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Get Ready for the 2014 Suwannee Hulaween Music Festival!!

Hope everyone has their bags packed and tickets bought for the craziest Halloween
extravaganza happening this weekend! From String Cheese Incident, Big Gigantic, Thievery Corporation, Eoto, Keller Williams and More! This line-up is stacked and surely won’t disappoint. Late night shows bumping and grooving until 4AM Friday and Saturday nights, make this the must-attend Halloween Party of the Year!!
From the team behind Hulaween, below are their top 10 tips for making sure your weekend is nothing short of an amazing experience.
Also, take a look at the stellar line-up here:

Top Ten Tips for Suwannee Hulaween 2014


1. Get your tickets in advance and save!

Ticket prices will increase at the gate, so save money by buying your tickets online now. Grab yours now here at

2. Get the App!

Download the official Suwannee Hulaween app for up-to-date news and announcements! The app is available for Android and Apple devices:

3. Rock Official Suwannee Hulaween Gear

Exclusive 2014 Suwannee Hulaween merchandise is available at the official merchandise booth, including a limited quantity of Jim Pollock screen print posters and limited edition Hulaween hat pins. Pick from FOUR different Grassroots California x Suwannee Hulaween hats and gear up for chilly nights with Suwannee Hulaween beanies and scarves! There is something for everyone!

4. Explore Spirit Lake

At Suwannee Hulaween festival goers can get ready for the return of Spirit Lake – an artistic glowing menagerie of multimedia metalwork, paintings, sculptures, light projections and live performances that morphs the prehistoric-looking forest into a vivid dream-like space. Set aside some time in your night to explore Spirit Lake and watch it come alive!

5. Keep Hulaween Green and Win Prizes!

Collect recycling in your campsite at Hulaween for a chance to win prizes like TICKETS, BAND MERCH and GREAT FOOD! The Suwannee Hulaween Greening Program comes full circle, as we pledge to make soil and recycling with the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park. The recycling program will includes glass, mixed plastic, aluminum, and cardboard/paperboard. The composting program will include all of the festival’s food, waste and compostable food service materials. Visit the Green Team tent to learn more about composting, recycling, materials, and anything else we could strike up conversation about!

6. Will-call Hours

The box office opens on Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 8:00 AM EST and is open 24 hours! Come early and avoid lines.

7. Join us for the Pre-Party!

For the first time ever Hulaween will also host a Thursday night pre-party featuring heavy hitting artists Electron (Aron Magner & Marc Brownstein of The Disco Biscuits/Conspirator, Tom Hamilton of Brothers Past/American Babies/JRAD, and Mike Greenfield of Lotus), Particle, Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, Modern Measure, and MZG. Tickets are available for $40 in advance/$50 gate and include camping.

8. Enjoy Hulaween’s Activities

We’ve provided a variety of activities for you to enjoy on-site including yoga, flow, and a disc golf tournament. Grab your #HULACREW and get moving! There are also tons of perks provided by the park including canoe trips in the Suwannee River, hiking trails, the country store, sports lounge observation, bat houses, and more.

9. Dress for the Weather

Normal early-November temperatures range from the 70′s and 80′s during the day to the 40′s and 50′s at night. Bring warm clothes and be prepared for chilly nights.

10. Experience Suwannee like a VIP

Feelin’ VIP? It’s not too late to upgrade! Enjoy discounted beverages, VIP viewing areas, VIP camping, complementary golf cart services, and more! Learn more about VIP perks here: You can upgrade on-site at the Park’s box office

Don’t forget to #CMFPIX #HULAWEENFL we want to see all your crazy Halloween costumes this weekend.


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Manic Focus – Cerebral Eclipse (FREE ALBUM)

Combining the soulful side of hip-hop with electronic elements is something that Pretty Lights first perfected, then artists like GRiZ and Gramatik carved their own lanes.  The next “electro-soul” artist on the rise is most definitely TSIS favorite Manic Focus. Our appreciation for this Minneapolis to Chicago transplant runs deep as TSIS has premiered his first 3 albums Definition Of The RhythmExpanding Mind and Distant Perspective. Today we get the next chapter of Manic Focus with his latest album Cerebral Eclipse being released through GRiZ’s new record label Liberated Music and is available in full today, as a 100% free download on top of iTunes and Spotify.
After a first few listen throughs  it’s abundantly clear that Cerebral Eclipse is without a doubt Manic Focus’ best work to date. The 10 track album manages to stay true to the wobbly, spacey, funk-filled signature sound of Manic Focus, yet explores quite a bit of uncharted territory. The collaborations and features are strong, including “Life Goes On” with GRiZ and “Bumpin’ in the Voodoo” with Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic that have already surfaced, and “Space Scholar Synthesis” which is previously unreleased with Michal Menert. The feature list doesn’t end there, Focus also recruited fellow Chicago locals Prob Cause and Eryn Kane on “Trail Blazin” and The Coop on “Travelin In My Mind”.  He even brought in NYC based drummer from Conspirator on “We Can Fly” which is another winner on the album. Cerebral Eclipse in it’s entirety is a smooth listen blending chill and heavy elements seamlessly; quite the milestone in the booming career of the soulful artist. Listen to the record in full below, grab a free download, and if you feel inclined pick up your copy through iTunes. Enjoy!

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Papadosio at the House of Blues 10-25-2014

Two signs of a mature band hitting their stride and performing at their best in front of a live audience are versatility and crowd-control. Both were on display as Papadosio brought it hard at the House of Blues this past Saturday. This group has carved out a place amongst the best within their genre through years of tireless touring and continual refinement. In doing so, they’ve amassed a die-hard fanbase that always shows up. Exhibiting an original sound and tons of breadth within their talents, Papadosio wins crowds over by playing it both slow and fast. Shows like theirs are a breath of fresh air in this day and age, and as far as I’m concerned there can never be enough good jam and dance music breezing through the Windy City.
Dosio, no stranger to performing in Chicago, hails from Asheville, North Carolina and is currently in the midst of a nationwide tour. A self-proclaimed mixture of progressive rock, psychedelia, folk, electronica, dance, and jam, this quintet is multifaceted. Where some other groups may lose their focus trying out too many things, Papadosio uses this as a strength.  A beautiful autumn day preceded by a tranquil night set the mood for Dosio’s effervescent vibe and I arrived feeling positive and ready to get loose on the dance floor. The ideal mindset one needs to harness and inject this type of music into their soul and let it make its purposed impact.

Popadosio takes the Stage
Papadosio takes the Stage

The show initiated with Papadosio playing it slow. When they ease you into their music the sound seemingly wraps around you and you float into another dimension. With eyes closed, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself rocking back and forth envisioning being cradled in a hammock on another planet amidst ethereal beauty and love. Tunes such as “Find Your Cloud,” “New Love,” and “The Bionic Man Meets His Past,” are textbook examples of the fluttery transformative musical expressions that Papadosio has masterfully taken ownership of. The intricacies in each individual performance intertwined with the energy of the crowd in a synergy that only happens when the band and spectators are all on the same wavelength. While this experience is subjective to each individual, it certainly felt harmonious
From this point on, Papadosio’s live show starts to feel more like a road trip through the mountains. The scenery is nice and you’re cruising in a Rolls Royce Phantom (not that I ever have), but this is how I’d imagine it to feel. You’re on the highway doing 65, it’s comfortable, you’re safe, and the ride is pillowy soft and luxurious. However, when you switch gears and punch the throttle your head is thrown back and your ass is glued to the seat. You’re hanging on for dear life and smiling like an idiot watching the speedometer accelerate to over 160 mph, everything is whipping past you at an alarming rate. What impresses me about Papadosio is their ability to do just that, switch gears without missing a beat to take you from the slow melodies that tip-toe around your senses to the fast beats which grip your soul and takes you on a thrill ride. When they dropped, “Method of Control” the crowd was jumping and jiving. It says a lot about Papadosio’s crowd control and pacing being at a professional level. As I was jamming out and dancing, I glanced to my left and to my right and noticed that every single person was bouncing. The camaraderie and connection was there.
Dosio’s show was complimented by a tight video board display and sharp lighting, never intrusive, but always adding to the music. The atmosphere was on point and The House of Blues deserves  it’s praise of being a well-run venue in Chicago that caters to even the most die-hard music fan’s needs.
Snapped this photo just outside the House of Blues following Popadosio
Snapped this photo just outside the House of Blues following Papadosio

Overall I left this show feeling elated; so much so that I stayed around and mingled with strangers for a while outside of the venue and even managed to snap a great pic of some cool people still enjoying their night. Shows such as this are the reason why this genre of music and this culture can be deeply impactful; it’s really about connecting with others, enjoying some great music, and re-discovering our indigenous roots with the help of modern technology, instruments, and production. The jamtronica funky groove masters Papadosio are just the final piece of the puzzle to an inspiring evening. I hope I can catch them again next time they are in town.
Dosio laying it on heavy
Dosio laying it on heavy

Check out all of Papadosio’s sounds on Soundcloud here

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**NEW** Manic Focus & GRiZ Collaborate On Must Hear Soulful Single “Life Goes On”


Long time TSIS supported artists, Manic Focus is approaching the release of his latest album. We first heard the singles “On The Horizon” followed up by ““Bumpin In The Voodoo” featuring Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic and today we have the last single before the album’s release.  Looking to be Manic Focus’ best work to date the drop is just days away through the new record label Liberated Music.

This new track  “Life Goes On” is actually a collaboration with new his label head GRiZ and couldn’t have turned out any better. The collaboration brings out the best in both artists leaving us with something really special. The live instruments and samples come together for a perfect blend of chilled out soulful energy. It’s the type of song that will have you hitting replay after the very first listen to truly soak it in. Listen to the premiere of the song below and grab a free download of Manic’s new album on Tuesday. Enjoy!

Manic Focus – Life Goes On Ft. GRiZ


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Creature Carnival Artist Spotlight: Lafa Taylor

lafa taylorCreature Carnival tour is set to offer a show unlike anything we have yet seen. Along side the talents of Beats Antique, Shpongle and Emancipator, Lafa Taylor will cross the country with this one-of-a-kind spectacle of musical and theatrical bravado. Creature Carnival is the ultimate playground for Lafa to showcase his eclectic style and unique talent for blending upbeat hip hop with deep, bass music. With never before seen improvisation and collaboration, in conjunction with crowd participation, this weekend’s performance will be full of outrageous surprises that make add up to an experience that’s not to be missed or forgotten.
Grab your tickets here and catch this insanely interactive performance by Lafa Taylor alongside Beats Antique, Shpongle and Emancipator. They will be using elements that surpass any typical electronic show. You will be surrounded by great vibes and I promise you won’t be disappointed. If you can’t make it tonight – they’ll be back for a stellar finale on Sunday October, 18th!!
Don’t forget to  #CREATURECARNIVAL #CMFPIX we want to see all your lovely creature rage faces!
CMF interview with Lafa Taylor:
1. For those who are not familiar with your music, describe your sound/genre.
It’s a hybrid sound. If I had to describe my sound in a few words it would be “Three eyed space kitty laser beam music.” If I had to expound on the elements of my music the strongest would be bass, which is a sub-genre of EDM, hip-hop, live instrumentation and R&B. My performance will be me on the mic rapping and singing while incorporating a drum pad to make live beats.
2. Who are your three biggest musical influences that led to your music style?
I’m honestly influenced by everything. In music, I find inspiration in almost everything I listen to – I like all genres. Disclosure, Miguel, Bassnectar and the Beastie Boys if I had to pick artists I’m listening to a lot lately.
3. I noticed you’ll be incorporating hip hop elements in your set this weekend, can you elaborate?
I’ll be beat boxing, looping the beat box and build on that live. I’ll also be rapping, signing, controlling the crowd and maybe throw in a few pop lock moves.
4. What was it like working alongside Bassnectar in his Noise vs. Beauty album?
Awesome. We’ve been friends for quite a while. It was cool to finally work on a project together. We already have more collabs in the works. Excited to see the creative relationship grow.

5. Any advice for DJ’s starting out in the music industry?
Don’t do it, jk. Become a doctor. Yes I would say, “There are a lot of DJ’s out there already so really find what makes you unique and be sure to hone that skill as well. It could be just a unique selection but I’m a big proponent of people learning to produce as well so they can make their own music.”

6. What is your life mantra?
Try to stay in the moment and be thankful. Also, rage hard and sleep well.

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Let's Make a Spaceship – Skrillex Documentary

“Let’s Make a Spaceship – Skrillex Documentary” is a behind-the-scenes look at the building of Skrillex’s latest MotherShip tour live show, including the epic spaceship he debuted at Coachella, rocked at Lollapalooza, and zoomed around the world in.


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**NEW** Manic Focus Bumpin' In The Voodoo – Manic Focus Ft. Dominic Lalli

Manic Focus, a TSIS favorite artist we’ve supported since day one is building up hype amongst his long awaited follow up album, which is set to easily be his biggest release to date. The album will be coming out through GRiZ’s Liberated Music label, and today we hear the album’s lead single “Bumpin’ In The Voodoo”, a collaboration with Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic.The song fueled with a catchy vocal sample is a match made in heaven as both producers styles meld perfectly with Dom’s signature sax setting things off just right. Listen below and look out for a free download coming. Enjoy!
Manic Focus is also on the road with a mixture of headline dates and support plays, see all the dates below the player.

Manic Focus – Bumpin’ In The Voodoo (Ft. Dominic Lalli)


Upcoming Manic Focus tour dates.

10/08/14 – House Of Blues w/ Big Gigantic – Cleveland, OH
10/09/14 – The Intersection w/ Big Gigantic – Grand Rapids, MI
10/10/14 – The Pageant w/ Big Gigantic – St Louis, MO
10/11/14 – CrossroadsKC w/ Big Gigantic – Kansas City, MO
10/12/14 – The Canopy Club w/ Big Gigantic – Urbana, IL
10/15/14 – Revolution Music Room w/ Big Gigantic – Little Rock, AR
10/16/14 – Minglewood Hall w/ Big Gigantic – Memphis, TN
10/17/14 – Iron City w/ Big Gigantic – Birmingham, AL
10/18/14 – Track 29 w/ Big Gigantic – Chattanooga, TN
10/24/14 – Tower Theatre w/ Big Gigantic – Philadelphia, PA
10/25/14 – Freaky Deaky @ Masonic Temple w/ Big Gigantic – Detroit, MI
10/28/14 – Lincoln Theater w/ Big Gigantic – Raleigh, NC
10/29/14 – The NorVa w/ Big Gigantic – Norfolk, VA
10/30/14 – The Music Farm w/ Big Gigantic – Columbia, SC
10/31/14 – Eagles Ballroom w/ Grizmatik – Milwaukee, WI
11/02/14 – Voodoo Music Festival – New Orleans, LA
11/12/14 – Culture Room w/ Break Science – Fort Lauderdale, FL
11/13/14 – Orpheum w/ Break Science – Tampa, FL
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Chicago Music Festivals Official Recap of PLM Keepin' It Crew Tour


Here is the Official recap Chicago Music Festivals did at the PLM Keepin’ It Crew Tour at Concord Music Hall last month. Check out Michal Menert, Supervision, Paul Basic, and Eliot Lipp all get together as a crew and bring some of the freshest beats to the table.  Video produced by Peak Vibe Productions.

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REACTion New Year's Eve with Zeds Dead

React Presents continues the tradition of bringing some of the most innovative and forward thinking artists through Chicago to celebrate the inaugural REACTion New Year’s Eve. With critically acclaimed acts Zedd and Porter Robinson the past two years performing to over a combined 18,000 fans, React Presents is thrilled to welcome bass-heavy innovators ZEDS DEAD back to Chicago for a two night New Year’s Eve Run at the Aragon Ballroom.
Tickets go on sale Friday, October 3rd, at 12 PM CST at

The place is Toronto, Canada. Teenagers Zack Rapp-Rovan and Dylan Mamid are introduced – they hit it off immediately over a shared love of classic hip-hop, music production, and digging through crates. It’s 2009 and hip-hop is in a coma. Hooks and DC are about to have an epiphany that will change everything. They want to make people move to their sounds and not just bob their heads, but to grind, heave, shiver, stomp, and dance to their music. They want to capture the camaraderie of house, the heart pummelling thrill of Drum and Bass, the beauty of ambient music, and the heaviness of electro – all in one sound. They want to push boundaries.
In 2013, Zeds Dead have an enormous catalogue that includes remixes for some of the biggest artists out there, and releases with the most credible labels in the game. They’ve accumulated hundreds of millions of views online. They play tours of over 70 dates to hundreds of thousands of people. Fans love their shows, critics love their creativity, and heads love their production. They’re big. Really big.
After a strong string of EPs, singles and mixtapes, Zeds Dead released their Somewhere Else EP July 1st,2014 on Mad Decent. Having already established themselves as one of the most versatile and ambitious acts around, DC and Hooks broke new sonic territory with eight tracks that that cover a wide spectrum of electronic music. Joining the Toronto duo on the record isTwin Shadow for the house anthem “Lost You” which features vocals from D’Angelo Lacy. Jane’s Addiction singer Perry Ferrell made an appearance on closing track “Blink.” Also on the EP are Colorado group Big Gigantic & fellow CanadianOmar LinX for the smooth hip-hop cut “Stoned Capone,” producer and vocalist Bright Lights, New York rapper Sean Price and French DJ/Producer DIrtyphonics. Somewhere Else is their first proper release since l2013’s Hot Sauce EP, which received praise from The New York Times and Billboard among many others, and is another showcase to the diverse yet cohesive sounds that they are capable of producing.
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]