experienced it. We took the chance to speak to a few key artists, over the course of our two days, that we have been keeping gently on our radar as they have been rising in the ranks. I guess overall I can say we had a killer time despite weather and some logistics that could have been smoother, given their fifteenth years. That said, I would definitely go back and re-rage the dead in NOLA.

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Heart of Santigold

In an are of the country where American music and Jazz was born, a program previously non-existent within the local community of St. John the Baptist Parish, LA, was granted $30,000 by Toyota, VH1 Save the Music Foundation (c 1997) and genre bending chart topping artist Santigold on Friday, October 30th, 2015, to build a comprehensive music program in La Place Elementary.
A full assembly sat in awe as they were surprised with a poignant minimally artistic performance by Santigold, herself, along with her full act of dj’s and dancers one day before her appearance at Voodoo Fest 2015 in New Orleans, just 40 miles away. The kids didn’t sit for long, however, as the assembly of over a 100 students were invited by the generous artist to jump up and flood the stage while they performed in celebration of their newly gifted instruments and music teachers.
It’s good to know that no matter how big someone gets that there are still artists and celebrities that give back to the next generation and make themselves accessible to the belief that it doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter where you come from, you can make a dream come true. Thank you Toyota, VH1 STM, and Santigold for giving us all a little more hope for humanity.



Australian powerhouse and Bounce trailblazer Uberjak’d hits us hard with his latest single ‘Twisted’.

The latest Uberjak’d offering ‘Twisted’ delves into exciting melodic territory with stadium orchestral sounds, while still being a serious festival banger. Delicately fusing bold brass-lines with violin stabs, booming build-ups and speaker fracturing drops, Uberjak’d has let loose on another sure-fire winner.
2015 has seen Uber undertake back-to-back tours of USA, Asia, Europe and Australia, appearances at WMCDefqon.1 and Tomorrowland for a second consecutive year, along with a slew of Beatport chart smashes on Dim MakHussleBourne Recordings and Downright – and it’s only October!
The fortnightly ‘Ubercast’ podcast regularly holds the #1 Music podcast on iTunes Australia, with a fortnightly audience of 150,000, keeping company on the chart above Tiesto & Hardwell. Recent collaborations with DeorroLaidback Luke Will Sparks have all also gained worldwide attention, joining the likes of his hit remixes for TJR & VINAIExampleDeorroFatboy Slim Riva Starr.
With a packed schedule of tour dates, a forthcoming remix for Lost Frequencies and his Facebook fans quickly heading towards the 200,000 mark, there are no signs of Uberjak’d slowing down any time soon!