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Pretty Lights – I Can See It In Your Face Ft. The Shady Horns (Manic Science Remix)

The holiday spirit doesn’t stop as we are lucky to premiere one of the biggest musical treats all week as Pretty Lights receives an incredible remix of his classic anthem, “I Can See It In Your Face”. This special remix is done by the exciting new partnership of Break Science and Manic Focus under their new project Manic Science with help from The Shady Horns for additional live energy. They do the song more than justice bringing it up to speed as the perfect tune to ring in the new year. This also marks TSIS’ 3 year anniversary of premiering Manic Focus’ “Mad World” remix which started our relationship with him. Have a good holiday and enjoy this soulful free download!

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Studio Session Artist Spotlight: Sweet Mary – My Road EP

Mary Porzelt, known by her artist name as Sweet Mary, is a soulful voice hailing from small town Florissant, Missouri. Florissant neighbors Ferguson, a town that has unfortunately been in the world’s spotlight for all of the wrong reasons. In an effort to shine a brighter light on products of Florissant and Ferguson as well as showcase a talented up-and-coming voice such as Sweet Mary, we’re taking you inside the studio as she works on her first professionally produced original EP, titled, My Road.
Sweet Mary is a self-proclaimed soulful bluesy singer who can bring it across multiple genres. No stranger to R&B, blues, classic rock, funk, hip-hop, and soul, Mary looks to escape tradition by blending multiple styles while retaining an old-school recording philosophy. And by drawing inspiration from the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Beyonce, and Adele, Mary has primed herself for big name potential while remaining startlingly unique and close to her small-town roots.
Today, digital music has taken precedence over pure analog vocal talent in mainstream audio waves.  Some believe that we’re in dire need of a voice for the new generation. A voice that’s raw, that when heard resonates in the mind while sending a tingle down the spine That’s what Sweet Mary has always attempted to create. And due to the success of a recent IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, she now has a real opportunity to make her mark. Mary has intelligently utilized modern technology, networking, and the rise in the popularity of crowdfunding to ensure that the world gets to hear her fresh take on classic genres that have fallen to the wayside. Smart indeed.
Let’s take a step inside of I.V. Lab Studios, one of Chicago’s premier digital and analog recording companies with some of the city’s best engineers. World-class artists of multiple genres have been walking through these doors since its 2004 founding by Manny Sanchez. Transformed from a former bank vault on Chicago’s North Side, this location is now the home of two studios and a creative lounge space. Every element of this space was meticulously selected to facilitate the creative process and capture high-fidelity audio. No shortcuts taken, no expenses spared, not even the artwork on the walls.

Lounge Artwork
Lounge Artwork

Lenny and Bobby
Lenny and Bobby


Enter a smiling Sweet Mary. Making herself comfortable inside of I.V. Lab Studios as night encroaches on a cool December Thursday. She looks at home. But of course, singers are humans too and are susceptible to the elements. Mary has been battling a cold. Some hot tea and plenty of water down the hatchet is necessary to prime her voice for work. Lenny Hooks, the evening’s vocal producer, and Bobby DiFazio, the sound engineer, run sound checks on the recording equipment as the talent goes through a series of warm-up exercises to smooth out any last second vocal impurities and fight off the effects of that cold.
Finally Lenny and Bobby take their seats at the control booth and Mary enters the studio, the door seals behind her and as she positions herself in front of the microphone and becomes motionless. The air seemingly freezes around her; the airtight room, a vacuum. Utter silence engulfs the space; lights fade to black.
“Sound-check, we’re good. Ready?”
An orange glow from behind Sweet Mary silhouettes her figure. The ticking of the metronome becomes audible. Background music for the track, “Money,” floods each headset. And at that precise moment in time, magic happens.
Sweet Mary’s s all-encompassing vibrations fill the studio. It’s naturally warm, bold, and shockingly original. Chills we’re felt and tingles originated on the arms and necks of everyone listening in.  And that kind of ear-drum tickling sensation that builds you up and then delivers when you’re listening to your favorite tunes… that’s what was going on here and it was genuine.  Sweet Mary is on to something, and judging by the looks exchanged throughout the studio, everybody was feeling it.
Sweet Mary continued to sing about the power of money and as she rounded out to the end of the song. Mary exited the studio to a momentary group huddle of smiles and high-fives before promptly getting back to business. DiFazio and Mary step away to discuss the recording. What needs work? What was perfect? Where can fat be trimmed? What sections need a little more oomph?
Section by section the track gets dissected in a way that only a professional can do it. Mary takes the feedback and provides her own perspective which leads to new bits of a honed collaboration. Patience and ambition are crucial to perfect verses in a song. This organic process is repeated time and time again until everybody is satisfied, and like a true professional piece, satisfaction doesn’t come easy, if at all. It’s arduous work, no-doubt, and exhausting on a singer. But the results speak for themselves as the near-mastered tracks approach completion.
The next song is titled, “Knock” and the process begins all over again after a short break. What seemed like minutes has actually been hours caught up in focus and drive. But no matter how much time passes, that familiar energy which filled the room at the onset of the session remains the same.
In the midst of “Knock,” Mary sings, “It couldn’t get better than this, no it couldn’t get better than this…” during one focal point of the tune. One could draw a contrast from those lyrics to Mary’s journey in professional music. She’s in the studio after years of grinding self-promotion and practice.  Finally getting an opportunity and some recognition alongside it to do something original, she has to feel like grateful. She claims it’s been her dream forever and right now those words she’s singing should be accurate. But we’re actually confident that it will get better than this for Mary Porzelt. As she continues to polish her EP in the studio, we all await the final product which is slated for a February release. In fact, this may be just the beginning of her road, a road that should take Sweet Mary’s voice from the studio and into thousands of concert halls, homes, headphones, and speakers around the world.
So be on the lookout for the new release, Sweet Mary: My Road EP and those same chills from the studio will undoubtedly transcend through to you upon hearing for the first time.
Sweet Mary
Sweet Mary: My Road EP

This piece has been a collaborative effort with Soul Source, LLC – a start-up in Chicago dedicated to helping up and coming artists reach their potential as well as providing music resources to Chicago area artists and venues looking to increase their network, output, and capabilities. Please follow, like, and share at
For a preview of Mary’s capabilities, check out her soundcloud page!
Check out I.V Labs Studios WebPagePage

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Russ Liquid releases a new mix that features tons of unreleased material and collaborations!


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Floss your ears with some Flosstradamus!

The dynamic duo J2K (Josh Young) and Autobot (Curt Cameruci), are more commonly known as Flosstradamus. These Chicago-based homies have been gracing the music scene with their dance party feel good electronic music and have grown to make quite the name for themselves as they take on the ever so growing EDM scene.
They have a slow melodic build up before dropping the rawest collection of gangster beats while stretching and pulling their music to take you on an ear-gasmic symphonic journey. Their flow is mesmerizing and keeps your body and ears wanting more of their sweet sounds.
They will be making their return to Chicago on December 26th and 27th.  So all you kittens better rest up this holiday season in preparation to get rowdy because this duo will be down to clown with ya’ll. They will kick your ass in good vibes and dish out tunes that will have you bumping and grinding until the sun comes up.
December 26th @ Aragon Theater –
December 27th @The Mid –
CMF’s favorite tasty tunes:

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PARTY LIKE IT'S 1999: NYE 2015 At Untitled!

Celebrate the beginning of the end, reliving the biggest millennium NYE party ever!
A limited number of tickets are still available.
Admission to the 1999 Party includes…

  • Special musical Performance by The Prince Experience
  • Two DJs: Kwest-On and TGHTNTRL will open and close the night with an 80s/90s throwback vibe
  • Breathtaking aerial acts in the Whiskey Lounge
  • Vintage champagne room
  • Performers dressed as The Purple One’s many proteges, curated by none other than Angela Eve
  • Additional live performances
  • End-of-the-world video loops

Food and Drink:

  • Buffet service from our Michelin Bib Gourmand winning chef
    Offered from 8-10pm, it includes:
  • Assorted Passed Appetizers
  • Cheese and Charcuterie
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Entree Station with
    Seafood Paella
    Simmered with seafood, rice and vegetables
  • Chef’s Carving Station with Prime Rib
    Silver dollar rolls, horseradish cream
  • Six drink tickets for premium brands:
    – Moet & Chandon
    – Belvedere Vodka
    – Dom Perignon
    – Dobel Tequila
    – Goose Island Beer
    (Additional drink tickets offered at $2 each)

1999 Party NYE 2015 at Untitled – a NYE to end all new year’s!
For table reservations, please email
Tickets available at…while they are still available.
Afterall, “Life is just a party, and parties weren’t meant to last.”

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Listen to a 3 Hour Mix by Jack U, RL Grime, What So Not, & Carmada

Tracklist For Jack U:
01. Jack U feat. Aluna George – To U [ATLANTIC (WARNER)]
02. M.I.A. – Y.A.L.A (Bro Safari & Valentino Khan Remix) [FREE/INTERSCOPE]
03. Major Lazer – ID
04. OG Maco feat. 2 Chainz – U Guessed It [QUALITY CONTROL]
05. Alex Metric & Oliver – Hope [OWSLA/BIG BEAT (ATLANTIC)]
06. Skrillex feat. KillaGraham & Sam Drew – Stranger [BIG BEAT (ATLANTIC)]
07. Sweet Pussy Pauline – Change Positions (Acappella)
08. Leftside – Monkey Biznizz (Wiwek Remix) [MAD DECENT]
09. Wayne Wonder – No Letting Go [ATLANTIC (WARNER)]
10. Jauz – Feel The Volume [MAD DECENT]
11. Rae Sremmurd – No Type [INTERSCOPE]
12. MUST DIE! – Hellcat (Habstrakt Remix) [NEVER SAY DIE/OWSLA]
13. Father feat. iLoveMakonnen & Key! – Look At Wrist
14. Rawtek & Funky Craig – Shaka Zulu [RIMBU]
15. Eptic – Danger (Habstrakt VIP) [NEVER SAY DIE]
16. Skrillex & Wolfgang Gartner – The Devil’s Den (Acappella) [BIG BEAT (ATLANTIC)]
17. Skrillex & Kill The Noise feat. Fatman Scoop & Michael Angelakos – Recess (Valentino Khan Remix) [OWSLA/BIG BEAT (ATLANTIC)]
18. Skrillex & Kill The Noise feat. Fatman Scoop & Michael Angelakos – Recess (Ape Drums Remix) [OWSLA/BIG BEAT (ATLANTIC)]
19. Splurt – #OMW2SYG (Swiggity Swooty) [MAD DECENT]
20. ID – ID
21. Skrillex & Kill The Noise feat. Fatman Scoop & Michael Angelakos – Recess [OWSLA/BIG BEAT (ATLANTIC)]
22. JumoDaddy – Black Horse [PLAY ME]
23. LORDE – Tennis Court (Diplo Andre Agassi Remix) [UNIVERSAL]
24. Party Favor – Bap U [MAD DECENT]
25. Dillon Francis & DJ Snake – Get Low (TrollPhace Remix) [MAD DECENT/COLUMBIA (SONY)]
26. ID – ID
27. Darude – Sandstorm (ID Remix) [NEO RECORDS]
28. Big Sean feat. E40 – IDFWY (I Don’t Fuck With You) [DEF JAM]
29. House Of Pain – Jump Around [TOMMY BOY]
30. Torro Torro – Ca$hville [MAD DECENT]
31. Duck Sauce – NRG (Skrillex & Kill The Noise & Milo & Otis Remix) [FOOL’S GOLD]
32. RiFF RAFF – Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwdinz (Jauz Remix) [MAD DECENT]
33. Henry Krinkle – Stay (Justin Martin Remix) [ULTRA]
34. Skrillex – Rock ‘n Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain) [MAU5TRAP]
35. Moody Good feat. Knytro – Hotplate [MTA]
36. Kendrick Lamar – M.A.A.D City [AFTERMATH (INTERSCOPE)]
37. RL Grime – Scylla [WEDIDIT]
38. Diplo & Alvaro feat. Kstylis – 6th Gear (GTA Remix) [MAD DECENT]
39. Dej Loaf – Try Me
40. MUST DIE! – Hellcat (Annix Remix) [NEVER SAY DIE/OWSLA]
41. Rockwell – 1,2,3,4 [SHOGUN]
42. TropKillaz – Dopeman Please [FREE]
43. Big Pun feat. Donell Jones – It’s So Hard
44. Snappy Jit feat. Jammin Joe – Hot Foot
45. DJ Khaled feat. Ludacris & Rick Ross & T-Pain & Snoop Dogg – All I Do Is Win [E1 MUSIC]
46. Skrillex feat. Diplo & G-Dragon & CL – Dirty Vibe [OWSLA]
47. Skrillex feat. Diplo & G-Dragon & CL – Dirty Vibe (Ricky Remedy Remix) [OWSLA]
48. Skrillex & What So Not feat. KLP – Goh
49. Jack Ü feat. Kiesza – Take U There [ATLANTIC (WARNER)]
50. Jurassic Park – Theme Song
Tracklist For Carmada:
51. Carmada feat. Maribelle – On Fire
52. Carmada feat. Noah Slee – Realise
53. Carmada – Carmalude
54. Carmada – Maybe
55. Carmada – Maybe (ID Remix)
56. Crookers – Heavy [CIAO]
Tracklist for RL Grime b2b Skrillex:
57. RL Grime feat. What So Not – Tell Me [FREE]
58. RL Grime feat. What So Not – Tell Me (Baauer Edit) [FREE]
59. Skrillex feat. Ragga Twins – All Is Fair In Love And Brostep [OWSLA]
60. Yo Majesty – Club Action (Smookie Illson Bootleg) [FREE]
61. RL Grime – Scylla [WEDIDIT]
62. Wiz Khalifa – We Dem Boyz (Acappella) [ATLANTIC (WARNER)]
63. Schoolboy Q feat. Kendrick Lamar – Collard Greens [INTERSCOPE]
64. Yellow Claw & Cesqeaux feat. Kalibwoy – Legends [DIM MAK]
65. Rae Sremmurd – No Type [INTERSCOPE]
66. Banks – Fall Over (Djemba Djemba Remix) [SELF RELEASED]
67. Boaz Van De Beatz – Flontie Stacks Pt. 2 [JEFFREE’S (MAD DECENT)]
68. Party Thieves & ATLiens – Chief
69. YOGI feat. Pusha T – Burial (Skrillex & TrollPhace Remix) [OWSLA]
70. RL Grime – Core (Djemba Djemba Selassie Bootleg) [WEDIDIT]
71. TroyBoi & Flosstradamus – Soundclash
72. Bobby Shmurda – Hot Boy
73. Raylo And His Dawgs – Peanut Butter Jelly Time [SLIP N SLIDE]
74. Skrillex feat. Diplo & G-Dragon & CL – Dirty Vibe [OWSLA]
75. A$AP Rocky ft. Skrillex & Birdy Nam Nam – Wild For The Night [RCA (SONY)]
76. Boaz Van De Beatz – Breakoe [JEFFREE’S (MAD DECENT)]
77. Boaz Van De Beatz feat. Riff Raff & Mr. Polska – Guappa
78. RL Grime feat. Djemba Djemba – Valhalla [WEDIDIT]
79. Posij – Misfits [DIVISION]
80. Vince Staples – Blue Suede
81. Bro Safari – The Drop (MUST DIE! Remix) [FREE]
82. ID – ID
83. Busta Rhymes feat. Pharrell Williams & P. Diddy – Pass The Courvoisier [J RECORDS (RCA)]
84. Skrillex feat. Ragga Twins – Ragga Bomb (Teddy Killerz Remix) [OWSLA]
Tracklist for What So Not b2b Skrillex b2b RL Grime:
85. Chrome Sparks – Goddess (What So Not Edit)
86. Mr. Carmack – Rappers [FREE]
87. Sage The Gemini feat. Iamsu – Gas Pedal [REPUBLIC REC.]
88. Major Lazer feat. Amber Of Dirty Projectors – Get Free (What So Not Remix) [FREE]
89. What So Not – Touched [FREE]
90. Low Pros feat. Juvenile – Muscle [FOOL’S GOLD]
91. Baauer feat. Aluna George & Rae Sremmurd – One Touch [NEST]
92. ID – ID
93. Skrillex & Kill The Noise feat. Fatman Scoop & Michael Angelakos – Recess (Ape Drums Remix) [OWSLA/BIG BEAT (ATLANTIC)]
94. Migos – Fight Night [QUALITY CONTROL]
95. Baauer & RL Grime – Infinite Daps [FREE]
96. Sage The Gemini feat. Iamsu – Gas Pedal (Acappella) [REPUBLIC REC.]
97. Justice vs. Simian – We Are Your Friends (Acappella) [ED BANGER]
98. High Klassified – Hyrule Kastle
99. A$AP Ferg feat. A$ap Rocky, French Montana, Schoolboy Q & Trinidad – Work (Remix)
100. Shadow Child feat. Tymer – 23 [FOOD MUSIC]
101. Doja Cat – So High
102. Michael Jackson – Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’ [EPIC (SONY BMG)]
103. Skrillex – Fuck That [OWSLA]
104. Rick Ross feat. Kanye West & Big Sean – Sanctified [MAYBACH MUSIC]
105. Baauer – Boog
106. Boys Noize – Push Em Up (Salva Remix) [BOYSNOIZE]
107. Gucci Mane – Lemonade [NUMBERS]
108. TrollPhace feat. Harvey J – Make It Bounce
109. Young Money feat. Drake – Trophies [CASH MONEY]
110. What So Not – The Quack [OWSLA]
111. TNGHT – Acrylics (RL Grime Edit) [LUCKYME]